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my weekend

Monday, 11. November 2002 10:13

I am feeling really good. I had a nice, relaxing weekend. :)

On Saturday morning, I left school at 7:30am and arrived at home at 11:30am. I got my two loads of laundry done, took a shower, folded the clothes that were still in the dryer from my mom, and took my dog for a walk before anyone else was home. (On Saturday mornings, my sister has orchestra and my brother has archery, so my parents drive them). I was feeling so productive and wonderful.

When my dad got home, I moved my car — it’s kind of difficult parking 4 cars in the driveway. Anyways, as I was backing up, he heard a noise. It was pretty loud once he pointed it out. He looked under the hood, and it was the water pump. I was really lucky that I had been able to get home without it breaking down.

He spent all day Sunday fixing. He didn’t finish until it was dark outside, so he wasn’t comfortable with me taking it back to school. He wanted to wait until daytime to make sure there weren’t any leaks or anything. So now I have my sister’s car at school.

But anyways, let me backtrack to Saturday..

At 4:30pm, my dad, mom, brother and I left to go to Long Island for Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huckjam. There was *so* much traffic, mainly because there was a car fire on I-95. We finally got there at 7:30pm, just in time for it to start (We thought we would get there much much earlier).

It was so awesome. We had excellent seats. In the arena, they had a half-pipe set up, and some ramp things. We were sitting in perfect view of the half-pipe.

It started out with kind of introducing all the skateboarders, BMXers and Moto-Xers. They took turns and did some type of trick. Then, it was more specialized. It was just really really cool.

Some of the guys that were there were Tony Hawk (obviously), Buckey Lasek, Dave Mirra, Mat Hoffman, Andy MacDonald, Carey Hart, and Clifford Adoptante. (I think I spelled all those right; I don’t feel like looking it up). There were a bunch more guys, but I didn’t really know the rest that well. The ones I listed are people that I “know”.

Dave Mirra rides BMX bikes and he was doing some really awesome stuff. I like him lots. Tony Hawk did a 900 on his skateboard, which is pretty rare. The whole thing was just so cool to see; I’m really glad that I got to go.

At one point, it was a little scary. One of the skateboarders was on the half-pipe doing tricks.. and he fell. We all heard his head hit the ground really hard, and his helmet got knocked off. He wasn’t moving, and medical people came out to see if he was okay. He was unconcious for over 5 minutes. They put him on a backboard and stretcher-bed, and finally he regained conciousness just as he was being wheeled out of the arena. He put his arm up, so the crowd knew that he was okay. He had fallen really hard though. It’s bad to be unconcious for that long.

During most of the show, Social Distortion was playing songs. I guess that they were okay, but they were old. And the lead singer has a really ugly tatoo on his neck. It would have been better to have a band that I knew and liked, but oh well. When they weren’t performing, there was a really good DJ. Oh, and that reminds me. The announcer guy was funny! I liked him lots. He was friends with most of the guys, which was cool. He said silly things like “Boo-ya!” And the way that he said “yeah” was awesome. It was like “Yee-ah”.. I dunno.. it was fun.

Tony Hawk has two sons. I don’t know their exact ages, but I’d guess around 12 and 7. The younger one was there, and he did “tricks” on the half-pipe with the other guys. It was so cute. He was good for a little kid! It was a cool bonus to the show.

It got over around 10:30pm, so we left. It only took an hour to get home, because there wasn’t any traffic. I’m really glad that I got to go. It was definitely worth it.

Anyways.. now I’ll talk about Sunday..

We left to go to my grandparents house around 10am on Sunday. My dad couldn’t go, because he was working on my car. :( So it was my mom, brother and sister. We were going because my grandfather’s brother and his wife were visiting from Seattle, WA. It was nice to see them.. I haven’t in a long time.

They know some people that live in Australia, so if I end up studying abroad in Perth, I’m supposed to meet them. Their daughter has gone to Australia a few times, so we were exchanging stories (since I was there two summers ago). It was cool.

My grandfather’s brother is around 88 years old, which is strange because he doesn’t seem that old. They were talking about how they just bought a new car. It’s a new Honda Civic Hybrid (.. I think..). It runs on battery and gas. It sounds really interesting. It runs on the battery, until it dies. Then it automatically switches to gasoline, while recharging the battery. It just keeps switching back and forth without the driver having to do anything. And you never have to plug it in, it always recharges itself. I’d like a car like that.

Okay, I need to go to class now, so I’m gonna have to stop typing..

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Where Have All the Updates Gone

Friday, 8. November 2002 16:45

Holy mackerel!  It’s been a long time since I have updated this site, let alone this “What’s New” page.  I have made relatively few updates to my webpage in the past few months.  In fact, it wasn’t until today that I finally retired the “Trivia of the Day” link from my home page.  I guess I should get everyone caught up on what’s been happening recently, though, huh?  The first of my problems began with my digital camera.  It broke.  Again.  So, I sent it up to Olympus’ repair shop in New York, and they had control over it for the entire month of June.  During that time our family cat that we had since 1989 developed cancer and eventually had to be put to sleep on June 24.  I chronicled her last week with us on this site, complete with pictures I took from my camcorder.  Shortly after she passed away, (the site that I post most of my pictures) developed new rules and regulations, forcing me to either post no additional pictures or pay thirty bucks a year for doing so.  It doesn’t seem to be too bad of a deal, but I don’t have the money right now to do so.  I think that I might wait a couple months before I make a decision on what I should do.  That way, if I choose to pay for one full year, I will have a chance to post pictures from Australia on the site (I plan to study abroad there next fall).  Basically, it all boils down to the fact that you are going to have to wait a while before I post any new pictures on the site.  The only other major update worth mentioning is that I now have a webcam in my room that I broadcast on the internet.  Who knows how long this will last, though.  At WMBC, there is a webcam in the DJ booth, so whenever I am on the air, there is a camera watching me.  It has been a fairly popular feature, and I basically decided to do the same thing in my room.  As of now, I only have the cam on about 40% of the day, if that.  However, if you are the stalking type, feel free to open the remote window I created for the camera, and spy on my throughout the day.  I really have nothing else of importance to say.  If you have any comments, questions, or criticisms, feel free to drop me a line.  There is a link on my main site.  Cya!

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