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Tuesday, 30. July 2002 22:39

I dragged myself out of bed at 8am this morning. My mom and I dropped David off at his day-summer camp thing and then we went to pick blueberries. We followed the “Pick Your Own” signs, and ended up driving in the middle of a field. It was so weird. So, we went to the place where you pay and asked where we were supposed to pick the blueberries. The guy acted like we were dumb, and told us to just park where we were and walk to them. But the signs for it were far, so we got back in the car.. and just parked right next to the blueberry field. There was a sign for parking, but it was right next to a corn field, and no one else was there. So my mom and I were completely alone for the whole time we were picking. It was really nice.. extremely peaceful. We had fun together. When we were finished, we paid for it and then realized that we were supposed to pick them in the small patch right next to the building. But it really didn’t matter… we had a better time where we were!

For once, I picked more than my mom did! Whenever we go strawberry picking, she always beats me. It’s just because I eat more than I pick, but it always made me mad. So today I was determined to pick more blueberries than her, and I did! Not by much, but still. :P

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Tuesday, 2. July 2002 23:52

Well, this is the last entry until I’m in Australia. I can’t believe that I’m leaving tomorrow. The whole thing is a bit freaky. I feel much more confident after talking to Ryan tonight though. We have a place and time planned of where to meet, and that makes me feel better. I like to have control over things and know ahead of time what is going to happen. A lot of this trip is left unknown still.

I spent most of today packing. It was not fun. You have no idea how hard it is to pack a semester’s worth of stuff into two suitcases. I managed though. They’re awfully heavy, but it’s okay.

My family and I went to see Legally Blonde 2. It was cute and funny. I saw two people from my high school there. They’re three years younger than me though. We didn’t get to say hi or anything.. but I didn’t really feel like it. I was on the swim team with both of them..

Now, I’m going to go to bed… By this time in two days, I’ll be in Sydney, Australia!

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i miss him

Monday, 1. July 2002 23:16

I had such a good weekend!

On Thursday night, I got to the airport to find out that my connecting flight was cancelled because of the weather. Fortunately, I was at the airport with enough time to make another flight (to Charlotte).. and then take a flight to Baltimore. It ended up working fine.. I was only a little later to Baltimore than I was originally supposed to be. Ryan was there to pick me up, and before we went to his house, we stopped at his work. He can get into his office building at any hour, with the password and his ID card. He wanted to show me his new cubicle (we did the same thing last summer). It’s weird being there when no one but the guard is there.. hehe.. she came down to check on us.

We pretty much went to sleep as soon as we got to his house, because it was like 2am. His whole family was awake when I arrived, which I found weird because it’s so unlike my family. It was cool though. Ryan had to go to work on Friday, and he woke me up before he left (I wanted him to). It was so cool. I can’t wait for that to be an every day thing. It’s nice. It was also nice that I got to sleep for a few more hours after he left. He was only at work until noon.. I just hung around the house until he got back.

Then, we went to the humane society, to bury his cat. It was so sad. First, we viewed Big Shot… I’m glad that I could be there, but at the same time, I felt weird because I felt like I shouldn’t be upset by it, but I really was. I almost started to cry numerous times. I didn’t expect to be that sad.. but watching Ryan’s dad when he looked at Big Shot was almost too much to handle. It looked like he was getting tears in his eyes.. I had to look away. Then, the guy brought us over to the grave.. and he put Big Shot into the hole. It was a very nice place.. very pretty.

After that, we (his parents, Ryan, me, Kelly, Kenny) drove a few hours to Ryan’s cousins’ house. They have a really nice house and property.. kind of farm-ish. I ate crabs for the first time.. they were good! It was so much fun!

After that, we drove another few hours to the Bay Motel. We were all exhausted, and after prying Ryan out of the car (he had fallen asleep), we all went to bed. The girls in one room and the boys in another.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to go on the lighthouse cruise. It was a nice-sized boat.. it reminded me of the kind that you go on for whale watches. It was a beautiful day. I had such a good time. We were on the boat from about 8:30am to 6:00pm. For the most part, we stayed on the upper deck, and looked out at the water and lighthouses. It was so nice of Ryan’s parents to take us on this trip. =)

That evening, we ate dinner at one of the only restaurants in the town. It was right on the water, and beforehand we walked around the docks. There were tons of jellyfish in the water.. it was the coolest thing! They’re so graceful.. it doesn’t seem possible that they can inflict such pain.

Our motel was surrounded by corn fields.. so Ryan and I went out there. I stepped into one of the rows, and it was all yucky. It’s not like how the movies portray it at all. The rows are very narrow, and the leaves are everywhere. Then, we were walking in the grass.. and Ryan decided to go back into the corn stalks. I was walking towards him, and a bee stung my foot (I was wearing flip flops). It actually didn’t hurt that badly, only at first. I haven’t been stung by a bee in such a long time. Ryan convinced me to walk into the corn field.. so I followed him. We went several rows in, and then he ran down the row. I didn’t run, since my foot was still hurting. Supposedly, when you run, it looks cooler. I wasn’t impressed.

On Sunday, we pretty much woke up and then drove back home. Ryan and I watched “A Beautiful Mind” and then it was time for me to leave. :-( My stupid connecting flight to Pittsburgh was delayed almost 2 hours. Fortunately, I was supposed to have a long lay-over there, so it all worked out and I made it back home.

I’m really tired today… I’ve been in my pajamas all day long. I’m very lazy. I think that I’ve done enough typing for now.

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