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Tuesday, 29. January 2002 22:30

Well, today I finally decided to update this portion of my web site.  I obviously have little talent in creating web sites because there is nothing at all fancy about this one.  In fact, just tonight I was attempting to create little buttons on my trivia page so that a visitor could scroll through old questions without having to go back and forth between the trivia archives page.  I couldn’t get my idea to work right on one page, so I decided to just give up.  The thing is, according to my web tracker, it seems that people only visit the most recent trivia answers.  I doubt that anyone has even considered looking at November’s answers.  Anyways, I figure that creating little buttons on every single t*-*-*.htm page would be totally ridiculous anyway.  The only reason I would have to do that now is if real people started visiting my site to get random trivia information.  Not that the people visiting now aren’t real, but most of the time it is just people that I know, and they have already seen the answers.  So, yeah, on those trivia answer pages I have a little gif picture of the results from the trivia.  Sometime in the future I plan to conserve space by creating text-based graphs instead of picture files, but knowing me, that will be a long time from now.  Well, I don’t have much else to say right now.  Perhaps I’ll make updates to this area on a somewhat frequent basis… then again, maybe not.

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Wednesday, 2. January 2002 22:21

It’s so crazy how Bradley airport was so much more secure than BWI. When I arrived at Bradley, they had changed the parking garage entrances all around. First I had to wait in line (in my car) to talk to a military guy.. he told me how to get to the parking garage (you had to talk to him in order to park; it wasn’t that I was lost). Then, I had to wait in another line of cars to get into the garage. But first, another military guy told me to turn off my car and open the back of it with the key. He had to make sure there weren’t any firearms or bombs in it. (They did this to every car entering the garage.) Then I was allowed to park. When I went into the airport, there were security people everywhere (some airport security and some military). I had to wait for about an hour in the line to check my bags. Meanwhile, to my right, there were tables where suitcases were being searched. They “randomly” picked people to search their checked bags. Fortunately, I wasn’t one of them. Once I got my ticket and checked my suitcase, I had to wait in another line to get into the gate area. This one was about a half hour long. I finally got up to the metal detectors, where someone was there to make sure you had a valid ticket and picture ID (you couldn’t go past this point without a ticket). I went through the metal detector and luckily didn’t set it off. There were some people that did set it off and they had to get thoroughly searched. I only had a little while until I boarded my plane. I had gotten there 2 hours ahead of time, and I was sure glad that I did. I was sitting in row 5 of the plane, so I was one of the last people to board. When we lined up at the gate, we had to show a picture ID with our ticket, and once again, some people were “randomly” picked to be searched. I’m not quite sure how they picked them.. I didn’t see any sort of pattern. I watched one guy.. he had to take off his shoes and jacket. They went through his carry-on very carefully. They made him turn on his cell phone and camera to make sure they were really what they were supposed to be. It was crazy to watch. I was very relieved that I didn’t have to be searched.

So, anyways, on the way home, I left out of BWI airport. Right from the start it was totally different. We were able to just drive right into the parking garage without any searches or anything at all. Inside the airport, the line for tickets wasn’t very long, but it just wasn’t crowded at that time of day. There was no one going through checked suitcases, which surprised me. I had to show my ID and ticket to get through the metal detectors again.. and I didn’t set them off. From here on, it was pretty much the same. Although, I didn’t see them make anyone take off their shoes, but I wasn’t watching because I was one of the first people to board this time.

I was very surprised between the differences. My mom thinks that Bradley was more secure because it’s so close to New York and Boston (Boston has always been very secure and paranoid, for a long time.. way before all this), and also because Connecticut has some things that need protecting (I don’t remember what my mom said.. some medicine producer (I guess it’s spelled “Bayer”) that’s doing something important right now, maybe with antrax… and some other big thing.. plus Groton is a huge deal too). You’d think that Baltimore would be just as secure though.. since it’s near Washington DC and since their mayor is known for being very up-to-date on security issues. Personally, I think that Bradley is just doing all that to make people feel better (since it’s near NY, etc). Because when you think about it, all those efforts are practically pointless if people are flying in from less secure places. My mom was telling me that a lot of people are driving from New Jersey and New York because they want to take off in a smaller airport (Bradley), because they feel it’s safer. I dunno.. I’m just glad I lived through the situation.. it was quite fascinating to observe it all.

My flight from Baltimore to Hartford was probably one of the best flights I’ve ever had. It was completely clear.. I could see the ground the entire way. Even over the ocean, I could see the white-caps on the waves. When we were flying over Connecticut, the only thing that I was able to recognize was Mt. Southington, which is where my dad and brother were skiing at that exact time. Kinda weird. On both flights, I didn’t have to sit next to anyone, so that was really nice. I don’t like being close to strangers. So, yeah, that was my airport experience.

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