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About Us

Name: Ryan K.
Birthday: February 6, 1982
Family: Mom, Dad, Kelly (sister)
Favorite Color: Since I'm color-blind, I'll pick black.
Favorite Food: Cereal or chicken parmesan
Hobbies: I enjoy the weather (especially tornados), photography, traveling, hiking, geocaching, filming, music, computers, and more.
High School: Loyola High School
College: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Name: Megan B.
Birthday: September 5, 1982
Family: Mom, Dad, Colleen (sister), David (brother)
Favorite Color: Blue or Pink, depending on my mood
Favorite Number: 4
Favorite Food: yummmm... foooood
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, hiking, geocaching, camping, fishing, watching TV (which I do too much of), and lots more.
Childhood: I grew up in Connecticut with my two parents, sister and brother. I was involved in many activities, primarily the Girl Scouts (I earned the Gold Award) and the Sprinters Swim Team. I did well in school and loved to play outdoors. My best friend, Kim, lived across the street and we probably spent way too much time together.
High School: When it came time for high school, I decided to go to Sacred Heart Academy, which is an all-girls Catholic school. There were many fun times had at SHA: our chairs, many swim team practices, CARE, EARTH, secretly liking Hanson, the two history teachers, MOO!, radioactive gum, throwing candy at the science teacher, long bus rides with Marg and the country music, band practices at the smelly boys school, and of course our invisible lunch table. My friend Joanne and I worked part-time at Staples. I loved working at Staples. Surrounded by office supplies? A dream come true!
College: After visiting 12 different schools, I finally chose Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. I majored in Computer Science with a minor in Math. My main activity at SU was SAVE (Student Awareness of the Value of the Environment), the environmental club. I had a big role in recycling on campus, but I also often volunteered at a horse shelter, a wildlife rescue organization, and participated in many Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Steam activities. I was the project manager for a year and I ran the Envirofair for two years. The Envirofair is a huge environmental fair at the nearby mall that we plan and implement. We invite many organizations (such as the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Natural Resources, etc). We have informational booths, craft tables for kids, free spruce trees to plant, and so much more. I devoted a lot of my time and energy towards SAVE and loved every minute of it!
Love: While attending SU, I met the love of my life, Ryan. His high school friend happened to be in my Calculus II class and we became friends. When Ryan came up to visit him, Ryan and I were able to meet (the first time was at a soccer game, if you care). We 'officially' started to date on February 12, 2001. We have been together since and are now getting married on October 7, 2006!
After College: After graduating from SU, I moved to Maryland, which is where I currently live. I have a job that I enjoy and I'm getting my MBA part-time.  

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