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Monday, 18. March 2002 19:01

All this stressful stuff is arising. I need to vent.

I got the listings of all the classes offered next year, and a lot of what I want/need to take is conflicting. It really sucks. I’m sure that I’ll be able to get it all worked out… but it’s just so hard.

I have a computer program due on Wednesday. The teacher talked about it the day before spring break (two weeks ago)… and hasn’t even mentioned it since then. It is so ridiculous. I don’t even know where to begin. Why is this my major? I just feel so stupid. I don’t know what to do with my life.

My parents finally gave me permission to study abroad… but now Ryan has been looking at the courses he has to take to graduate… and he has too many. He’s not sure that he’s going to have time to study abroad. I’m not sure what to think… and he wants to know my opinion. I’m going to make a list of the pros and cons, for him. I have no problem going.. everything will work out for me.

1. We will be together for an entire semester, which is extremely important for our relationship. If we want to spend the rest of our lives together, we really need to spend more time together before that.
2. It will be an amazing cultural experience, because we’ll be living with and going to classes with Australians.
3. It’s a country that he’s never been to, so that in itself is a good experience.
4. We will be able to take interesting classes there, that aren’t offered here.

1. It will cause him to cram 7-8 class in the remaining 3 semesters.
2. It will cost more money than his college does, plus the plane ride cost.
3. He’ll be away from his family for longer than he ever has been (I’m not sure that that’s such a big deal though).
4. If he can’t cram in all the classes, he’ll have to graduate late and pay more money.. money that he doesn’t have.

It’s not even like that list even helps. The most important pro is being together.. and the most important con is not having enough time to take the required classes. Which is more important? Both affect the rest of our lives. I have a lot of faith that even if this can’t happen, things will still work out. I don’t know how.. but I believe that they will. But seriously.. this is an incredible opportunity.. and it’s not a decision that I can make for him. He just has to weigh all his classes, and see what he can do.

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so so awesome!! (& long)

Monday, 18. March 2002 1:25

Sorry about the length… I had a lot to say!

Holy cow… I have been keeping all this stuff inside for a week now… and it’s been driving me nuts. But I can finally talk about it! Yay! =D

On Sunday (March 10), I woke up to get ready to come back to school from spring break. My dad had written a note for my mom saying “It’s alright with me if you want to let Megan drive her car down until Easter break. It’s only two weeks, and it would make sense, because then I wouldn’t have to pick her up.” I was so excited… my mom was still asleep though, so I had to wait until I knew that it was definite. When my mom got up, she’s like “I didn’t even think of that. That’s a good idea.” So I got my car!! Yippee! I actually had written a short entry in here that day, before I left, because I was so excited. But then when I got to school, I decided to delete it and keep it a secret… and since no one had read it yet, I was able to.

Anyways, I wanted to keep it a secret from Ryan, because my plan was to drive down to his school on Friday (March 15) and surprise him. I talked to his sister Kelly, so that she could ask his parents if it would be all right. I wanted to do that because he told me he had a family birthday party to attend (for his 1 year old cousin Emma)… so I didn’t want to just come down and intrude on that. They said that it would be fine, and they would keep it a secret from him. Yay! Then all I had to do was talk to my parents, and convince them that it would be okay. When I called home, Colleen answered the phone. When I told her the plan, she got excited… and helped convince my parents. So I was good to go.

All I had to do was get through the week without telling Ryan. You have no idea how hard that was for me. Soooo many times, I almost slipped. Just the little minor things, like having to go buy a parking permit. It was not fun having to keep something a secret from him, but it was all worth it.

On Tuesday (March 12), I almost got a parking ticket. Erin and I parked our cars illegally outside one of the dorms. We had to go inside to meet the people that were going to the education thing for SAVE. When we came out, the campus policeman was writing out tickets. We were like “Wait… we’re right here! We just had to run in for a minute!” So he didn’t give them to us… and good thing, that would have sucked!

It’s definitely awesome having my car here… but I felt like I had to keep it a secret from a lot of people. On Thursday (March 14), I was driving over to a building to meet people from SAVE, and I saw Kurt. I was like “Crap… he can’t see me!” I was afraid that if he saw that I was driving, he would tell Kenny and Kenny would tell Ryan. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t see me though… it was close!

I didn’t like the fact that I kept having to lie. Thursday (14th) afternoon, Matt asked me to take him to CVS and the post office. He kept pretending to be afraid to get in the car with me, but that day, he asked if I could take him… so I was all excited. He said I did a good job too. :) Afterwards, Ryan asked me where I went. So I said that Matt took me to CVS… which led him to ask what I needed there. I told him a notebook, but in truth, Matt had to buy a padded envelope and a magazine. It sucked having to lie… but it had to be done, if I wanted to keep the surprise. I hope he forgives me. =P

Alright, I’m going to tell about what happened over the weekend. On Friday (15th), I drove down to Ryan’s school and got there at 5:15pm. His dorm is extremely secure. I first had to wait for someone to let me into the main door, where there wasn’t someone sitting at the desk to check for IDs (normally there is — I was worried about that). That only took a few minutes. Then, I had to wait in that small lobby area, for someone to come down the stairwell, so that I could get to it. Then I walked up to the second floor, and had to wait, yet again, for another door to be opened. This was the door to his hallway, and it’s pretty untraveled. I waited for about 7 minutes, and then I started to get really impatient. I decided to use my cell phone to call Ryan’s dorm phone. When he picked up and asked where I was (since my SN was still idle), I told him that I was “down the hall.” He thought that I meant in my dorm… so he asked why I wasn’t in my room. I said that I didn’t have a key. He assumed that meant that I had lost my key and couldn’t get in.. so he asked where my key was. But, I told him that I don’t have keys to the building. I think he was confused. He re-asked where I was, and this time when I said “down the hall,” he questioned it a little further. I told him that I was down the hall from him. And at that moment, some guy went through the door to his hallway, so I was able to get in. So I walked to his room and went inside… and then we hung up the phones. He was surprised… I was very pleased. I wanted it to be a surprise so badly. It was worth waiting all week, and keeping it a big secret. Yay! It was wonderful. :)

Anyways, Friday night, we did his radio show. It was lots of fun. I’m getting more comfortable with talking on the radio, but I still don’t have that much to say. And I’m scared to just talk without his “introduction” first. I don’t just want to announce what song is next or anything.. it freaks me out. But when I’m talking with him on it, like in a conversation, it’s not scary. His parents keep telling me I have a good “radio voice”.. it’s funny.

On Saturday, we were up pretty early. We went to his cousin Emma’s first birthday party. It was a lot of fun. Emma is soooo adorable!! I’m really glad that I was able to go to it. =)

After the party, we went to church… and then we went to his old high school’s musical. They were performing Godspell… I had never seen it before… and I really liked it. I think that they did a very good job. It was really cool seeing the inside of Ryan’s high school. I have driven around it several times before, but we never went in. It’s really nice… I was impressed.

Ryan goes home to do laundry every weekend, pretty much. We brought it with us to do after the musical, so we had to go back home. We ended up staying at his house until 3:30am, because it took forever for the laundry to finish. We watched Coyote Ugly.. it was a pretty good movie… not bad at all. When we got back to his dorm, at 4am, we were both exhausted.

By the time we were awake and dressed, it was pretty late in the day. I called my parents to let them know that we were going to go out to dinner and then I’d leave around 7pm. [They wanted to make sure that they knew what time I’d get back to school, so that if I didn’t call by then, they could be worried. lol.] They told me to call when I leave for real, so they would have a better idea of when I’d arrive at school. So we hung up. Then, like half an hour later, my brother IMed Ryan asking for me to call them again. So my dad picked up, and asked where we were going out to eat. I told him the Olive Garden… and he said that it could be on him.. I should just charge it to the credit card. Pretty cool, huh?

Dinner was really good. We ate around 5pm, I think. I had swordfish.. it was great. We also had salad and breadsticks.. and Ryan got mozzarella sticks and I got stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer. We were quite full by the end… but it was really yummy. We got back to his school around 7pm, and walked around for a while. I ended up leaving at 7:30pm, and getting back to school at 10pm. My parents know that I’m safe, and all is well. Except for all the work I have to do for tomorrow (actually, today).

All in all, my weekend was amazing. I absolutely love spending time with Ryan.. it’s always so perfect. I can’t wait until it can be an every day thing. :)

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Top O’ The Mornin’ Surprise and Trivia

Sunday, 17. March 2002 11:55

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve pretty much made it official that I will not be doing the trivia every single day.  After not doing it for so long, it’s hard to get back into the “swing” of doing it again.  I missed a couple days last week, and I also missed this past weekend.  However, I had an awesome distraction that kept me from updating it.  Megan surprised me by driving all the way from Pennsylvania to see me this past weekend.  We had a really great, but busy time.  But anyway, like I was saying, things like that can keep me from updating the trivia on a daily basis.  I’ve also decided to try something new.  Each week I am going to be making the trivia questions relate to a certain topic.  For example, last week, the topic was television.  The week before that it was computers.  And this week, the topic is Australia.  If you are one of my frequent web site visitors, then there is the answer to Monday’s trivia question!  Anyway, I do have some stuff to get done around here, so that’s about all I have to say about that.

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Visual Crapio .NET

Thursday, 14. March 2002 23:50

Today is pi day (3.14… no relation to 4.20, which has a totally different connotation).  We used to have a party back in elementary school to celebrate this “day of math.”  But, whatever.  My computer is actually doing quite well, for those who care.  Windows XP is really quite wonderful.  I was really happy with Microsoft until today when I installed “Visual Studio .NET.”  Apparently this is the upgrade to Visual Studio 6.0 (which I never had).  For those who don’t know what the heck Visual Studio is, it’s basically a nerdy piece of software for programmers.  I guess it is just too nerdy for me, though because I can’t even compile a simple C program on it!  Maybe someone can teach me in the future how to do it, but as of right now, I don’t know how it works, and frankly, I don’t care.  The thing retails for over a thousand bucks (I got it legally for $25).  From what I can see, unless you are a major programming corporation that wants to turn PCs into web servers, the thing is just way out of your league.  But why am I even typing all this?  Nobody even visits this page.  Not only am I putting my little paper clip to sleep, I’m making myself drowsy.

I think it’s time for bed.

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Monday, 11. March 2002 10:11

Oh my goodness.. I’m starting to feel stressed. I won’t let it bring down my good mood though (don’t worry, classes will do that). I just looked at my planner, and realized I have something with SAVE every day this week. I sent out an email reminding everyone:

Monday — Envirofair committee meeting at 4pm in the Campus Center.

Tuesday — Education “trip.” We’re meeting at 12:30pm in the SAVE suite. Alison D, Emily, Alexis C, Erin T. and myself have signed up to go.. but if anyone else doesn’t have class between 12:30pm and 2pm, please come.. we need as many people as possible!

Wednesday — We’re having the Tea Party/Planting of Flowers event. We’re going to meet in the suite at 5:45pm to walk over there, or you can just meet us in the Hall at 6pm. The party should last until 7:30pm, but you’re not required to stay the whole time. Please try to come.. it’s going to be a lot of fun! Also, we’ll have our regular meeting at 9:30pm.

Thursday — another Education “trip”.. we’re meeting at 12:30pm in the suite.

Friday — don’t forget to paper recycle, if you were placed on a team.

Saturday — We’re planning to go to [that wild cat place]. We’ll talk about the specifics at the meeting, to figure out times and how many people can go. We’re also going to go the Saturday after this one (the 23rd), if enough people are interested.

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Back On Track

Thursday, 7. March 2002 21:45

It seems as though things are finally beginning to become stable with my computer.  Of course, that’s not an entirely wonderful thing for me because it means a lot more work to do in terms of updating my page and maintaining the files on the computer.  Right now I have all of my “old” files from the multiple backups that I did on my secondary hard drive.  However, everything is scattered and is a complete mess on that drive — heh, it kind of reminds me of my winter work at Computer Sciences Corporation.  Blegh!  The main network drive was a complete disaster (even worse than mine).  My job, along with about three others, was to clean up all that crap.  It was not the most fun thing I have ever done, and now I have to do it to my own computer.  Which makes it even worse, given the fact that I have no “due date” to get it done, and I am one of the best procrastinators you can come across.  Anyway, as usual, I digress.  I did indeed update the trivia for the sixth, and I was surprised that ten people actually answered it!  Perhaps even more surprising is that two people got it wrong, and for the sake of their personal respect among their peers, I will not divulge their identity to whoever may read this.  But, come on!  The question asked what virus prevented me from updating the trivia (with five choices to choose from).  Perhaps an unfair question to someone who does not know me, but I had (and have) the answer scattered in random places throughout my web site!  I left them up there on purpose, but people still got the question wrong.  Oh, well.  Sorry, I shouldn’t belittle people like that.  But anyway, that little spark of enthusiasm for trivia seems to be short lived since the next day (today), I only got four responses.  In terms of other dorky, computerish stuff, I’ve started to transfer my old @Home files to Comcast’s server.  So far things seem to be going alright, but I do believe that it is going to take a while.  And you know what?  I’m bored of typing anymore in here for now.

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Total Annihilation – Double Time

Tuesday, 5. March 2002 12:00

For those who are “fans” of the trivia page, I’m sure you have noticed that it was not updated by the “due date” of March 4.  Sorry!  My computer has just not been agreeing with me.  Indeed, after my radio show on Friday night, I formatted my drive.  I was at the command prompt, about to type in “format c:” and I got a little freaked out.  It was kind of scary to erase my entire hard drive.  If you know me in person, you probably know that I am not too fond of throwing stuff away, and it was quite difficult to completely format my drive.  But, I did it.  After it was all finished with and Windows 2000 was installing itself, I was feeling really good.  I was so glad that everything would be “clean” for once.  Have you ever gotten a “giddy” feeling after cleaning out your room or something like that?  That’s exactly how I was feeling.  Most of my drivers were automatically recognized by Windows 2000, and I didn’t have to work too hard on re-installing them.  However, after a full day of installing programs, it came down to my “Easy CD Creator.”  Although it specifically said that it was perfectly compatible with Windows 2000, it apparently was not.  Every single time I tried to load Windows, the computer would simply restart.  Again, I gave Dell a call.  The operators there must be getting to know me quite well because after I verified my information, I was asked questions such as “How is the virus doing?  Are you still running Windows 98?” – all in that nice little southern Texan accent.  Nonetheless, it was determined that yet another format of my drive was required.  This time, I didn’t want to take any chances with Windows 2000, and, with a ton of peer pressure, I decided to install Windows XP.  You know, as a kid I was warned about peer pressure with doing drugs and other “bad and evil” things.  I was never informed about the effects of peer pressure on operating systems.  Well, as the story continues, I was not able to have full use of my computer again until late Sunday night, when the install of XP was finally completed.  I have to admit that I really do love Windows XP.  I am a little disappointed that my video capture card for my video camcorder doesn’t work, but I guess that I can deal with that.  The true test will come when I receive my digital camera back from Olympus:  if the software for that will not work, and drivers cannot be acquired, I might just have to do away with XP again.  However, for now, I am keeping XP.  It is for these reasons that I have neglected to update the trivia, or anything else for that matter.  Again, peer pressure has come into play, and due to the “high” demand, I plan to begin the trivia once again tonight, for tomorrow (March 6, 2002).  I might have to put another halt to the trivia when I get my camera back, but hopefully not.  Hope that makes everyone happy.  Alright, I’m putting my little paper clip thing to sleep, so I’m done.

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Windows 2000 Update Concerns

Friday, 1. March 2002 19:45

After contacting Dell Computer Corporation numerous times over the past couple weeks, I think I am finally ready to give my computer the update of its life.  Although I have considered upgrading to Windows XP (I even bought the software), I decided that there are too many incompatibilities to do so.  Even though Windows 2000 has quite a few annoyances of its own, I think that it is still the best bet to upgrade my system.  I’ve taken a huge number of precautions for this install, as well.  As far as I can tell, I have copied all of my important files to my D drive and to CD-ROM.  After my radio show tonight, I will physically disconnect the D drive from my system and do a “clean” install of Windows 2000.  In other words, it will wipe out every file on my C drive.  I originally planned to go through each file to make certain that I had a backup, but that turned out to be a more daunting task than I had originally expected.  So, basically, I’m going to cross my fingers tonight and hope that I didn’t forget any files.  Anyway, to make a long story short, I’m going to install Windows 2000 tonight, and tomorrow (Saturday), I am going to begin the long and arduous process of re-installing every important file, driver, and program to the computer.  Hopefully, by Sunday I will have full access of my computer once again.  However, if the trivia is not updated by Monday as planned, you will know that something went horribly wrong.  Which basically means that I forgot to back up one single picture and I went ballistic, smashing the computer to pieces.  And that’s all I have to say for now.  Wish me luck!  … Goodnight, God bless, Peace out…

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@Home Destruction

Friday, 1. March 2002 15:00

Argh!  I’m in a really hateful mood right now, if you can’t already tell.  At this moment, the victim of my pissy mood is Comcast.  Last night I tried to update my “Our Parody” web site by copying the entire thing over Comcast’s new server.  But lo and behold, they don’t give me any information about where my files are going to end up, nor what my web site is going to be.  I don’t even have any ftp information.  And don’t try to call their operators since they can’t tell the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground.  So, I log into and I see a link to “My Web Space.”  When I access it, some java applet pops up with two lists of directories.  One of them is my computer, and the other is my web site.  Seems simple enough to transfer stuff, right?  Wrong!  I have no clue what to do because there are no instructions, and clicking “Help” brings up an error message, which eventually crashes Explorer and forces me to shut down the computer.  Yay!  So, I try out the online help option.  However, even with over three months to prepare for the upgrade, their ten-year-old webmaster hasn’t been able to complete the FAQ list.  You would think that “official” documents like that wouldn’t have spelling and grammar mistakes, but hey, it’s Comcast.  One thing had been changed on the list, though, and that was information about downloads.  Apparently, each account can download 1 GB of crap per month.  That’s it.  Anything more will either bring new charges to your bill, or it will stop your access to the internet until the next month.  Unlimited 24-7 access my ass.  It may seem like a lot at first, but when you consider pictures, web sites, songs, IMs, etc, the bytes really do add up.  So, anyway, I tell myself “Screw Comcast,” and I decide to just put the page on UMBC’s server.  I head over to the library with a CD-ROM of all my @Home web files.  However, it’s a lot harder than just a cut-and-paste job, and I’m already aggravated, so I just decide to call it a night.  So, I hit the eject button on the computer to spit out my disk, but oh-by-gosh-by-golly it doesn’t work!  And there is no little pinhole emergency eject on it either.  The cool thing was that I had an array of sharp objects in my backpack that I was able to use to pry open the tray.  Anyhow, that’s that.  I just felt like venting about one of the many things that have been irking me lately.  Thank you for your attention.

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