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my weekend!!

Tuesday, 28. May 2002 1:21

I had such a fabulous weekend. Seriously, it was wonderful. Absolutely perfect. For those that don’t know, I went to Maryland to be with Ryan. We did so much! I’ll just start from the beginning.

On Friday morning, I left my house at 6:15am and drove to the airport. I got there around 7am… I parked in the long-term lot, which I had never been to before. I parked the car just as the shuttle bus was driving through. The driver was nice enough to stop and wait for me. He dropped me off at Southwest Airlines. I don’t think I’ve ever flown them before… it was kind of weird. I went past the guy on the sidewalk that checks bags, because I figured I’d do it inside like usual. But when I got in, there wasn’t a check-in counter. The gate was right there, so I asked the security lady and she said I had to check it outside. I find that strange because when I flew in December, they banned that for security reasons. Anyways, I checked my bag and proceeded to the gate. I went through the metal detector, and for the first time in my life, I set it off! I had to get frisked (by a woman). The metal-detecting wand went off around my waist. She asked if I was wearing a belt, and I wasn’t, so she had to pat my stomach area. I really wasn’t that uncomfortable with it because she acted very professional and stuff. I still don’t’ know why I set it off. I have two pairs of the same jeans and I know I’ve at least worn one of the pairs in the airport before. So maybe I just happened to be wearing the other and it’s a little different? Crazy.

I was two hours early, so I sat around. Eventually, they opened the gate for check-in. Southwest doesn’t assign seats… it’s first come, first serve. I just happened to be in the first group able to board. I still had a while to wait though. I figured that I’d go to the bathroom… but there wasn’t one in the secure area. I had to go back into the main airport and then go through security again on the way back in – setting off the metal detector for the second time. And this time, I was “asked” if they could check my carry-on bag. They didn’t open it though. They just rubbed a cloth-covered stick on the strap. I really should have asked what it was for.

I boarded the plane and got a wonderful seat. A window in one of the first rows. It was a gorgeous day so I could really see a lot. We landed in Baltimore about 5 minutes late. Usually Ryan waits right outside the secure area, but he wasn’t there. I figured I’d start walking to the baggage claim… and I called his cell phone. We eventually realized that he had been waiting outside the wrong Southwest gate. We found each other and got my suitcase (one of the first ones off.. yay!) Then we proceeded to the parking lot… but.. Ryan couldn’t remember which level he parked on. We had to go down 3 levels until we were successful.

The first stop was Kelly’s (Ryan’s sister) school. We got there at 11:30am. It’s a really nice school. I’m not used to high schools that have more than one building and a real campus (even though my sister’s does). She has to wear a uniform – a blue pleated skirt and a white polo shirt with a nametag ~ how annoying!

Like I said, we had a very busy weekend and the first place that we were going to was their shore house. I had only been there one other time (and it was early in the morning, for a short period of time… I didn’t even go inside). I was pretty excited to really see it… I’ve seen lots of pictures and heard stories. Ryan figured out the quickest way to get there from the school.. but it involved going though the city… and it was kind of scary. Not because of the people, because of all the traffic. I really didn’t like it. I’ve been deathly afraid of getting in a car accident lately. It was cool though… we passed by the graveyard where Ryan’s family members are buried and the church where his parents got married. Anyways, I guess it took about an hour to get there… it was sometime in the early afternoon.

The shore is basically several cottages on the Elk River. There are lots of farms around it, but forests too. It’s really beautiful. I recognized everything right away and it was so cool being there myself. I finally got to look around their cottage… I sorta felt like I already knew it all. We went down on their small beach and explored a little. It was so cool… I saw a black water snake. There was sort of a marsh area near their beach that Ryan and I walked around in. Then we decided to hike to a lighthouse. Kelly wanted to stay on the beach, so we went alone. It was about a 10-minute drive from the house.

The day was so perfect. It wasn’t an exceedingly long hike, but we took our time. There were small paths off the main one that led to the edge of the cliff we were on. It was so high up… just a straight fall down to the water. The trees made funny noises… they rubbed together and made a sound like a bird or kids yelling/crying. It was strange.

The lighthouse itself was pretty cool. It was small compared to most, and we couldn’t go inside. But it was on such a high cliff with an amazing view. All around it was an open field, but at one time there was a house there. Only cement poles are left, outlining where it had been. I really enjoyed just peacefully walking around with Ryan. After we got back to the shore, we decided to drive into town. I needed something to drink and his parents weren’t there with food yet. We went into a few antique shops and walked around. Soon after that, Ryan’s parents had arrived. We had dinner and then prepared their boat for launching. The plan was to back into the water using their van, before it got dark. That didn’t quite happen though.

Ryan, Bubba (a boy that lives in the cottage next door) and I uncovered the boat and got the lifejackets and stuff like that. We laid boards on the sand to prevent the van from getting stuck. It was so awesome… underneath where the bottom board originally was, there were tons of pill beetles. They’re one of the coolest bugs. They remind me of armadillos… because they have the armor on them, almost. I was playing with them… Ryan wouldn’t even touch one, let alone hold one. Anyways, I really had fun helping out Ryan and his dad. It was wonderful.

Ryan’s dad started to back the boat into the water. A bunch of the neighbors came outside to help. It is not easy to back up with a boat trailer… it took several tries to get it straight. Once the van was as close to the water as it could get, they tried to push the boat into the water. However, the high tide was lower than normal and the boat wasn’t even submerged. There weren’t rollers on the trailer, so Ryan’s dad backed the van in more. He made the muffler be under water; it sort of sounded like a boat motor. Still, the boat wasn’t in enough. They decided to drive the boat out, since there weren’t any other options. The van has front wheel drive, and the slight incline of the beach was just too much for it. The tires spun the boards right out from under it. It was so weird to see. The van was definitely stuck. Their landlord had a 4-wheel-drive truck, so he came over to tow the van and boat out. I couldn’t believe how easily the truck managed it. Then he backed the boat right in. He didn’t even care that the truck’s tires were in the water; it easily drove out again. By that time, it was well after dark, so Ryan and I couldn’t go out for a ride (which was the point of launching that night). We just tied the boat to the mooring and went inside.

We were all pretty tired, so we basically went right to bed. Ryan, Kelly and I all slept in the same room.. it’s kind of the living area of the shore house.. the main room. Kelly and Ryan have sofa beds that they always sleep on… and I slept on the pullout couch. Their parents slept in the bedroom next to that room. I fell asleep right away. The next thing I knew, it was 5am (on Saturday morning). I didn’t get out of bed until 6am though. I was the first one awake… I went outside. It was so beautiful. I woke Ryan up soon afterwards, and for once it didn’t take him an hour to get up. We went out in the boat… there were so many birds all over the place. I loved it. There’s an osprey nest right next to their shore house.. and lots of great blue heron. It was such a great day to go out on the water. We were able to see something that’s very rare.. the changing of the pilots on a huge ship. A little boat pulls up right next to it, and the captains switch places… I think it’s because it was crossing the Delaware border into Maryland. It was neat.

I’m getting tired of writing so much, so I’m going to be a little more brief. After the boat ride, we left to go to Ocean City. It was about a 3-hour drive.. but it didn’t seem that bad at all. When we got there, we went on the boardwalk and beach. I convinced him to go swimming, so we did for a little while. There really weren’t any shells or rocks on the beach, which is something I’m not used to. The ocean in Connecticut has lots of stuff on the beach. After we were done there (several hours), we went to Assateague… which is where the wild horses are. When we got to a parking lot inside the park, there was a horse right away. It was just by itself, in the middle of all the cars, walking around. It seemed so random. Anyways, we went on a short trail and saw a whitetail deer. There were lots of deer.. and they didn’t seem to be too afraid of people. Not tame, but not too wild either. When we were driving out, there were several horses right by the exit. We got out of the car and took some pictures. It was cool.

Then, we drove to his Aunt Theresa’s house. His Aunt Theresa, Aunt Mary, Uncle Charles and grandmother were all there. I’ve met his grandmother several times… but none of the others. They were all very nice. They live on the water… so beautiful. We talked for a while and then went to bed… Ryan, Aunt Mary and I all slept in the room downstairs. We woke up semi-early (on Sunday morning)… Aunt Theresa made a huge breakfast. I’m not used to eating so much! It was very nice of her. I’m really glad that I got to meet them. We left around noon, I guess… to head up to Washington DC for the concert that we were going to. We got there around 3pm… and met up with Kelly and Kenny.

This concert is put on by a radio station… there are lots of bands that perform.. it’s an all-day thing. There were lots and lots of people there… I’m surprised that I was able to spot Kenny and Kelly. Ryan and I didn’t stay with them the whole time though… we kind of wandered around… and kept running into them. Anyways, the bands were really good. Umm.. I saw Our Lady Peace, Papa Roach, Sum41, POD and some others… it was cool!

After that, we finally went to his house. After a little while, we went to bed… in the morning (Monday), we all had breakfast and talked (Kelly, Kenny, Ryan, me and their parents). Ryan and I went into Balitmore and went to the aquarium. We’ve been meaning to go for a long time now (since last summer).. and finally we were able to. It was really neat.. I’m so glad that I got to go with Ryan. We saw a dolphin show, among many other things. [Can you tell I’m tired of typing?].

My plane took off at 10:15pm.. and I arrived in Connecticut just before midnight. I waited for the shuttle for 25 minutes.. and it didn’t come. So I ended up walking across a huge parking lot, alone, in the dark.. and then crossing the street to the parking lot that I was in. It cost me $44 for the four days.. so that wasn’t bad. Okay, enough typing. I’m sure you’re tired of reading (if you even read it all! lol).

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I Am an Essential Worker

Tuesday, 14. May 2002 10:40

I just wanted to assure everyone that I am still alive.  I kind of ended the trivia of the day there with no explanation.  At first, it was just going to be a brief hiatus while I caught myself up on some work that I needed to do.  Well, over a month later, it’s still not up and running.  Basically, I have been simply been more than incredibly busy lately preparing presentations and getting ready for final exams.  As school is finally winding down, you might be thinking that I am actually going to start the trivia again.  Well, not exactly.  The way that things are looking right now, I probably will not bring back the trivia (if at all) until late August when I head back to school.  Statistically, more people tend to answer the trivia questions on weekdays that are not part of vacations.  I would assume that the reason for this is because people simply want to put off doing work.  Winter break and Spring break are two examples of when the trivia page did not get many hits.  Because I am in the market for a new job, I won’t have time to update the site over the Summer for the couple dedicated people who answer.  Anyway, I am just blabbering and avoiding my own work, and I just wanted to put some kind of message up here explaining the disappearance of the trivia questions.  I am still going to update my picture page on a regular basis though, especially since my “UMBC Scenes” category averages 45 hits per day.  In other webby news, this summer I am planning to revamp my entire site, or at least particular sections of it, including a Comcast-based picture server, playlists and audio clips from the Kenny G Spot, corrected links on the “Our Parody” site, separate folders for each section of pages, and a bunch of other minor things.  Fun stuff, huh?  That’s about all that I have to say for now.  Have a great summer break, everyone!

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