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Friday, 9. April 2010 9:54

Well, folks – we’re back!  And in more ways than one…

It’s literally been almost 2 YEARS since anything was last posted in this blog, and it’s probably been almost as long since I last went to this page.  During that time, hundreds of thousands of spam comments were filtering their way into this blog.  So many in fact that it brought down our database.  Luckily, we were able to restore most of it, but the only way to get the posts back on this site was to painstakingly copy-and-paste over 200 entries, along with their comments.  There’s still a possibility that some got missed, but for the most part, we’re back in business.  To that end, we’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress so that I can post entries directly from my phone, and I’m hoping that we will end up making better use of this blog, especially on our future trips.  In any event, to help quell the amount of spam on this site, you’ll now have to enter a 4-character ‘code’ from an image in order to post a comment.  I hate those things, too, but it’s the only way to make this work without bringing down our database again!

In other news, we also had issues with our entire site a few days ago.  Over the past few months, we’ve been transitioned from our old hosting company (Emax Hosting) to Jumpline.  We neglected to update our domain nameservers during the transition, so our site ended up resolving to a dummy IP address.  That means that instead of seeing our pretty faces when you go to, you got to see some random blond chick with a backpack.  Too bad it was a week after April Fools.  Check it out:

Anyhow, hopefully this won’t be the only post of the year, but we’ll see what happens!  See ya down the road!

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Home Page

Wednesday, 15. August 2007 20:34

Boy, the past couple weeks have not been pleasant when it comes to administering this site. In short – we’ve been hacked, multiple times. It first started towards the beginning of the year when we noticed that some random links started appearing at the bottom of our home page. It wasn’t anything too painful, and we were able to delete them straight away. After locking down some of our files and changing our password, things remained quiet – up until August 8 around 4:30pm. It was then that every single one of our index files was corrupted and all of the information in them was wiped away.

Index files (such as index.htm or index.php) are where web browsers first look to open web sites. In other words, when you go to, you are actually going to The same goes for virtually every link on our site that is organized into a file system. Our travel page is, our webcam page is, and so forth. They are pretty critical files, and when they are lost, that’s a big deal.

Unfortunately, the most recent backup that I made of our site was from May 2006, and since only our index files were impacted, it would not be worth our time and cost to have our web hosting site restore our site from tape backups. After hours of work, Megan and I were finally able to restore our site to the way it was in May of last year. I guess that’s the good thing about not having many updates!

However, we would only be good for less than a week. On Tuesday morning (August 14), the same thing happened. This time, we reported the problem to our web provider, who blamed it on our guestbook and told us to update our password. Fingers crossed, that’s what we did, so we’ll see what happens.
There is still some damage that will take a while to repair. Our wedding site, for example, well, that was up-and-coming last May, so that’s how it stands now. And our guestbook, that’s a mess. We are just going to disable that for now. In the meantime, we’ve completely backed up the site again, so at least we won’t have as much to do if this happens again. But, gosh, you would think that people would have better things to do than hack into other people’s sites.

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Saturday, 17. March 2007 9:41

For the last few days, I’ve gone through all my old online journal entries and moved a bunch over here.  It took me a while, because I’ve been writing online since the end of 2001.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  It hasn’t really been consistent though; I wrote a lot more in the beginning and when I was in college than I do now.

So, if you’re really bored, our archives now go back pretty far. =P

Keep in mind that when you click on a month, the earlier entries are on the bottom and they work their way up the page. Oh, and sometimes the first ones start on a previous page (for example, June 2002), so you have to scroll to the bottom and click the “previous entries” link.

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Home Page

Thursday, 15. February 2007 12:12

Welcome to our home page! It’s about time that we updated our home page, albeit not much has changed. We just registered this domain name for another year, and we realized: Holy cow! We need to actually start using this site for all it’s worth! Of course, most people just come here for the webcam and the occasional travel page, so those will stay up to date as needed. It is so difficult to maintain anything else because it seems like there is constantly “a lot going on!” And it’s amazing how fast time flies. Already, we have been married over 4 months! In the words of Sidney Ponson, “Believe it!”Hopefully we will be starting a new “blog” section of the site. Why? Because everyone else does! Neither of us have a MySpace page, and our LiveJournal/Facebook sites are rarely, if ever updated – let alone WebShots! Speaking of which, we will start uploading our pictures to this site, as well, so we can finally get rid of our WebShots account. It’s awful expensive, and our guests have to deal with ads and pop ups. Not cool.Anyway, enjoy the site, and hopefully we will have something new here by February 2008… 

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Saturday, 13. May 2006 13:44

Hey everyone!  Welcome to our blog!  Hopefully this will be the first of many posts on our new site – enjoy!

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New Site!

Wednesday, 1. March 2006 12:00

Welcome to our new home page! It’s about time we got something up here – after all, Ryan only had 6 months notice that his UMBC site was coming down. Speaking of which, you may have noticed that Ryan’s UMBC site is still active. That will continue to be the case until August, when the site is completely deleted. Until then, UMBC has only stopped the ability to update it.

So that brings us to this site. Obviously, the look of the site has changed; we figured that if we are moving to an entirely new domain, we might as well spruce up the place a bit. Now we realize that for the slower folks out there, it might be difficult to find some of your old favorite pages. Not to worry – we’ve included a few of the more popular links below, and you can now get to all of them from the beautiful menu bar at the top!

There is still much that needs to be added, and it will be in time! Until then, enjoy the new site, and if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

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Final Message on UMBC Site

Thursday, 9. February 2006 18:55

Well, it has certainly been a nice run.  I’ve been “maintaining” this itty bitty site here on UMBC’s servers for almost five years, but now that time has come to an end.  I’ve been out of college for over a year, so UMBC has decided that my 20 megabtyes of space is just too much for their hardware to handle, so my account, my email, my everything is being trashed, effective February 22, 2006.  Between now and then, I’ll slowly be removing all of the pages from my site, and hope to have my webspace completely cleared out by Friday, February 17, 2006.

A lot has happened on this site over the past five years – school reports, school schedules, Our Parody movie madness, Trivia-of-the-Day, Big Shot’s final countdown, The Kenny G Spot radio show, webcams, pictures, and travel across the United States and all the way out to Australia!

For those who truly are going to miss all of the amazing updates that I’ve had on this site… ::cough::… have no fear – Ryan is here!  I’ve purchased my own domain name, which I hope will be up and running by March 1.  My wonderful fiancée Megan is probably going to do most of the initial nitty-gritty work on it, like fixing all of the broken links, updating the outdated, and cleaning up the nasty FrontPage html code throughout the site.  If you want to join me at my new home (gosh, I feel like Howard Stern…), just email me at, and I’ll let you know the new domain name (I don’t feel like linking my old site to the new one, especially since it’s not up and running, yet).
In case you didn’t read anything above this line, let me summarize:
 - This site is going to be completely gone as of February 22, 2006.
 - My email,, is going to be completely gone as of February 22, 2006.
 - If you want to know my new web site, email me at
I love you all, and thank you for visiting!  I hope you’ll visit me again on the other side!

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