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good times :-)

Monday, 23. December 2002 22:10

Last Wednesday, I flew down to see Ryan. I got searched leaving Bradley, but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t check any bags; I just had one small carry-on suitcase. After I went through the metal detector, the airport security person asked if he could seach my bag. He told me not to put my hands in the bag until he was done, which was kind of strange because he was so serious about it. He went through all my stuff (mostly clothes), which made me a little uncomfortable. But oh well. He didn’t find anything bad. Well, I didn’t have anything bad.

I sat next to an adorable baby, with her mother, on the plane. However, I fell asleep pretty quickly and slept the whole way. The funny thing was that I wasn’t even tired. I’m surprised that I’m able to fall asleep in public. I’m usually self-conscious.

When I arrived in Maryland, Ryan was waiting outside the gate for me. That was nice, because usually it’s a struggle to find him. We had to run out of the airport, so that he wouldn’t have to pay for parking. hehe. The first half hour is free. We *just* made it, by one minute! I felt silly. Normally people only run into the airport!

I wish that I could go through every detail of what we did, because I had a really good time. But I just wouldn’t be able to sit here long enough to type it all. Plus, it would be boring to my thousands of readers. ;)

On Thursday, I took a Christmas card picture of Ryan and his sister, Kelly. That was interesting. It took so long to get it right. Ryan is very goofy in front of cameras. He says that he hates getting his picture taken, but you can tell that he really loves it. He is always doing silly things specifically for the camera. Kelly looked the exact same in every picture; that’s usually how I am too. It probably took like 3 hours until they were satisfied with one. It was fun, though.

On Friday, we left his apartment early and got on the Metro for Washington D.C. We spent the day there, walking around and stuff. I haven’t been there since I was in 8th grade, so it’s been quite a while. I remembered some things, surprisingly. We went to a bunch of monuments/memorials and got to go up in the Washington Monument. I had never done that before and it was really cool. You get a nice overview of the city.

We also went to the Air & Space and American History Smithsonians. I had been to the Air & Space one before, and we really didn’t walk around too much. We were running out of time. Ryan wanted to go to the American History one because the chairs from the TV show All in the Family are there. He was quite excited about that. It was adorable. There were a lot of cool stuff in that museum, so I’m glad that we went.

One part of it wasn’t very fun though. There was an exhibit for 9-11, with pictures and quotes and artifacts. I feel really stupid, because I don’t even know anyone that was remotely involved in that, but it makes me so sad. When we walked into the room, I read the first quote. It was from a man talking to his wife on his cell phone. He said to her, “I’m OK… I’m with the firemen.” That was the last time he spoke with her; he was killed. =(

Anyways, on another not-so-happy note, we also went to the Holocaust Museum. Ryan had never been there, but I had. I remembered it pretty well. Although, I guess I didn’t realize how graphic some of the videos were. I couldn’t watch some of them. I like learning about history; I just wish I could remember it better. Information seems to just disappear from my memory.

When it started to get to be evening, we got back on the Metro and went to another area of Washington D.C. We got off the Metro at the U Street stop. By this point, it was really dark outside. And of course, we were in a really bad area of the city. I don’t know if Ryan thought it was bad, but I was scared.

We went there because we were going to a SR-71 concert at the 9:30 Club. We had directions, but they weren’t very good. We ended up walking in the wrong direction for about 5 blocks before we turned around. I was so scared. The street was fairly deserted and very dark. I felt like someone was going to either jump out at us, or shoot us while driving by. It was awful.

Finally, we found the place (only because Ryan spotted the band’s tour bus). The club didn’t have any signs on the outside of it. It was just in this brick building. Very shady. We got there about 2.5 hours early (purposely) and there were about 10 people already there.

It was kind of cold outside by this point, and we had to stand in a line until they opened the doors. Kelly and Kenny were meeting us there, and they were very late. They got in line with us, instead of getting in the back (the line was really long when they showed up). =P

The doors opened around 9pm, and the first band started at 9:30pm (hence the name of the club, I suppose). Since Ryan and I had gotten there so early, we were in the very very front. It was just a big room, with a stage. We were the closest that you could get to the stage, which was awesome. Plus, we got to lean on the railing thing in the front, which was nice. I was tired after a long day of walking around!

The first opening band was Lennex. They were alright, I guess. The lead singer’s microphone was too soft, so it was hard to hear his voice. After the first song, he said that he was hot and took off his shirt. It was kind of gross, because both of his nipples were pierced. I don’t find that attractive at all.

The second opening band was Voo Doo Blue. I liked their music, but the lead singer was also kind of weird. He was fun though. This band was composed of 4 guys — 2 of them were definitely 15 or 16, and the lead guy was *maybe* a little older (the drummer was probably around 20). It was weird that they were so young, but they were definitely good. The lead singer had strange hair. It was dyed blonde in stripes. He looked like a blonde and brown zebra. He was getting all seductive and stuff, and he kept spitting (on purpose). At one point, he came very close to spitting on us. :-/

It was awesome being so close to the stage. The singers were really interacting with us. One girl looked very bored with Voo Doo Blue, and the lead singer was trying to get her into it. He held out his hand and was singing to her. She just blankly stared at him, and would not show any emotion. So, he stuck his middle finger at her… and then she did it back to him. It was hilarious!

SR-71 came on stage at 11:15pm. Ryan is a really big fan of them, and I really like their music. But, I felt like I was very undeserving of being in the front. There were so many people there that are bigger fans than me. But oh well, I really enjoyed it.

The crowd was getting pretty wild, which was another reason that I was glad I was in the front. There were mosh pits going on behind us, but we weren’t in the way. I get scared at concerts; I don’t want to get hurt. Also, even though people were crowd surfing, it really didn’t affect us. The bouncer guys were really good at keeping people safe. When someone crowd surfed up to the front, the bouncer would grab them and pull them over the railing (and then make them go back in the audience). Normally at concerts, I have to always be on the look-out for crowd surfers, so that I can try to protect myself. But I was finally able to relax a little bit.

However, at one point, a guy did kick me in the head. Two of the bouncers were trying to grab for him, and he started coming in my direction. When they were picking him up, his foot hit me. But once the guy was on the ground, one of the bouncers asked if I was okay. They were so caring. Yay for that.

But anyways, the concert was awesome. That’s really all that I can say about it. It was just great. It didn’t get over until late, and then we had to catch the Metro back to Ryan’s car.

After staying up so late at the concert, I was exhausted. I slept almost all day on Saturday. We woke up before noon, but then I fell back asleep again. Ryan was working on an English paper, so I was just laying down. I ended up sleeping until 3pm. It was nice though.

For the rest of Saturday, we hung around the apartment with Stan and Becca. They made us dinner, which was really cool. They made some kind of beef with lemon pepper marinade. It was good! :)

We did the usual activities on Sunday, church and whatnot. We ate a late lunch at an Outback Steakhouse, which was very good. We went to the airport around 8pm, because my flight took off at 9:30pm. When I went to the counter to check-in, the Southwest lady asked Ryan if he wanted to come to the gate with me. That hasn’t been allowed for a while now. I don’t know if they’re changing that rule, or if she just made an exception, but it was very nice.

She had to fill out a special pass for him. I guess that you have to be related in some way to do it, because she said, “I don’t know what your status is, but I’m writing that you’re engaged.” That was neat. So yes, he came to the gate with me, but didn’t stay too long. (He’s a little cheap when it comes to parking. lol. I’m just kidding :P ).

The flight home was very smooth. I sat next to some lady who had just come from Florida and didn’t want to be home for the cold temperatures. I fell asleep again, and before I knew it, we were landing. I got in about 5 minutes early, even though we left about 10 minutes late. They seem to always allow more time than necessary.

I called the place that my car was parked at, so that they could pick me up in the shuttle bus. I waited for about 20 minutes for them to show up. I thought it was a long time, but some other guy had been waiting for 40 minutes and he was very pissed off about it. I like leaving my car at this place, because they start it for me when they know I’ve landed. That way, it’s already warmed up.

When I got home, my sister had some friends over. They were spending the night. I went right to bed, because I had to work in the morning (today).

When I woke up this morning, my dad told me that one of my sister’s friends had hit the fence that we have around our garbage cans. She only got her license 3 weeks ago, and when she pulled into our driveway, she stepped on the gas instead of the brake. I don’t know how she did it, but she did. The car plowed right through this bush/tree thing and completely knocked the fence over. My mom said that when the girl came into the house, she was like, “I am so embarassed.” She never apologized or offered to pay for it or anything. She didn’t even know that she hit the fence, but my mom and brother heard the loud crash from inside the house.

My mom was worried about her tree (she planted it there; it’s not like it’s wild or something). The girl hadn’t even backed her car up. When my sister asked if she wanted to, she said that she would just leave it. So my mom was like, “Why don’t you give me your keys, and I’ll back it up for you.” When my mom got in her car, she realized why the girl hadn’t heard the crash. She had the radio station very very loud.

I can’t believe how rude the girl was, though. If I did damage to something, the first thing that I would do is apologize! It’s pretty scary to have people like that on the road. My brother had been outside right before she came. What if she hit him!? She could have killed him.

Later on, my dad happened(?) to be following her when she was driving home. He said that when she turned to get on the highway, it was a really wide turn and she almost hit the guard rail. I think the girl’s parents should know how awful a driver she is. It’s terrible!

Anyways.. work today was good. I felt incredibly special. I was doing money room when I first got there, and then later in the day, Rob came in. He’s the general manager of the store. Around noon, it was getting really busy. He called me and was like, “We’re allowed to appoint an employee to act as a front-end manager now, and I would like you to do that. How much longer are you going to be?” I think he pulled it out of his butt, but I was very honored. So I was the “manager” for several hours.

Plus, I found out that I’m qualified to give pick-ups now. Pick-ups are when the cash register drawer is over $500, the money gets “picked up” and brought into the money room. Managers are the only ones that are allowed to do that. But since I have money room status, my numbers work to do it. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing though, because George bugged me all day to keep giving him pick-ups. He’s this old man, who has been working at Staples forever. I seriously gave him at least 5 pick-ups. He was driving me nuts!

Okay, wow, this entry is getting way too long. I’m sure that I missed some things that I wanted to say, but I think I’ll just end it here. I doubt anyone will actually read this whole thing!

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snow snow snow!

Thursday, 5. December 2002 13:56

It is so beautiful outside. We got a good 7 inches of snow. It was snowing all morning, but it just stopped now. I love watching the snow fall. It’s so magical.

I finished my journalism paper. I’m meeting with my systems analysis group in a half hour to finish our project. Then after that, I just have to finish/start my differential project. So thankfully, things seem to be under control. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the differential, but I’m not going to stress about it anymore.

I have an anxious, excited feeling and I don’t know why. It must be the snow. I wish that I was home, because I’m in the mood to go sledding. It’s so much fun to play in the snow at my house. We live at the top of the hill, and in our backyard we have a smallish hill to go sledding down. The hill leads into the woods, right down a “cliff” (We always call it a cliff, but it’s just a huge, steep hill). It is *so* great to sled down the little hill, and then dodge all the trees while going down the cliff. Haha.. this one time, Kim hit a tree by accident, and went flying through the air. It was funny because she didn’t get hurt.

I hope that we still have lots of snow when I go home on Tuesday! This winter is looking to be quite snowy.

Okay, I don’t want to type more.

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