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Hawaii Earthquake

Thursday, 19. October 2006 23:30

Did you hear about the earthquake in Hawaii this past Sunday? As everyone put it at work today, our honeymoon made the earth shake. =P

That morning, we had a flight out to the Kona on the big island from Maui. We woke up early and were packing. I decided to take some of the bags out to the car, so we wouldn’t be struggling with everything at once.

As I was in the parking lot, I heard this tremendous rumbling noise. Then the ground started to intensely shake. The cars were moving back and forth so violently that I was thinking “Oh my gosh, I better step out from between these two cars; I’m going to get crushed.” I could barely stand because the ground was shaking so much.

A guy came out to the parking lot first and we were the only ones out there. He said, “We better go listen to the radio. There might be a tsunami coming because of this earthquake.” [That was the only part that really scared me.]

The other people inside the hotel were screaming and everyone ran outside. Ryan appeared with his socks on. No one really knew what was happening. Ryan later told me that the TV was almost knocked right off the shelf.

A few minutes after the initial quake, we felt a pretty big aftershock. Most people were watching the ocean, waiting for a tsunami. We were busily packing up the rest of our stuff and getting it in the car.

The thought of a tsunami really freaked everyone out. Lots of people checked out of the hotel early to get to higher ground. We actually legitimately had to check out, since we had the flight to catch.

We went to the airport and stood in line for several hours. There was no power, so the planes couldn’t land or take off. The bathrooms were *disgusting* because they couldn’t flush without electricity. Even though we had to stand in line for a long time, it really wasn’t that bad. Our flight was delayed by about 2 hours but it was totally fine.

We got to the big island about 5 hours after the initial earthquake. The airline temporarily lost our suitcases, which sorta screwed up our day because we had to return to the airport later to get them.. but it turned out okay, I guess.

I was very impressed by how Hawaii dealt with the clean-up. All of the fallen boulders had been pushed onto the shoulders of the roads and it was mostly clear. The only thing that wasn’t clear was the road to our hotel. The bridge was cracked and they wouldn’t let cars drive over it. We spent a little while waiting for them to open a detour, which was inconvenient – but we didn’t have another way around.

The earthquake was seriously so cool. I’m sure I wouldn’t be so thrilled if people had gotten hurt. But since there weren’t any deaths, I can be excited about it, right?

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Tuesday, 24. January 2006 12:54

Ryan’s not my boyfriend anymore! He proposed to me on Sunday and [of course] I said yes!

We do this thing called Geocaching. The basic idea of Geocaching is that people set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. A cache is typically a small container with random knick knacks inside.

On Sunday, Ryan and I were planning on going Geocaching because we have to pick something up to take with us when we go to Chicago (which we will them drop off there) this weekend. We drove to Patapsco Valley State Park and headed out on the path. As we were walking, I noticed random rose petals on the ground. They were kinda old looking, but it was still an out-of-place thing for the middle of the woods. I teasingly asked Ryan if he put them there and he was like, “Why would I do that?”

Eventually we stopped seeing them and I put it out of my mind. The GPS unit led us to the first location and we looked for the cache for about 20 minutes. We didn’t find it, which is totally frustrating. We decided to give up and look for the next one. As we were getting close, I was like, “Ooo, I bet it’s in that stump over there.” So I walked over to it and looked under a piece of bark.

Sure enough, it was a cache. Instantly though, I recognized the tupperware container as Ryan’s. I picked it up and opened it. It was full of red rose petals with a grass ring inside. At this point, I was starting to freak out (in a good way). Ryan got down on one knee and pulled the real ring out of his pocket. Obviously I said yes.

I was so stunned, because I truly wasn’t expecting it. We’ve been talking about it for so long and I really didn’t think that he even had a ring yet. And just that morning, when we got into the car, I asked him “So, do you have the ring?” I ask that almost every time we go somewhere. Poor Ryan – because he really did have it that day! I’m glad he didn’t let that spoil it, because I seriously didn’t know. I wouldn’t have said that if I thought he really had it!

That night, we went out to dinner at the Oregon Grill, which is a pretty fancy restaurant. We got all dressed up and paid way too much for the food, but it was so perfect.

I’m still so giddy about the whole thing. I look at my ring (which is gorgeous) and I just want to squeal, haha. We’re hoping to get married this October, but nothing is planned yet. I wanted to have it in my Catholic high school’s church, but it turns out they don’t allow weddings. Oh well, we’ll just have to find a different church!

It was SUCH a perfect day. =D

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business trip

Sunday, 16. October 2005 17:09

I’m in Savannah!

I got to the airport around 8am this morning and got to the gate just as the A-group was boarding. I joined the line and got an aisle seat towards the front of the plane. The flight was fine; I just read/dozed the whole time.

When I got to the Jacksonville airport, I picked up my rental car and drove the 2 hours to Savannah, GA. When I got to Savannah, it was about 1pm. I followed the signs to the historic distric, so that I could do a little sight seeing before work tomorrow.

Savannah is a beautiful city! The buildings are old and there are trees/plants everywhere. It’s hard to explain, but there are lots of tiny parks in the middle of traffic circles. They’re practically on every block. There weren’t many cars either, so it was very peaceful. I found a parking space and explored for a while.

A guy that I work with grew up here and he told me to go to Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room. I had the address, but when I found the place, it looked like someone’s house. I even walked by it to see if it was a restaurant – I don’t see how it could be. I definitely wasn’t going to go to the door, so oh well. I’ll have to tell him that I couldn’t find the right place or something. Ryan had a good point – maybe it’s his parents’ house or something, haha! Or I’m just stupid and wasn’t looking in the correct place.

So I spent about 2 hours driving/walking around the city. I was starting to get really hungry and thirsty, so I decided to go to my hotel. It is right near the Savannah airport, which is funny since I flew into Jacksonville. This hotel is super nice. My room is huge and it’s like a suite. There’s a room with a couch, a comfy chair, a desk, a huge TV, a refridgerator, and a microwave. In the bedroom, there’s a king size bed, some cute lamps, a nice closet. The bathroom area is large too, with a nice marble counter/sink. I’m glad it seems good, since I’ll be here for 6 nights!

When I got settled, I headed out to find food. Down the street is a Walmart and a Ruby Tuesdays. I got a few things at Walmart and then got food To Go at Ruby Tuesdays.

Now I’m just chilling in my room watching TV. I have to be at the office at 9am tomorrow; hopefully it’ll go well!

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brides everywhere

Sunday, 25. September 2005 6:30

Ryan and I are in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m updating from the hotel right now, on Ryan’s laptop.

We went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday. It was so cool! I’m usually not a museum-type person, but I loved it. We spent a good 6 hours there. There was so much to see and listen to. I’m glad that we came here just for that! It’s a shame that we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside though.

Today we’re going to drive west, stopping at Kelleys Island. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but we have to take a ferry to get there. Ryan planned this whole trip, so I’m kinda out of the loop. =P

He usually plans everything these days, which is weird since I’m a control freak and like to plan things. I’m glad he does though, because it makes things so much easier for me! Plus, it makes our trips a surprise and I like surprises.

Before dinner yesterday, we were walking near Lake Erie. We saw 5 different bridal parties. Isn’t that so bizarre? They were all in the same area, taking pictures. There were 2 with black bridesmaid dresses, one with red, one with brown, and one with light blue. It was quite a sight!

I guess it’s time for me to get in the shower now. Have a good day!

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Thursday, 28. July 2005 17:13

In the middle of last night, I heard a crash and a bunch of loud noises. I woke up and thought, “It sounds like someone is in my apartment. Eh, I’m too tired.” And I promptly fell back asleep.

When I woke up, I saw that my doorbell casing had fallen off the back of my door (it’s just a plastic thing that’s latched onto it). I didn’t think much of it and put it back up. I figured it fell and that’s the noise I heard.

At 6:45am, I tried to leave for work. “I tried” because as I went to open my door, it would not open. I unlocked it and the door knob just would.not.turn. I started to panic because 1). I really had to get to work and 2). That’s my only exit and it’s not cool to feel trapped.

So what do I do? I jump out the window. Yep, I jumped out the window. It’s only about 8 feet above ground. It was really muddy though, so I totally fell on my butt. And yes, people saw me. There were a few people in the parking lot, with a clear view of my apartment. But the panic took over and I just didn’t care.

I ran inside the building and tried to open the door from the outside. Nope, definitely still jammed. But, I noticed that there was a footprint on it. So, I assume that in the middle of the night, someone kicked my door to try to open it, which caused it to get stuck. Super, eh?

So here I am, outside my apartment with nothing but my keys. In hindsight, I should have put my cell phone in my pocket. I couldn’t climb back into the window, because it was too high up.

I went to my leasing office, even though they don’t open until 9am. By a miracle, there was a guy inside. I explained what happened (and must have sounded nuts) and he told me that he’d come over and help. I had to wait for about 15 minutes – which sucked, because I really wanted to get to work early.

When he came, he told me that this doesn’t happen very often. I suppose I’m lucky. The door was pretty damn jammed. He had to pry it open with a crowbar and then replace my door knob mechanism (which took another 15 minutes).

Fantastic way to start the day, don’t you think?

[Not to mention that I’m a little freaked that someone tried to get in last night. Thank God I have a deadbolt!]

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Washington/Oregon Trip

Monday, 18. July 2005 14:47

I’m back from another trip where Ryan and I drove 1,030+ miles. At least this time it was only two states – Oregon and Washington.

We flew out late Wednesday and pretty much went straight to bed. On Thursday, we woke up early to get a good start on the day. We went to Mt. St. Helen’s (which is an active volcano and it was smoking!), Mt. Rainer (so huge and gorgeous), and then to Seattle to see the Orioles beat the Mariners 5-3. It was a totally beautiful day and we successfully squeezed it all in.

After the game, we went to my great aunt and uncle’s house to sleep. We had breakfast with them on Friday and conversed for about 2 hours. It was really, really nice!

When we left there, we sat in traffic for an hour and a half, waiting to get on the ferry. It was drizzling and Ryan was sad that we were wasting time. Eventually though, we were able to drive onto the ferry and cross the Pugit Sound. It was kind of creepy because we were escorted by Coast Guard boats with machine guns! I guess they’ve been doing that lately for extra security.

On the other side of the Sound, we visited Olympic National Park. The mountains were way cool because we were above the clouds at the top and could see them hanging in the valleys.

The next stop was Hoh Rainforest, which is also in Olympic National Park. It was nothing compared to the rainforest in Australia, but it was still nice. Basically, it was just a moss-covered forest.

The most awesome thing happened when we were hiking there though. We saw a huge elk up-close and personal. It was only 5 feet away at one point! It wasn’t scared at all, so we just watched it eat. It started to walk into the path right at us. I wasn’t sure if I should run or pet it like a horse! We just stood there taking pictures and it didn’t bother us.

After that amazing experience, we hurried to get to the coast to catch the sun set over the ocean. We arrived at Ruby Beach with a few minutes to spare. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy to see the sun, but the beach was gorgeous. It was incredible how the pine trees were right next to the ocean.

On Saturday, we spent the day driving down the coast of Washington. There were some amazing views of the coastline and the huge cliffs. We stopped a Ecola State Park, where we saw loads of colorful starfish on the beach.

I wish that we had more time, but we had to make it to Portland by dinnertime. Ryan’s cousins just moved out there and we wanted to stop by. We were able to fit in a quick tour of the Tillamook cheese factory, to see cheese being made.

When we made it to Portland, I was shocked by how nice the city was! The city skyline was really pretty and the neighborhoods were very un-city-like. Ryan’s cousins live near public rose gardens and it was just very pretty. We hung out with them for a few hours, until we made it to our hotel to crash for the night.

On Sunday, we went geocaching quickly before heading to the airport. You probably don’t care, but we found the most creative geocache that I’ve ever seen. It was hidden in a bird feeder!

Our flight left Portland at 11:30am and stopped in Phoenix, Arizona. It was 115 degrees there, which we experienced by going to the top of the parking garage. 115 is freaking hot! Our flight left there around 4pm and we got into Baltimore, Maryland at midnight. Looong day.

I took loads of pictures, which I’ll be eventually posting. Maybe I can get them done tonight, since my Harry Potter book is lost at the post office (grr).

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state seeing

Thursday, 28. April 2005 21:14

We did a lot of driving today! We actually ended up driving further south than we had originally intended. We went all the way to Oklahoma! Yay for going to another state. After this trip, I’ll now have visited 34. :-P

The landscape is way cool out here. There are tons of cows and we saw some buffalo too. I love how the roads are so straight and flat, so you can speed like crazy, haha.

It was cloudy the whole day though and it sprinkled off and on. I guess it was good we spent most of the time in the car. It was really too cold to be walking around outside.

I think tomorrow we’re going to try to do stuff. There are some historical places out here that I’m interested in seeing. We’ll have to see how much time we have though. The problem with states like Kansas and Nebraska is that they’re just too big!

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midwest trip

Thursday, 28. April 2005 6:38

Gosh, I love hotels that have free internet access. It’s even wireless!

So, I’m in Kansas right now. We just recently woke up and Ryan’s in the shower.

We almost didn’t make it here. Ryan was late driving to the airport from work and we were meeting at his sister’s college to leave a car there. We seriously got to the airport as they were saying “Last call for flight 85 and the following passengers…” We ran over, gave them our boarding passes, and they shut the gate doors behind us.

Alright, time for me to do other stuff. Maybe I’ll check in tomorrow night, maybe not. I love how everywhere you go, you can totally stay connected to the rest of society.

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easter bunnies

Friday, 25. March 2005 6:17

I just want to reiterate how much I LOVE printing out my boarding pass with Southwest ahead of time. Remember last time how I stayed up until midnight to be #1? Obviously it wasn’t necessary because I printed it at 6am today and was #3. Although, being #1 was pretty awesome. :P

Ryan and I flying up to Connecticut late tonight. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday. I can’t believe that he’s 16! That’s really scary. I just have such an image of a 4 year old David, with his curly blond hair everywhere, aw.

So, this is the first holiday that Ryan and I are going to see both of our families. Our flight on Sunday is around 5pm. My family gets morning time and his gets evening time. I hope it all works out.

This weekend is the last time that I’m going to be in my house. We’re helping my family move out tomorrow. They have to officially be out by March 31. It makes me sad. :’( The new house is very nice; it’s just difficult to abandon the house that I grew up in. I hope the people buying it treat it nicely. =P

Alright, I most likely won’t be back here until Sunday night or Monday morning. To everyone it applies to, happy Easter!

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Tuesday, 1. February 2005 6:24

I went to bed at 10:30pm last night and when my alarm went off, I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. I stumpled out of bed and started to walk into the living room (where my computer is)… and then I realized that it was only 12:30am. My alarm hadn’t actually gone off; it was all in my head. Don’t you hate when that happens?? I’m definitely glad that I was able to sleep for another five and a half hours!

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