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Time machine

Friday, 16. May 2008 22:17

Did ya know that Ryan shaved his beard a week ago?

He’s had a beard since October 2006 and a goatee since 2003.  It was so weird to see him clean shaven again!  I felt like we went back in time, which was a little creepy.  I really had grown to like his beard, but he decided to shave it as a little “experiment.”  In his words, he just “wanted to see what was under there.”  haha.  Since we have this 10-day vacation, it was good timing for him to be hairless for a couple days and then spend the vacation growing it back in.  I’m glad that he likes the beard too, because I don’t know if I could get used to him looking 19 again!

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Hanson concert

Monday, 17. September 2007 18:41

Colleen and I went to the Hanson concert in Baltimore on Saturday. It was so much fun. Beforehand, we went for a mile walk with them around the streets of Baltimore. On Sunday, Ryan and I drove down to DC to walk with them again. This tour is in support of fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa. Going on a walk is supposed to bring attention to that cause. It’s also a really easy way to meet and talk to them! I took loads of pictures and had such a blast.  Here are a few of the pictures: My camera was too zoomed for the me and Zac picture :(


Me and Ike

 Tay explaining the cause on a megaphone


Ike gave his shoes to a homeless man

We had an amazing spot at the concert

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Megan’s Turn

Sunday, 26. August 2007 22:01

Ryan posts too much in here and it’s making me look bad!  I suppose I need to remember that this thing exists.  My life has been pretty boring, I guess.  The major thing that is going on with me is that I quit my job a week ago.  The day after Labor Day, I’ll be starting at a new company.  That’s not really something that I want to go into detail about though, because you never know who’ll read this!  =P

Let’s see… what can I write about?  As Ryan already told you, we went to the O’s game on Friday night.  We then headed up to the shore cottage on Saturday and spent the weekend there.  Ryan’s aunt, uncle and parents were there.  They had just gotten a super cool fake flame light, which provided some entertainment, haha.

So yeah, that’s all you’re going to get from me today…

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Sunday, 10. June 2007 17:34

My baby brother graduated from high school last weekend.

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The Price is Wrong, Ryan

Friday, 9. June 2006 22:14

I was reviewing some old video clips this evening when I came across the taping of the “Price is Right” that Megan and I were on in Los Angeles.  Even though it probably breezed by most viewers, I found the scene where I embarrassed myself on national television (in the audience, mind you – I was never called to ‘come on down’).  In the clip, a woman just won $5,000, and Bob wants to know if she should give it up in hopes of getting more money.  He turns to the audience, which returns with a loud “NOOOOO!!!”  After all, five grand is a nice chunk of change, and you don’t want to give that up too readily.  Or do you?  I guess I wasn’t paying attention or something, but I throw my fist into the air screaming “YEAAAAA!!!”  Then, realizing that I’m the only one, I reach my hand back onto my head as if I was just stretching… or itching my scalp.  What a fool!  I took the snippet of the show and posted it to this site so you can download it and see me looking like a fool: 
Ryan on the Price is Right

The video is about 3 megs, so if you’ve got a slow connection, click the link and then go grab a cup of coffee or something…

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Tuesday, 24. January 2006 12:54

Ryan’s not my boyfriend anymore! He proposed to me on Sunday and [of course] I said yes!

We do this thing called Geocaching. The basic idea of Geocaching is that people set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. A cache is typically a small container with random knick knacks inside.

On Sunday, Ryan and I were planning on going Geocaching because we have to pick something up to take with us when we go to Chicago (which we will them drop off there) this weekend. We drove to Patapsco Valley State Park and headed out on the path. As we were walking, I noticed random rose petals on the ground. They were kinda old looking, but it was still an out-of-place thing for the middle of the woods. I teasingly asked Ryan if he put them there and he was like, “Why would I do that?”

Eventually we stopped seeing them and I put it out of my mind. The GPS unit led us to the first location and we looked for the cache for about 20 minutes. We didn’t find it, which is totally frustrating. We decided to give up and look for the next one. As we were getting close, I was like, “Ooo, I bet it’s in that stump over there.” So I walked over to it and looked under a piece of bark.

Sure enough, it was a cache. Instantly though, I recognized the tupperware container as Ryan’s. I picked it up and opened it. It was full of red rose petals with a grass ring inside. At this point, I was starting to freak out (in a good way). Ryan got down on one knee and pulled the real ring out of his pocket. Obviously I said yes.

I was so stunned, because I truly wasn’t expecting it. We’ve been talking about it for so long and I really didn’t think that he even had a ring yet. And just that morning, when we got into the car, I asked him “So, do you have the ring?” I ask that almost every time we go somewhere. Poor Ryan – because he really did have it that day! I’m glad he didn’t let that spoil it, because I seriously didn’t know. I wouldn’t have said that if I thought he really had it!

That night, we went out to dinner at the Oregon Grill, which is a pretty fancy restaurant. We got all dressed up and paid way too much for the food, but it was so perfect.

I’m still so giddy about the whole thing. I look at my ring (which is gorgeous) and I just want to squeal, haha. We’re hoping to get married this October, but nothing is planned yet. I wanted to have it in my Catholic high school’s church, but it turns out they don’t allow weddings. Oh well, we’ll just have to find a different church!

It was SUCH a perfect day. =D

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