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night time

Wednesday, 25. September 2002 7:16

I never realized just how fast I fall asleep. Last night, I laid down in bed at exactly midnight, because Taryn and I were watching a show and when it was over, I went to bed. Well, the phone rang and half-woke me up. I thought it was my alarm clock and I was trying to turn it off. Then I realized that the clock said 12:13am, so I was really confused. Finally I figured out that it was the phone, but when I answered it, the person just hung up (which was *quite* annoying). Anyways, the point is, I was sound asleep by 12:13… 13 minutes after I went to bed! Isn’t that nuts? Taryn must have thought I was weird, because I’m sure she was still awake, laughing at how much trouble I was having answering the phone.

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Friday, 20. September 2002 10:04

Dude, in the gym this morning, I encountered the snobbiest girl ever. Okay, first of all, let me just explain the background before I say what happened. We have fitness class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The teacher doesn’t take attendance or anything, we just have to fill out a sheet each time to show which machines we’ve used. Not everyone comes to class, because they think he doesn’t notice. Julie and I always go though, because we’re not just going to skip. In the beginning of the semester, the teacher put several pens and our sheets on a table in the gym.

Okay, so today, Julie and I were on the bikes. These two girls who never ever show up for class, came over to us. One of them was like, “I’m going to take this pen and put it back on the table where it belongs” in thee snobbiest voice ever (and trust me, I know what snobby is, because I’m quite good at it). She was referring to the pen that was laying on the floor between my bike and Julie’s. I was like “Uh, that’s my pen. But you’re quite welcome to use it” in my I’m-being-extra-nice-because-I-think-you’re-a-jerk voice. She was so embarassed. She apologized and said that she thought it was the teacher’s pen, because the other day, she saw a girl take the pen off the table and put it behind her ear. That made her mad, because the pen is for everyone. But I think that’s utter crap, because I haven’t seen her in the gym since the first day of class. And if she had come to class more often, she would have known that there weren’t any more of the teacher’s pens left.. he even told us in the beginning that they tend to disappear, which is why I bring my own. Yeah, so she ended up using my pen – for like 15 minutes. Because she was filling in her sheet for all the days she didn’t come to class. When she gave it back to me, she apologized again. I just gave her a dirty look. I’m good at being rude to people.

Okay, moving on. My differential class this morning was unbelievable. We started TWO new chapters today. First, he taught us all of chapter 2.. and then moved on to chapter 3. I cannot believe how fast this man is teaching. None of us know what’s going on; it’s ridiculous.

You know what? I think routines are really cool. Every day, I go about my routine, and see the same people going about theirs. Do you know what I mean? For example, on Fridays, I always see the same people at the same time. On the way to differential, I see Deb W on her way into work. Going to discrete, I always see Tom, John and this smoking girl. I dunno. It’s just really cool that everyone has a schedule. It’s all organized and perfect. Do other people notice this kind of stuff?

I feel like I don’t know anyone in my dorm hallway. It seems like every day, I see a new face. And they’re usually going into one of the rooms right next to me. I never made an effort to meet my neighbors, because we’re all upper classmen and have set groups of friends. Plus, it’s weird for me because I’m one of the only juniors in this hallway. It’s all sophomores, so I don’t even recognize half of them. I feel bad.

This morning when I got back from fitness, Taryn asked me if I remembered the phone ringing last night. I guess at 2:30am, our phone rang and both of us reached for it. It was her friend Nick. But the thing is, I have absolutely NO recollection of the phone ringing or me trying to answer it. That kind of scares me. If the fire alarm goes off, I’ll never hear it. Taryn said that she’d wake me up.. but what if it’s on the weekend when I’m alone? I’d burn. :(

Alright, it’s almost time for me to go to journalism class.. woohoo…

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Parking Places

Tuesday, 17. September 2002 16:58

I like having a parking spot that I always park in. It’s always been that way. Until now.

At my house, obviously I park in the same spot. All the cars in my family have their appropriate place to live.

In high school, I’d always park in the row closest to the building, the fourth one from the left. I can’t remember the exact number, but I can picture it.

At work, I always park in the spot next to the little island thing. When someone parked there instead of me (mostly Mike L), it got me very upset. But most times, I got that spot. It was mine.

But now at school, I can’t have a “spot.” There are just too many cars here. Well, I could probably have one if I wanted to walk three miles back to my building. I wish we had assigned spots or something. It really makes me feel better to know that I have my own place to park.

It makes me sad that my car doesn’t have a permanent home. :(

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good times :)

Monday, 16. September 2002 13:15

I had such a good weekend. Like, absolutely wonderful. I completely neglected my diary, but I’ll catch up for y’all.

Let’s see. On Friday, Julie asked me to go to a party with her at a school about 40 minutes from ours. I wasn’t going to go, but Taryn would only go if I went, and she really wanted to. I had to wake up at 7am on Saturday, so I didn’t want to be too tired.

Originally Suz was going to drive, but then she cancelled on us, so I volunteered. Taryn, Julie, Kathy, Alexis and I were the ones going. We left around 8pm and walked out to my car. We all piled in, and I put the key in the ignition. I turn the key, and nothing happens. I try again — nothing. It just would not start. It didn’t make any noise at all. It was so weird. So, we were screwed. Finally Julie said that she would drive even though her car is really small. It’s a VW Cabrio, which is an adorable car.. but it’s tiny for 5 people. We were definitely cozy!

We got to the school around 9pm and found Julie’s friend’s apartment. He’s the one that invited us in the first place. It was sort of weird. We walked in, and there were about 6 guys. We went through the introductions, and then we were just standing there. They told us to sit down, and moved more chairs in the room.

So, anyways, my friends and I were just sitting around. Kathy and Julie played a few games of cards with some of the guys. Personally, I was bored. The only reason it was fun was because my friends were there. We had a blast with each other, talking and laughing and stuff. That made it definitely worth it.

Around 11pm, there were *so* many people in the apartment. We decided that we were going to leave and go back to our school.

On Saturday morning, I was originally going to go to the horse stables for SAVE and then leave for Ryan’s school after that. However, I decided that I better figure out what was wrong with my car instead. I called AAA and they sent a tow truck within a half hour. The tow truck guy was so nice, thankfully.

First, he got a portable battery charger thing and hooked it up to my car battery. Now, my dad just put a new battery in four weeks ago, so I knew it wasn’t that. Plus the fact that the inside lights were still working. So, anyways, my car completely drained his charger (which isn’t supposed to happen), so he thought it might be the starter. He put my car onto the tow truck, which is really cool to watch. He asked me where I wanted to go. All I knew was that I wanted it fixed that morning. First he took me to a Ford dealership (I have a Mercury Sable stationwagon), but they couldn’t fix it until Monday. Then he took me to Pep Boys. The guy there didn’t like fixing starter problems because he normally couldn’t do it. So, I was screwed. I didn’t know what I should do. Finally, the tow truck driver thought of another place he could take me. We went there and they were able to take care of me right away. It did end up being the starter. They replaced it in about an hour, and I was good to go. Of course, it cost me $250.

I got back to school, took a shower, and was on the road by 11:40am. I made pretty good time getting down to Ryan’s school. I was pulling in two hours and 10 minutes after I left. However, his directions on which parking lot to go to weren’t so great. (Okay, okay, it was partially my fault too). I drove past it and ended up on a one-way street. In order to get back, I had to get on a highway again. Yeah, it took like an extra 10 minutes. But that’s okay, I was there. That’s all that mattered.

Ryan’s apartment is SO nice. I love it. Four of them are living there and they each get their own room. They’re really small, but so cozy and adorable. It was awesome. I’m jealous.

Then we went to the caf with his friends. His school has much better food than mine; it’s not fair. A little while after dinner, we went to see xXx (aka Triple X). I thought it was a pretty good movie, but Ryan didn’t like it so much. It was very unrealistic, but I liked all the action. It was like the X-games in a movie.

When we got back from the movie, we just went right to bed. I haven’t been that exhausted in a long time. I hardly slept at all the few nights before, so I was pretty tired.

On Sunday, we did homework until it was time to leave for church. I got to meet the infamous Joey at church! That was exciting. Joey has been Ryan’s best friend since they were really little.. they live next door to each other. I’d never met him before though, because they don’t really hang out anymore.

Yeah, so we did the whole church thing, which was nice. I love going to church with Ryan. Afterwards we went to Neal’s birthday party at the Olive Garden. It was nice. There were 9 people there and only two that I didn’t know. Two of them I had just met this weekend, and another I had known of but never met before. So, the only people that I really knew were Ryan, Neal and Stan. Therefore, I didn’t talk much. But it was fun. I’m glad I stayed for it.

After we were done eating, it was about 9pm or so. When we got back to Ryan’s school, I pretty much had to leave. I had a 7:30am class today, so I didn’t want to get back too late. I wound up getting back to my school just before midnight, so it wasn’t bad at all.

Should I continue and tell about today? It’s getting so long no one’s gonna read it. Wait. No one reads this anyways.

Fitness class this morning was great. I had such a good workout. On Friday, I was really feeling off; I could hardly do anything. So I’m glad that I was back on track today.

I had a test in journalism. It was so easy. That class is a breeze thus far. Of course, I haven’t actually written anything yet. I have a paper due in two weeks.. I should start it this weekend. But yeah, what we’ve done so far has been simple. I was the first one done, in about a half hour. So I got to leave really early. That was nice.

I guess I’ll stop typing. I’ve pretty much covered everything that I wanted to say.

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Thursday, 5. September 2002 10:53

Happy Birthday to Me!! hehe. I’m having a fantastic day so far. I woke up, took a shower, and then numerous people said happy birthday to me. It’s nice to feel loved.

Then, I got stuck on my computer graphics program. Matt came up to try to help me, but he didn’t see anything wrong with it. Eventually, I figured out that I had made a stupid mistake, and now it works!! Woohoo!! You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Then my phone rang. It was the information desk in the campus center. They told me that I have a package to pick up. So I walked over there, and guess what? Just what I expected. Balloons and a cake. My mom did the same thing last year too. It’s really nice of her, but I wish she wouldn’t go through the trouble. I’m just going to want to eat the whole cake myself, so I hope that my friends want some! I’m glad that my dorm is close to the campus center. She did this last year too, and I had to walk across the whole campus. That was embarassing.

I also opened up the package that my family sent me. The Fast and the Furious movie, a Care Bears tshirt, a Care Bears lunchbox, candy, and quarters for laundry. The Care Bears theme is cute. It’s kind of sad that I can’t be home on my birthday, but oh well. It’s alright.

Taryn just went to Encore for lunch, and it smells good! It’s funny how Encore tastes so bad, but it smells great. Although.. no matter what kind of food you get, it always smells the same. That’s kind of weird.

Alright, I’m gonna lay around until lunchtime. :)

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