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Wednesday Morning

Wednesday, 31. October 2001 9:35

I don’t have much time, because I have comp org soon… I just got out of my linear class early.. we had the quiz.. it was awesome! I’m almost positive that I got everything right. :-) On the way back, I saw my physics teacher riding his bike. Well, I didn’t know it was him at first. I’m just walking along the path, and this old guy on a bike says “Good morning Megan!”.. I couldn’t tell who it was.. he was wearing a baseball cap. But then I stopped walking, and he got closer, and I figured out who it was. He asked me if I was ready for the quiz today, and I told him that I think I am (hopefully I am). I said that I had tried to come see him yesterday, but he was busy. So, he told me that he’s available tomorrow morning.. so I guess I’ll go then. It was just pretty freaky… seeing him riding a bike with a baseball cap on, yelling my name. Quite strange. Anyways, I should get going soon. Happy Halloween!

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More nothingness

Tuesday, 30. October 2001 16:19

Augh.. today just got bad. Artificial intelligence was so incredibly boring; I fell asleep twice. And we’re learning hard stuff, and we have homework that the teacher grades.. so it’s not good that I can’t pay attention. After that, I went to try to find my physics teacher.. but he was busy with some other students.. I didn’t want to interrupt, so I guess that I’ll fail the quiz tomorrow and talk to him then. :-(

On the way back from that, I saw something that made me kinda happy though. There was an older couple walking down the street, holding hands. I hope that I’m still in love by the time I’m old. It was really sweet. :-)

On the way back from that, I saw something that made me kinda happy though. There was an older couple walking down the street, holding hands. I hope that I’m still in love by the time I’m old. It was really sweet.

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Linear Algebra

Monday, 29. October 2001 16:35

I can’t believe that it’s so late already. I spent a long time just waiting to talk to my linear algebra teacher today.. but it was all good, because Matt was waiting outside his office too, because he didn’t get one of the homework problems. I hadn’t tried it yet, so I decided that I’d do it while we waited. And guess what?? I actually solved it! I was so proud of myself.. Matt didn’t have to go see the teacher because of me. :-) It’s crazy.. I get SO excited about linear.. Matt does too though, so he understands. I wanted to go talk to my physics teacher today too, but I guess I don’t have time.. since it’s almost dinnertime. I guess I can go tomorrow.. the truth is that I don’t want to go at all, and I’m purposely putting it off. Megan from linear emailed me back, and she’s going to come to the library too tonight.. I hope that I don’t get too excited when I’m just with them.. they’ll think I’m a total freak. Can you tell that I’m in love with linear? I was trying to change the subject to physics, and I just came back to linear again. I think I need help…

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Pumpkin Painting

Sunday, 28. October 2001 19:37

We just had a hall program in my dorm. We painted pumpkins and ate pizza. It was lots of fun, even though my pumpkin looks really bad. When I was done, I walked in the door and my phone was ringing.. it was Ryan (no one else calls me anyways). He had wanted to just leave me a message, but too bad… he was stuck talking to me… not that he minded or anything. lol. I feel so bad because I still haven’t done any homework this whole weekend. And I definitely have a lot to get done. Maybe I should start it…

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First Entry

Sunday, 28. October 2001 16:58

Well, this is my first entry… I’m not quite sure how it all works yet.. but I’ll learn. My family came down this weekend.. they left this morning. Colleen and I stayed up really late last night… so I’m pretty tired today… it was loads of fun though. I’m just slacking off now.. I haven’t done anything all day today. I have lots of work to get done too. Ryan’s at a family party right now, for the October birthdays. Hopefully he’ll be getting back soon. I can’t believe that I got this diary thing.. it’s just another thing to help me procrastinate…

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