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Thursday, 20. June 2002 9:47

We’re going to land at O’Hare in about half an hour. I just wanted to write about two things. Ya know how I said we were sitting at gate A-1? That’s where the person said our flight was going to be. Well, good thing for me! (lol). We should have been boarding and we weren’t, so I got up.. and read that our flight was already boarding at gate A-3! We made it and everything, but if I hadn’t noticed, we would have missed the flight!

Then, David and I were sitting in our seats on the plane, and Coll went to sit in between us, and she smacked her head on the overhead compartment. It made such a loud thud and her expression was just priceless. The people behind us were laughing at her. It didn’t hurt at all. I was laughing so hard, I was crying. Even thinking about it now, I’m laughing out loud. Aw man, it was great.

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Thursday, 20. June 2002 5:12

After waking up at 4am and getting all our baggage on the hotel shuttle, we are now sitting outside the gate (A-1) in the Salt Lake City International Airport. My dad returned the rental car last night. The lady who drove the shuttle looked like a Barbie. Blonde hair, very skinny and tall. And ditzy. But she got us here, so it’s all good.

We got in line for American Airlines and before we could even check in, all of our bags had to be “searched.” Not opened – they just waved a small, cloth-tipped wand (same thing that Southwest used when I went to Maryland the most recent time) on the outside of every bag and all our hands. I asked the security lady what it was, and she said it tests for explosives. It was good that she tested our hands. I wonder what would happen if it detected something.

Once we checked our bags and got our boarding passes, we had to go through the metal detectors. My dad somehow forgot to take his wallet out of his pocket, even though he remembered to take his watch off. It set the detector off and he had to be frisked. Both David’s and my mom’s backpacks had to be searched. I think Dave’s was random, but my mom’s was because they thought they saw a knife in it, on the x-ray screen. It ended up being nothing though.

I was surprised by security – I’ve never seen it so strict and I’ve flown kind of a lot since last September. I think today’s security may be because of the plane flying over the White House yesterday. I feel very safe right now though, that’s for sure.

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SLC experience

Wednesday, 19. June 2002 17:21

Well, we went into Salt Lake City today after we checked into our hotel. We were looking for a parking garage and the first one said that the maximum height is 6’7”. We weren’t sure how tall the Ford Excursion is, so my dad decided to try it. But when we got in, it flashed a warning to back out. So, the next one we saw had a maximum height of 6’8”. My mom got out to watch my dad pull in, and we just made it. It was the scariest thing ever. Our antenna doesn’t go down and it’s a little taller than the roof of the car. So, it scraped on each cement-ceiling thing, as we drove in the garage. I hate parking garages to begin with, but this was seriously horrible. Now that I think about it, I should have taken a picture. I am so thankful that we got out without getting stuck.

Anyways, we parked and went to Temple Square. It’s this big Mormon thing. We went inside several buildings (museum, visitor’s center, family search building, the 26th floor overlook). It was weird, honestly. I felt like they were nicely trying to convert us. All the sister/missionary women were so so so sweet.. it was sickening.

We watched Testament, an hour-long movie about Jesus and how he relates to the Mormon faith. It was… not as informative as I would have liked. My mom said they made it that way so that we would contact them, asking for more.

Okay, enough of that. We went to the mall afterwards. I didn’t buy anything though. We only went in because it was above the parking garage we were in. The stores were weird. I knew some of them, but there weren’t any that I really liked.

We got out of the parking garage without hitting the ceiling (yay!) and managed to find our way back to our hotel. We’re going to be going to bed early tonight, because our plane departs early. We’ll be eating dinner soon and then I’m going to squeeze in a phone call to Ryan.

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i’m a postcard fanatic

Wednesday, 19. June 2002 8:30

We just stopped at an Albertsons grocery store to buy Coll some cream for her sunburn rash, and I saw a mailbox. So I bought a postcard and quickly wrote a message to Ryan. It’s very messy and stupid, but I wanted to send a real one from Idaho. He probably doesn’t care about it as much as I do.

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Tuesday, 18. June 2002 20:42

Well, we’re in Idaho Falls and it’s really not that big of a deal. I had no idea what the falls were and I was picturing a huge waterfall. But it’s actually a part of the Snake River that was dammed to produce electricity. It’s an interesting dam… instead of it going across the whole river, it’s just a chunk of the side of the river. It’s hard to explain. I guess it’s cool.. I dunno.

We used complimentary bikes from the hotel to ride around. That was fun. Then we ate dinner at Applebees. Yummy.

The area we are in isn’t touristy at all, even though there are lots of hotels. I couldn’t find a store to buy a postcard, or a mailbox for that matter. I ended up just using a free postcard from our hotel. I didn’t want to give it to the front desk to mail though, because I insulted their postcard. So after dinner, we stopped at another hotel. I went in and asked the guy at the front desk if he had a mail slot. He looked at me strangely and said they just have a box behind the desk. So I asked if he could take my postcard and he did. Then I walked back out the front door and got in our car. It was so obvious that I wasn’t a guest there and he definitely knew it…. especially since the postcard was from a different hotel! lol. I just hope he really mails it.

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Monday, 17. June 2002 16:50

We rented a canoe this afternoon. We picked it up at the rental place, where a guy about my age helped my dad get it on our Ford Excursion. He had so much trouble; I was getting scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it when we got to the lake. Our car is very very tall. But when we got to String Lake, my dad got the canoe (an aluminum one, not the light, wood kind) off the car by himself and carried it to the water. I was impressed.

We started out with David in the back, Colleen in the middle and me in the front. We paddled to the middle of the lake and David got scared. The water was very very very clear and we were deep – he felt like we were going to tip over. So, we went back to shore and switched places. I was in the back, Dave in the middle (without an oar) and Coll in the front. Coll and I made an excellent team! We canoed through four lakes that are connected. It was hard work, but awesome. We only saw a few large fish… other than that, there were only rocks, sand and fallen trees. No plants at all. But the water was crystal clear the whole time.

On the way back, the wind picked up and was working to our disadvantage. Coll and I did an superb job. We wouldn’t have made it back without our perfect teamwork. I’m proud.

Anyways, we eventually took the canoe out of the water and somehow my dad managed to get it on top of the car with only a little help from me. It was unbelievable.

Now we’re just waiting to eat dinner. I’m starving! Tonight is our last night at this hotel, and I’m glad. We haven’t been sleeping well at all. Plus, every day we have to go on a narrow, curvy, dirt road to get to the park. It’s horribly bumpy.. it feels like the car’s going to fall apart! Seriously, it’s icky.

Tomorrow we’re going to Idaho Falls… I’m excited to be in Idaho. I did my fourth grade state report on it.

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Monday, 17. June 2002 11:45

We woke up at 6:15am this morning and drove to Triangle X Ranch, where we met for the scenic river raft ride. There were 11 of us that piled into a van.. it brought us down to the bank of the Snake River, where we put on life jackets and climbed into the raft. Our guide’s name was Cody. He grew up in Wyoming and at first I didn’t like him. His teeth were crooked and he had a hick-ish accent. But the more I saw him, the more I liked him. It was amazing to watch him paddle the boat. Talk about hard work!

We didn’t see that much wildlife, but I’m just comparing it to what we saw in the car. We got to see a few moose, elk, and a pronghorn antelope grazing by the edge of the water. We also saw an osprey and its nest, and a great blue heron. Also, a magpie flew by… it’s a really pretty black and white bird. A coyote was walking alongside the bank, which was pretty cool. They basically look like dogs though. The most amazing thing we saw was 4 bald eagles. My mom spotted the first one, sitting on top of a pine tree. It was absolutely incredible. Later on, Cody pointed out their nest, which had two adolescent bald eagles sitting near it. And the 4th one was sitting atop a tree further downriver.

I asked Cody how deep the Snake River is in this area and he told me four to twenty feet. I can’t even imagine this river being 20 feet… that’s really deep.

I learned something new today. There were lots of Canadian Geese, which is nothing new. But, Cody told us that they’re Canada (not Canadian) Geese.. named after John Canada. I can’t believe I’ve been wrong about their name for my whole life!

We rafted down 10 miles of the Snake River and it took about two hours. It was quite enjoyable. :)

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brrr.. tram

Sunday, 16. June 2002 17:00

We just took the tram ride to the top of Rendezvous Mountain, near where we’re staying. It was a huge tram car, which I didn’t like – too many people crammed on. When we got to the top, it was 50°F (rather than the 80° it was at the bottom). We went from 6,400 ft above sea level, to 10,450 ft! Major change! There was snow at the top, which was pretty weird. The die-hard skiers can ski year-round here. Strange, isn’t it? There is no way that I’d ever have the guts to ski here (not that I do back home either. lol). The slopes are so steep! But, unlike New England, the snow here is very powdery. You can fall off a 30-foot cliff, and get right back up to keep skiing. I’m much more used to hard, icy snow.

I’m getting really hungry. I hardly ate lunch, because it was right after the hike and I was too dehydrated to eat.

Yesterday, Ryan told me that Taylor Hanson got married to his two-year girlfriend. How can that be? He just turned 19 in March!

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Grand Teton National Park

Saturday, 15. June 2002 19:55

What a day! We drove into Grand Teton National Park and went to Jenny Lake. We took a boat ride across the lake and then hiked up to a huge waterfall. It was really beautiful. Then, we hiked back to our car (rather than taking the boat back). It was 2.5 miles, but seemed longer because it was up and down on the mountain. Aspen is now my 2nd favorite tree.. there are lots here. The bark of the young ones is a light, minty green color and the leaves are oval and a little darker in color. They’re beautiful. (Sassafras is my 1st favorite tree).

We got to the Best Western, Inn at Jackson Hole around 4pm, I guess. Our room is really nice. I got to call Ryan. We were talking about vacations and stuff, and he is so much more of a city person than I am. He doesn’t want to live in the city (but he doesn’t want to live in the woods either), but he likes to take trips to them. My ideal vacation is being in the wilderness, camping and hiking. He isn’t into all that stuff. I’ve been seeing lots of just-married couples backpacking through Yellowstone and stuff — and I want to do that. Everywhere we’ve been going, I think about how I would love to share this beauty with Ryan. But maybe he wouldn’t even like it. Maybe he just has to see it all first, in order to like it.

On another note, I ate buffalo for dinner. It was a buffalo burger. It pretty much tasted like a hamburger, but a little more lean.

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just woke up

Saturday, 15. June 2002 8:06

I woke up at 7:30am and when I got out of the shower, Colleen was awake too. David, the one who supposedly always wakes up early, was sound asleep. I’m outside now, sitting in a rocking chair outside our cabin. I noticed that there were small rocks in the shape of a ‘V’ on the sidewalk. I was wondering if David had done that or someone we didn’t know. (We were really loud last night.) My dad just walked by though, and said the rocks were a trail marker for David, so he’d know where to find Dad when he woke up.

It’s pretty chilly in the mornings here. I decided to wear jeans today because it’s kind of cloudy. I love being on vacation because you’ll never see any of the people again. You can act any way that you want to. It’s fun. I love walking around with Colleen and pretending that I’m someone I’m not. We always used to do that when we were camping, years ago. I guess it’s hard to explain what I mean.

Geez, I should get a sweatshirt. I should probably go inside and get my stuff together. We’re switching hotels tonight. Check-out is at 11am.

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