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Tuesday, 2. September 2014 20:25

As I was making dinner tonight, Alex wanted to go downstairs to be with Ryan. He was being hyper, and I clearly remembering saying, “Okay, be careful going down the stairs.” He turned to look at me to say something, slipped, and fell backwards down the steps. Feet over head, flipping as he crashed to the landing. I screamed and threw the plate I was holding. Ryan rushed and fell up the stairs to grab him.

He was stunned, then cried for a minute, but was fine. He banged his side, mostly. He didn’t even want ice, and recovered so quickly. Ryan and I were still shaking an hour later. So scary.

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Monday, 1. September 2014 21:50

When we were installing the car seats in the car at the Long Term BWI lot, Alex was in the front seat. He told us that he put the EZPass up on the windshield.

Now that we’re waiting in line to pay in order to leave the lot, he asked why the EZPass doesn’t let us skip the line. How brilliant is that!? It takes a 3 year old to come up with a great idea!

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Oh the things he says

Wednesday, 20. August 2014 21:31

- I had a rough day today. (On Monday)

- So, how was your day today? (On Tuesday)

- I don’t want to be a grown-up yet. I want to be a kid a lot longer. (Today)

- (Laying in bed) I’m cold. My pants just fell off all by themselves. (Today)

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So dramatic

Wednesday, 13. August 2014 19:53

When I picked Alex up from school today, he said: “Mommy, I had a rough day today.” So silly.

Katie had a great day of giggling though! She’s so happy.

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Sense of time

Saturday, 5. July 2014 18:00

For a while, everything in past happened “yesterday” to Alex. Now it’s “five years ago.”

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Sick baby

Friday, 20. June 2014 14:54

Katie has had a cold since Sunday night. It’s typical~ runny nose, watery eyes, and a cough. Therefore, I haven’t slept in 5 nights because I am freaked out that she’ll stop breathing. And sometimes (twice), she will cough so hard that she projectile spits up a massive amount of milk all over me. I really need her to get better soon!!

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A few Alex updates

Monday, 9. June 2014 15:30

- Last night, we were talking about the 5 senses. Ryan asked Alex what his nose is for. Alex said, “Sucking up snot.”

- He says “drinky” instead of “thirsty.” So so cute.

- He thinks Katie is fussy and cries a lot. HA! So not true.

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2 random sentences

Friday, 23. May 2014 8:34

“Can Katie come cuz she’s my best friend”

To Ryan: “I call you Mr. Superhero.”

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I just have to laugh

Wednesday, 30. April 2014 10:45

We were eating dinner last night and Ryan was teasing Alex.

A: “If you push my button again, I will yell at you.”
R: “You don’t even know what a button is.”
A: “Yes I do. There’s a button in a book at school.”

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And this morning…

Monday, 10. February 2014 10:58

Around 6:30 a.m., I watched Alex through the monitor checking out the window (to see if the sun is out). It was still dark, so he tried to lay back down. He then sat back up, quietly thinking. I watched him get up and put his animals on his rocking chair. He sat back in bed. Then, he got up again and opened his door. He came to the kitchen, gave me a hug and kiss, and said “Mommy, the sun is almost out.” I replied with “It still looks dark to me.” Mr. Attitude said, “No, I said ALMOST.” :-P

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