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ET phone home

Tuesday, 27. August 2002 12:23

Okay, so today I contacted the necessary people about my dead phone jack. They told me that they would call me when they figure out what they’re going to do. Um, hello? Call me on a phone that doesn’t work? lol. Even though I told them to email me, I got a voicemail this afternoon (thankfully I can check that on someone else’s phone) that said I might need a corded phone rather than cordless. They’ve gotten a few complaints from my building and they think that it’s because the cordless phones aren’t working. What the hell? So now I don’t know what to do. I don’t know anyone that has a corded phone, so I can test it. I might buy one, try it and then return it if it doesn’t work. Grr.

Updated 1:31pm
I just went to Walmart to buy a corded phone. Guess what? It still doesn’t work! This is so frustrating. >:-|

Further update 4:44pm
Yay!! My phone works now! When I came back from class, the faceplate for the jack was screwed back in (I had left it unscrewed when I was trying to fix it), so they must have come when I wasn’t here. All I know is, I’m very happy. :)

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Monday, 12. August 2002 14:21

A few hours ago, we went to Blockbuster to get some movies. (Shallow Hal, Orange County, and Lord of the Rings [blegh]). The guy who works there wouldn’t shut up! Oh my gosh, he was making me so mad. He was ringing people out.. and for each customer, he had a long conversation about all the movies that they were renting. I was really getting mad when he was giving his opinions on the ones we got. I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in what he thinks. I *hate* when people try to force their opinions on me. I can think for myself! My mom said that the last time she was in there, he told her to put back K-Pax and get The Others instead. I’ve never seen K-Pax, so I can’t really compare the two. But The Others absolutely sucked, in my opinion. I knew the ending way before it ended, so it was disappointing. That’s not even my point though. This kid thinks that just because he’s seen all these movies and because he works at Blockbuster, he can influence customers? What makes him think that he’s so superior? I don’t give a crap about his opinions.

Then, when we got home, my cell phone bill was in the mail. I opened it up and saw that I was charged $23.58 for roaming. My plan covers the entire east coast, from Maine down to Virginia. So, it’s pretty unlikely that I would have used my phone outside that calling area. I called up the customer service number, to figure out why I was charged for it. After telling them that I wasn’t in North Carolina (which is where the call was placed from), they told me that they’d credit my account. But then I realized that I really was in Charlotte, North Carolina. When I flew down to Maryland, my flight got cancelled… so I took another one that brought me to Charlotte and then up to Maryland. And in the airport, I called my parents and Ryan. Oopsies. I didn’t tell them that I really did call from out of my plan, so I’m still getting the credit. hehe.

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Monday, 12. August 2002 9:53

I had such a good weekend! I meant to write last night, but I was so tired. As soon as I got into bed, I was asleep.

As you know from my previous entry, Ryan drove up to my house on Thursday afternoon. We didn’t do much on Thursday; just hung around the house. On Friday morning, we left for the campground. It was a nice drive.. lots of pretty woods and stuff.

On the way, we stopped at a grocery store. When we were halfway done with the shopping, the fire alarm went off. Everyone just kept shopping, until employees told us that we had to exit. We ended up being able to go right back inside though, because it was just a false alarm. It took a long time for them to turn the alarm off though. There were lots of old ladies that couldn’t handle the sound. It was humorous.

The campground was so confusing. We checked-in with the ranger, and he told us where our site was. But when we actually drove to the area, we couldn’t find it! There were rocks all over the road that kept scraping on the bottom of my car. We had to turn around so many times; it was embarassing. Finally we found it and set up our tent.

We lounged around until about 8pm, when we decided that we probably should make dinner. We had purchased some firewood from the ranger and we bought coal at the grocery store. It turned out that the firewood was very very wet, and it wouldn’t burn. So we just cooked our hotdogs on the coals, and gave up on having a real fire.

On Saturday, we went to a state park in the area. It was a beautiful day to be outside. We hiked up to the top of a waterfall, and sat at the very top. I think the sign said it was 250 feet high, but I might be wrong. It looked really scary when you looked up at it. But when you were actually at the top, it wasn’t that bad. I don’t think we were supposed to go up there, but there weren’t any signs. It was definitely off the trail though.

I’m not going to go into every detail of the day, because I’m lazy. We were able to make a fire that night, with lots of kindling. All the wet wood ended up burning, once Ryan got the fire hot enough. After dark, we were just sitting and watching the fire, and these two people came into our campsite. They asked us if we wanted ice cream, because they had bought too much and it was melting. We went over to their campsite and had some. They’re from Long Island, and come to this campground every year. I think it’s weird that they pick this campground, because there isn’t a lake for swimming or anything. There aren’t even showers or flush toilets!

And holy crap, the toilets were scary. I’ve definitely used my share of pit toilets, but these were so weird. They were just wooden buildings big enough to fit one person inside of it. As you approach it, you can see the hole in the ground that the waste goes into. It looks like the hole is too big for the building. When you go inside, there’s a toilet seat on top of the wood thing. You just go to the bathroom right into the hole. It didn’t smell too bad; the scary part is thinking that only a thin piece of wood is keeping you from falling into the hole. Yikes!

Anyways, enough about that. On Sunday, we packed up and then went out to breakfast. We drove to my house, and relaxed for a few hours. Then Ryan had to leave. :-( He drove from 3pm to 10pm.. and then we both went to bed in seperate states. I miss him. :-\

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Thursday, 8. August 2002 20:22

So, right now, Ryan’s here. It’s kind of weird to write, since he’s watching me.. but I want to. He wasn’t supposed to come up until tomorrow morning, but he’s here now! Uh.. let me just start from the beginning of the day.

I woke up at 5:23am (I know, very random.. it’s just what I happened to set my alarm for). I got to work at 7am, just as we opened. It took me about two hours to finish money room.. there were lots of missing receipts and stuff. I was supposed to “train” Brittany again today, but for most of the time, she just was at the regular register by herself. She had some questions, but she’s pretty good.

Joanne came in at 12pm, which was fun. Mark Z. (the loss prevention guy) was there. I am so scared of him. A few years ago, he fired a few of my friends when I was there… so I don’t like him very much. He didn’t say anything to me though, so it didn’t really matter. I wonder if they’re thinking about firing someone. Hmm.. hopefully Mike!

It’s really hard to concentrate. Okay, so I got out of work at 3pm, and I called Ryan on his cell phone. We talked for a while, until I got home. Then he told me to hold on, and the next thing I knew, he was in my kitchen with flowers! I was so surprised! I had no idea that he was planning on driving up. He was supposed to arrive at the airport tomorrow morning. It was such an awesome surprise! :-D

Okay, I’m gonna get going. I might not update much this weekend.

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