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What’s Old

Friday, 23. September 2005 19:45

I think it’s about time that I renamed this section of my site to “What’s Old” since it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve updated it.  I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long!  Now that I’m beyond college life, I actually have a job and responsibilities, and worst of all – no time.  Nonetheless, I am going to try to pay more attention to my whole website, and sometime in the next few months, there should be some major changes.  Seriously.  Now, I still have no clue how to write good html code, so don’t expect anything fancy.  I guess you’ll just see a site that is update more often than ten times in my life.  In fact, I’m considering scrapping most of this and starting from scratch.  I’ll still keep links to these older pages, but I just need something new.  It’s not like I have a choice in the matter, anyway.  Beginning in February, NONE of my UMBC pages will be functioning anymore.  That’s right, since I’m no longer a student, UMBC doesn’t feel that I should be hogging their space and bandwidth.  So that gives me a couple options.  I could move everything to a free site – like the kind that Comcast provides me.  But that might not last forever, it won’t show up in any search engines, and the domain name would be really hard to memorize.  Alternatively, I could buy a domain name and rent some space on someone’s server.  If I had the money and creativity, I would have done that a long time ago, but I have no money and my creative skills are… well… lacking.  Come on.  You are reading a black-and-white page that is written in Comic Sans.  And if it were up to me, I would name my site, or something retarded like  I could always include the love of my life in the domain name, but there is already a and  By the way, if you go to those sites, I would really love to know how guys as geeky as them ended up with such hot lovers.  Probably because the guys are rich – heck, they can even afford their own web site!  But I digress.  I need to create a new web site, and I need to create a new domain name.  Maybe I could just apply for a name change so I can call the site  Whatever.  The point of this entry is just to let you know I am still alive, and if you have any thoughts of stalking me, you’d better update your bookmarks because this UMBC site will be gone forever soon!

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Where Have All the Updates Gone

Friday, 8. November 2002 16:45

Holy mackerel!  It’s been a long time since I have updated this site, let alone this “What’s New” page.  I have made relatively few updates to my webpage in the past few months.  In fact, it wasn’t until today that I finally retired the “Trivia of the Day” link from my home page.  I guess I should get everyone caught up on what’s been happening recently, though, huh?  The first of my problems began with my digital camera.  It broke.  Again.  So, I sent it up to Olympus’ repair shop in New York, and they had control over it for the entire month of June.  During that time our family cat that we had since 1989 developed cancer and eventually had to be put to sleep on June 24.  I chronicled her last week with us on this site, complete with pictures I took from my camcorder.  Shortly after she passed away, (the site that I post most of my pictures) developed new rules and regulations, forcing me to either post no additional pictures or pay thirty bucks a year for doing so.  It doesn’t seem to be too bad of a deal, but I don’t have the money right now to do so.  I think that I might wait a couple months before I make a decision on what I should do.  That way, if I choose to pay for one full year, I will have a chance to post pictures from Australia on the site (I plan to study abroad there next fall).  Basically, it all boils down to the fact that you are going to have to wait a while before I post any new pictures on the site.  The only other major update worth mentioning is that I now have a webcam in my room that I broadcast on the internet.  Who knows how long this will last, though.  At WMBC, there is a webcam in the DJ booth, so whenever I am on the air, there is a camera watching me.  It has been a fairly popular feature, and I basically decided to do the same thing in my room.  As of now, I only have the cam on about 40% of the day, if that.  However, if you are the stalking type, feel free to open the remote window I created for the camera, and spy on my throughout the day.  I really have nothing else of importance to say.  If you have any comments, questions, or criticisms, feel free to drop me a line.  There is a link on my main site.  Cya!

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I Am an Essential Worker

Tuesday, 14. May 2002 10:40

I just wanted to assure everyone that I am still alive.  I kind of ended the trivia of the day there with no explanation.  At first, it was just going to be a brief hiatus while I caught myself up on some work that I needed to do.  Well, over a month later, it’s still not up and running.  Basically, I have been simply been more than incredibly busy lately preparing presentations and getting ready for final exams.  As school is finally winding down, you might be thinking that I am actually going to start the trivia again.  Well, not exactly.  The way that things are looking right now, I probably will not bring back the trivia (if at all) until late August when I head back to school.  Statistically, more people tend to answer the trivia questions on weekdays that are not part of vacations.  I would assume that the reason for this is because people simply want to put off doing work.  Winter break and Spring break are two examples of when the trivia page did not get many hits.  Because I am in the market for a new job, I won’t have time to update the site over the Summer for the couple dedicated people who answer.  Anyway, I am just blabbering and avoiding my own work, and I just wanted to put some kind of message up here explaining the disappearance of the trivia questions.  I am still going to update my picture page on a regular basis though, especially since my “UMBC Scenes” category averages 45 hits per day.  In other webby news, this summer I am planning to revamp my entire site, or at least particular sections of it, including a Comcast-based picture server, playlists and audio clips from the Kenny G Spot, corrected links on the “Our Parody” site, separate folders for each section of pages, and a bunch of other minor things.  Fun stuff, huh?  That’s about all that I have to say for now.  Have a great summer break, everyone!

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I Am a Lazy Piece of Crap

Tuesday, 9. April 2002 10:15

I really don’t have anything to say except that I made a minor update to my web site.  I changed the trivia of the day around a little bit and now I won’t be changing the hyperlink for each question.  Instead of reading something like “I think the answer is “[ver. letter],” [var. answer],” I am now just going to have “I think the answer to the trivia is [var. letter].”  On occasion I might change it back the other way, but for now I’m just going to keep it like that so that I don’t have to mess with more of the html code than I have to.  Yeah, you can call me a lazy bum for that, but come on.  All you have to do to answer anyway is click your mouse two times.  Eventually I am going to talk to the OIT at UMBC and figure out what script I can use on UMBC’s server to have a form field on my web site that will send answers directly to my mailbox.  It will mean that the user will have to spend a little more time typing out their name in some form field box, but it will save me a bunch of hassle when getting kicked offline.  Plus, I will have more definite proof that someone answered a particular trivia question.  In fact, I’ve already set up a new AOL mailbox called “UMBC Trivia” to handle all responses.  I think I might just set up an account on my Comcast account, though because AOL mail can only be retrieved through ftp, the AOL software, and via the web.  In other words, I can’t set up a POP3 account through Outlook to handle AOL mail.  But, since you already know that I am a pretty lazy guy (heck, I push the handicapped buttons on doors so I don’t have to open them manually), I don’t think I’m going to get enough ambition to get over to our OIT office anytime soon.  I have a couple other plans in the works for the trivia site, too.  I’m eventually going to take a week off from it and reformat the entire thing, revise the terms and conditions, and set up different folders for the archives.  Again, that’s going to be some time in coming, but those ideas are sloshing around in my skull, nonetheless.  I’m not sure how much pressure I should put on myself, either.  After all, in just over a year I am going to be forced to discontinue the trivia when I head off to Australia to study abroad.  Man.  Stuff is happening too fast, it seems.  I was just talking with a good friend of mine about it the other day.  We were talking about how it just seemed like yesterday when we couldn’t wait to get our driver licenses, and now we are finishing up with college, getting “real” jobs, getting married, starting a family, and so forth.  Wow.  It makes you wonder why they call all that stuff “settling down.”  Wow-wee, glory day…  Alright, I guess that’s enough of that kind of stuff.  This is starting to sound more like a diary than a site update announcement, lol.  Wait a minute.  Why did I just type “lol”?  Hmm… that’s enough thinking for the day.  I think I’m going to study for accounting now.  Dangit, that means more thinking.  Oh, by the way, if you don’t feel like thinking, the answer to the trivia of the day for April 9 is B, Holocaust Remembrance Day.  That’s just a little treat for those who actually read my occasional rants, and a little incentive to do so in the future!

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April Fools; I’m Not Dead, As If You Care

Monday, 1. April 2002 14:15

Today is April Fools Day!  Not that it really matters anymore since I have outgrown some of the antics that I used to pull as a kid on this date.  I still like to commemorate “special” days like these, and so I made an especially easy trivia question — what is today?  The obvious answer from the choices given is April Fools.  Now, I have to admit that nobody really cares what I have to say on my web site, anyway.  I have a counter on almost every one of my pages, and while my “Trivia of the Day” site gets the most number of hits (thanks to a headliner link in my AIM profile), pages such as this one only get the occasional “checkup” by my girlfriend, Megan, and a couple other people who are bored and have nothing else to do.  Don’t get me wrong;  I am exceedingly grateful that those certain people actually check out the little links on my page here and there.  It makes me feel good.  but, anyway, I don’t really have anything to say.  The only “rant” I can think of is the fact that I am once again back at school after a Spring “Break”, in which my major accomplishment was stacking tons of wood on a 30 by 5 foot platform.  For those who may visit my site here and there, I’m still around, see title.

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Top O’ The Mornin’ Surprise and Trivia

Sunday, 17. March 2002 11:55

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve pretty much made it official that I will not be doing the trivia every single day.  After not doing it for so long, it’s hard to get back into the “swing” of doing it again.  I missed a couple days last week, and I also missed this past weekend.  However, I had an awesome distraction that kept me from updating it.  Megan surprised me by driving all the way from Pennsylvania to see me this past weekend.  We had a really great, but busy time.  But anyway, like I was saying, things like that can keep me from updating the trivia on a daily basis.  I’ve also decided to try something new.  Each week I am going to be making the trivia questions relate to a certain topic.  For example, last week, the topic was television.  The week before that it was computers.  And this week, the topic is Australia.  If you are one of my frequent web site visitors, then there is the answer to Monday’s trivia question!  Anyway, I do have some stuff to get done around here, so that’s about all I have to say about that.

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Visual Crapio .NET

Thursday, 14. March 2002 23:50

Today is pi day (3.14… no relation to 4.20, which has a totally different connotation).  We used to have a party back in elementary school to celebrate this “day of math.”  But, whatever.  My computer is actually doing quite well, for those who care.  Windows XP is really quite wonderful.  I was really happy with Microsoft until today when I installed “Visual Studio .NET.”  Apparently this is the upgrade to Visual Studio 6.0 (which I never had).  For those who don’t know what the heck Visual Studio is, it’s basically a nerdy piece of software for programmers.  I guess it is just too nerdy for me, though because I can’t even compile a simple C program on it!  Maybe someone can teach me in the future how to do it, but as of right now, I don’t know how it works, and frankly, I don’t care.  The thing retails for over a thousand bucks (I got it legally for $25).  From what I can see, unless you are a major programming corporation that wants to turn PCs into web servers, the thing is just way out of your league.  But why am I even typing all this?  Nobody even visits this page.  Not only am I putting my little paper clip to sleep, I’m making myself drowsy.

I think it’s time for bed.

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Back On Track

Thursday, 7. March 2002 21:45

It seems as though things are finally beginning to become stable with my computer.  Of course, that’s not an entirely wonderful thing for me because it means a lot more work to do in terms of updating my page and maintaining the files on the computer.  Right now I have all of my “old” files from the multiple backups that I did on my secondary hard drive.  However, everything is scattered and is a complete mess on that drive — heh, it kind of reminds me of my winter work at Computer Sciences Corporation.  Blegh!  The main network drive was a complete disaster (even worse than mine).  My job, along with about three others, was to clean up all that crap.  It was not the most fun thing I have ever done, and now I have to do it to my own computer.  Which makes it even worse, given the fact that I have no “due date” to get it done, and I am one of the best procrastinators you can come across.  Anyway, as usual, I digress.  I did indeed update the trivia for the sixth, and I was surprised that ten people actually answered it!  Perhaps even more surprising is that two people got it wrong, and for the sake of their personal respect among their peers, I will not divulge their identity to whoever may read this.  But, come on!  The question asked what virus prevented me from updating the trivia (with five choices to choose from).  Perhaps an unfair question to someone who does not know me, but I had (and have) the answer scattered in random places throughout my web site!  I left them up there on purpose, but people still got the question wrong.  Oh, well.  Sorry, I shouldn’t belittle people like that.  But anyway, that little spark of enthusiasm for trivia seems to be short lived since the next day (today), I only got four responses.  In terms of other dorky, computerish stuff, I’ve started to transfer my old @Home files to Comcast’s server.  So far things seem to be going alright, but I do believe that it is going to take a while.  And you know what?  I’m bored of typing anymore in here for now.

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Total Annihilation – Double Time

Tuesday, 5. March 2002 12:00

For those who are “fans” of the trivia page, I’m sure you have noticed that it was not updated by the “due date” of March 4.  Sorry!  My computer has just not been agreeing with me.  Indeed, after my radio show on Friday night, I formatted my drive.  I was at the command prompt, about to type in “format c:” and I got a little freaked out.  It was kind of scary to erase my entire hard drive.  If you know me in person, you probably know that I am not too fond of throwing stuff away, and it was quite difficult to completely format my drive.  But, I did it.  After it was all finished with and Windows 2000 was installing itself, I was feeling really good.  I was so glad that everything would be “clean” for once.  Have you ever gotten a “giddy” feeling after cleaning out your room or something like that?  That’s exactly how I was feeling.  Most of my drivers were automatically recognized by Windows 2000, and I didn’t have to work too hard on re-installing them.  However, after a full day of installing programs, it came down to my “Easy CD Creator.”  Although it specifically said that it was perfectly compatible with Windows 2000, it apparently was not.  Every single time I tried to load Windows, the computer would simply restart.  Again, I gave Dell a call.  The operators there must be getting to know me quite well because after I verified my information, I was asked questions such as “How is the virus doing?  Are you still running Windows 98?” – all in that nice little southern Texan accent.  Nonetheless, it was determined that yet another format of my drive was required.  This time, I didn’t want to take any chances with Windows 2000, and, with a ton of peer pressure, I decided to install Windows XP.  You know, as a kid I was warned about peer pressure with doing drugs and other “bad and evil” things.  I was never informed about the effects of peer pressure on operating systems.  Well, as the story continues, I was not able to have full use of my computer again until late Sunday night, when the install of XP was finally completed.  I have to admit that I really do love Windows XP.  I am a little disappointed that my video capture card for my video camcorder doesn’t work, but I guess that I can deal with that.  The true test will come when I receive my digital camera back from Olympus:  if the software for that will not work, and drivers cannot be acquired, I might just have to do away with XP again.  However, for now, I am keeping XP.  It is for these reasons that I have neglected to update the trivia, or anything else for that matter.  Again, peer pressure has come into play, and due to the “high” demand, I plan to begin the trivia once again tonight, for tomorrow (March 6, 2002).  I might have to put another halt to the trivia when I get my camera back, but hopefully not.  Hope that makes everyone happy.  Alright, I’m putting my little paper clip thing to sleep, so I’m done.

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Windows 2000 Update Concerns

Friday, 1. March 2002 19:45

After contacting Dell Computer Corporation numerous times over the past couple weeks, I think I am finally ready to give my computer the update of its life.  Although I have considered upgrading to Windows XP (I even bought the software), I decided that there are too many incompatibilities to do so.  Even though Windows 2000 has quite a few annoyances of its own, I think that it is still the best bet to upgrade my system.  I’ve taken a huge number of precautions for this install, as well.  As far as I can tell, I have copied all of my important files to my D drive and to CD-ROM.  After my radio show tonight, I will physically disconnect the D drive from my system and do a “clean” install of Windows 2000.  In other words, it will wipe out every file on my C drive.  I originally planned to go through each file to make certain that I had a backup, but that turned out to be a more daunting task than I had originally expected.  So, basically, I’m going to cross my fingers tonight and hope that I didn’t forget any files.  Anyway, to make a long story short, I’m going to install Windows 2000 tonight, and tomorrow (Saturday), I am going to begin the long and arduous process of re-installing every important file, driver, and program to the computer.  Hopefully, by Sunday I will have full access of my computer once again.  However, if the trivia is not updated by Monday as planned, you will know that something went horribly wrong.  Which basically means that I forgot to back up one single picture and I went ballistic, smashing the computer to pieces.  And that’s all I have to say for now.  Wish me luck!  … Goodnight, God bless, Peace out…

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