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my perfect weekend

Monday, 20. January 2003 16:58

I have so much to write about, and I know that I’m going to leave important stuff out. So I apologize in advance to Ryan, because he’s the only one that will know if I leave something out accidentally.

First, I just want to say that I am so incredibly happy. It just feels like everything is wonderful. I hope this feeling stays for a long time.

Okay, so on Friday, I was very proud of my organization. I was planning on leaving for Ryan’s school right after my class at 4pm. We had to be at the SR-71 concert at 7pm and the drive is 2.5 hours (plus it was rush hour), so I knew it was going to be close. I woke up and immediately packed everything that I would need. Then I went to my ebusiness applications class (which is going wonderfully, by the way).

After that, I walked straight to my car to go to the mall and Walmart. I had to drop a letter off about the Envirofair at the mall, and I needed to buy flavored water at Walmart. I got back to school and parked close to my dorm. I brought the water inside and then brought my packed bag out to the car. [When I came in the room, I saw that Taryn left a note for me saying that Deb (director of volunteer services) called me.]

I then drove my car to the parking lot near my last class of the day. I decided that I had enough time before lunch to go to Deb’s office, because I figured that she wanted to meet with me. We finished up the grant for the Envirofair and she faxed it to the PACC. I got out of that meeting just in time to meet my friends outside the caf.

After lunch, I went to my two classes. We got out of the last one about 5 minutes early, so I quickly went out to my car and was on my way.

Traffic wasn’t *too* bad, but it was slow in some areas. I got to Ryan’s school around 6:20pm and we left for the SR-71 concert from there.

Kelly and Kenny were meeting us there, to get us a good spot in line. (We did that for them at the last concert). However, when we got there, they were still in their car. They said that the club wouldn’t let them in early and I guess they didn’t want to stand in the cold (like we did last time). So the four of us went over to the club and went inside. There were about 15 people in front of us, so it wasn’t too bad. Fortunately, we *were* allowed to wait inside, in a bar area.

When we were allowed in, we found out that we had to pay an extra $5 a person since we’re under 21. I couldn’t believe that. What a rip-off. They never advertised that and there were no signs posted. It doesn’t seem legal to me, but whatever. We paid it and went inside. It was a fairly small room, smaller than the last one. We stood around for a while, and then decided to stand close to the stage.

The concert started late, which kind of sucked. We were in the very front, just like last time. There were two opening bands: uh, Agents something and Swift Holly. The first one was good, the second wasn’t so good. Ryan caught the drumstick of one of the bands, but he ended up trading it with the girl next to him (she liked that band). He got the beer T-shirt that she had caught.

SR-71 came on stage around 11:30pm. They just had a switch of band members, which is kind of odd. There are two different guitar players now. They did a really good job though. It was a great concert. The lead singer (Mitch) pointed out Ryan at one point, saying he was “a pillar of enthusiasm”. hehe. Ryan was really singing and jumping up and down and stuff. It caught his eye (probably because we were within an arm’s length from him).

We caught a couple guitar picks, and Ryan and Kelly both got a drumstick. I’m getting spoiled by being in the front all the time. I’ll be disappointed in the future if I’m not. It’s really great when you’re close up. Plus, it’s less scary.

After the concert was over (1am maybe?), we waited around to meet the band. Ryan and Kelly have met them before, but I haven’t. (We didn’t know that we could’ve stayed at the last one). So yeah, we got in line to get autographs. Ryan had printed out two really really good pictures of them (one of Mitch and one of the drummer, John) that he had taken at the last concert we went to. He wanted them to be signed.

When it was our turn, Mitch went to sign the picture and he stopped. He was like, “Did you take this? Wow, can you send me a copy?” So he wrote down his home address and email address on the back of the photo. He wants Ryan to send him a hard copy and an email copy. Can you believe that? It was so awesome. Ryan is ecstatic. They *are* really good pictures.

Kelly and Kenny left after the autographs, but Ryan and I stayed a little longer. After the crowd had filtered out, the band took pictures with people. So I used Ryan’s digital camera to take a picture of him with the band. I was nervous that I was going to mess it up, but I think I did okay.

I believe we left the club around 1:30am and got back to his school apartment around 2am. When we walked in the door, a bunch of his friends were sitting around playing a game. They always stay up super late. We went to bed fairly soon though.


On Saturday, we met Ryan’s dad and Kenny at a boat show in Baltimore. Ryan and I had a little trouble finding the parking lot, but we finally met up with them (only an hour and a half late.. lol). Ryan goes to this boat show every year. It’s in a big convention center and there are tons of boats all over the place. It was a lot of fun. We got to go inside all of them and check them out.

Some were really really nice. I fell in love with one of them — it’s only $175,000. haha. Most of them had cabins with beds and microwaves and toilets and showers. They were all very expensive also. I was pretending that Ryan and I were going to buy one to live in. It was fun.

We spent about 5 lovely hours at the boat show. (Kenny didn’t want to stay that long, so him and Ryan’s dad left earlier). Afterwards, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We waited 2 hours to be seated! It was crazy.

By the time we got out, it was pretty late. We just went back to his school and went to bed.


We woke up at 7am on Sunday morning. I was pretty tired, but we wanted to get an early start. Ryan has been taking a hiking class over winter break. They go to different state parks in the area, and he wanted to take me to a few.

The first one we went to was Patapsco. We had to go down a really steep, dirt path which led to a river. There was a suspension bridge that crossed over the top of the river. It was neat. Then we walked up into the woods, where there was a frozen waterfall. It was really pretty. I love the way that water looks under ice.

Ryan brought his tape recorder and microphone to tape different nature sounds. It’s a project for the hiking class. We made frequent stops along the way, mostly to tape river noises. It’s hard to find sounds in the winter. The woods are so silent!

At one point, we walked past this stone entrance thing. I’m guessing it had to do with mining, but we didn’t really know. The entrance was about 4 feet off the ground and there was a little water coming out of it. Therefore, the first stone step into it was a solid sheet of ice. Ryan wanted to climb up in there and see where it led to. So, he managed to get inside the hole. I couldn’t get a good footing at all, because my shoe just kept slipping. I grabbed onto the side of it with one hand and I held his hand with my other. I knew it wasn’t going to work though, because my foot was only on ice. But I tried to pull myself in, and of course, my foot gave way. And that caused the hand holding the rock to let go.

So, I was hanging there by Ryan’s hand. I was so afraid that he was going to let go (by accident). If I fell, I would have probably scraped against the stone wall, hit my head on the stone ledge and then fallen onto the rocks below. It wouldn’t have killed me, but it would have been bad. Fortunately though, Ryan held on and was able to pull me into the hole. I honestly don’t know how. We both had gloves on, and I’m not light!

So anyways, once we were inside the hole, Ryan got down on his knees and started to crawl up it. It’s hard to explain. It was really dark and wet. Kneeling down with a backpack on, there wasn’t much room around him in any direction. Plus, the floor of it was really wet. I wasn’t too keen on following Ryan in, so I waited at the entrance. He had my little flashlight with him, and he took some pictures with his digital camera. He went in fairly far.. and then decided to come back out. He couldn’t turn around, so he had to crawl backwards. I don’t even know why I got up there in the first place. It was such a feat getting up there, and then I had to figure out how to get down too! Luckily, the only injury was a little water to my jeans and a bruise on my knee. It was definitely an adventure!

On the way back up the mountain to the car, we saw two deer. Ryan spotted them first. It was a male and a female. It was incredible. I’ve never seen a male with antlers in the wild before. I wonder when their mating season is. If I had to guess, I’d say now. Because I’m fairly certain that males like to be alone. You never see them with females or children.

Anyyyyways, Ryan’s jeans were really really wet. (He sat on a snow-covered rock to tape record the river) We decided to go back to his apartment quickly to change. It was really close by. It was around 11am by this time, and I was hungry. On the way to the next park, we stopped at a mall for lunch, and to buy Ryan new gloves. His were soaked, so he figured that he would just buy another pair.

I felt really weird going to a mall after spending the morning in the woods. Talk about culture shock! We got a slice of pizza each at Sbarros. My brother loves their pizza, but I’ve never had it before. It was okay, kind of sweet.

After we were done eating, a man at a professional photography booth came up to us. He wanted to know if we were interested in getting our pictures taken. He thought we were married. heh. He was a really good salesman, but we turned him down. I *would* like to get our pictures taken though, at some point…

After that, we went back to the car and drove to the next state park: Oregon Ridge. We went on a very long hike there. It was really nice, but cold! Surprisingly, there were a lot of people out, especially with their dogs.

Ryan knew lots of trivia about the park from his teacher, so he shared that knowledge with me. I had such a good time. My throat was getting really sore at this point, and in the beginning I was letting it get to me. But then I started to forget about it, which was a good thing. The trail that we were on kept crossing the river. It was pretty wide, and covered in ice. I love crossing rivers, stepping from stone to stone. However, the stones weren’t visible. It was very tricky not falling through the thin ice, and not slipping on any ice-covered rocks. I managed to keep my feet dry.

I also walked across a log dusted with snow. That was interesting. I feel like I have very good balance, but I didn’t realize that a lot of that has to do with being able to see. The snow made it so that I couldn’t tell where the ridges and bumps in the log were. I made it across twice, but it was tricky!

We were hiking on the trail for about 4 hours. This entry is getting really long. Blah blah blah. The rest of the hike was excellent. I am so glad that Ryan and I got to do it. I had a blast. After we were done, we went into the park’s nature center quickly. I think they were closing, and we were going to be late for church, so we didn’t stay too long. One of the girl’s that worked there was holding a snake. I wanted to hold it so badly, but I was afraid to ask if I could. It’s probably not allowed. I love snakes.

By the time we left the park, we only had 15 minutes until church started. Obviously we were late. We had to go to Ryan’s house so that he could change into dress clothes (he had to serve at church). We only ended up being like 15 minutes late, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.

After church, Ryan, Kenny, Kelly and I went to Rite-Aid to buy handsoap for Ryan’s apartment. It took *forever* to find it; I think they were hiding it on purpose. Then we went to the video store to rent Pulp Fiction. And then we picked up the pizza we ordered for dinner.

We got the movie and pizza because Ryan had to do his laundry at home anyways. He always does that on Sunday nights. Pulp Fiction was an interesting movie. It had a lot of slow parts, and it seemed very random. But when you see the ending, it all fits together nicely. I liked it.

Ryan had 3 loads of laundry to do, which equals a lot of time. I had decided earlier in the day that I was going to stay until Monday morning. My first class on Mondays is at 10am. I was planning on waking up at 6am (which is when Ryan gets up for work), and leaving then.

When the first laundry load was done, the movie had just gotten over. I was really really cold and tired, and I felt pretty crappy. I was starting to get sick and I just wanted to go to bed. Ryan is super nice to me, and he said that we could go back to his apartment and he would finish the laundry the next day.

I felt much better once I was laying in bed. I think I just needed to get under the blankets and relax. Pulp Fiction influenced my dreams though. I woke up at one point because I was dreaming about shooting and killing people. Yikes!


It was pretty hard waking up at 6am on Monday (today). Once I was out of bed and dressed though, I was awake enough to drive. I think I left his school around 6:30am and got to my school at 9am. The drive was really good, not too much traffic. It started snowing really hard once I was a little north of Harrisburg, but I’m used to driving in the snow.

One complaint that I have is that Pennsylvania doesn’t have enough Dunkin Donuts!! Seriously, it’s annoying! I’m used to having them all over the place in Connecticut. Even Ryan commented on the multitude of them last time he was there. There’s one at almost every exit of the highway, plus other places too. However, on the way from Ryan’s school to my school, there are barely any. I always seem to need some caffeine once I start to get away from Baltimore. I’ve looked numerous times for signs on the highway and for the building itself (while driving on the highway), and there is only one right past Harrisburg. And after that, there aren’t anymore. By the time I get to Harrisburg, the trip is more than halfway over, so it’s kind of pointless.

I thought that I was going to be more tired in my classes today than I actually was, so that’s good. I’m pretty tired now, so I think I’m going to go to bed early. I just got back from recycling with Amanda (this entry took a looong time to write, because I kept having to go places). Taryn’s at a basketball game at another school (her new boyfriend plays, and so does her brother), so she won’t be back for a while. I’m gonna watch TV and relax. Oh, and thanks if you actually read this whole entry! :P

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me = dork

Friday, 10. January 2003 18:29

I went in to work today, even though I wasn’t scheduled. Rob said that I could. I wish that I thought of doing this at the beginning of my break! Although, I’m starting to remind myself of someone that I don’t like. Over the summer, Mike L. would always come to work without being scheduled. But, he would punch in and not really do work. At least I’m really working. Right? :-\

Anyways, I’m super glad that I came in. The vice president of Staples was there for a visit. I got to meet him and talk to him for a bit. It was pretty cool. I know, I’m very weird. But I love Staples, and this just brought me even closer. I’m a dork. He’s a really nice guy. He was asking about my school and stuff. I was sort of nervous, but not too bad. Like I said, I’m a dork.

I only stayed for 3 hours. I did money room and the service desk for a bit. It was fun. When I got home, I went out to lunch with my parents.

Colleen and I are going to the movies tonight to see Just Married. We’re going to the 9:30pm showing though, and considering I’m exhausted, it kind of sucks. I really need to sleep..

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stupid teacher

Friday, 10. January 2003 13:09

I almost forgot where my car was today! After my class this morning (I’ll get back to that), I had to go to the post office to buy stamps. I’m doing a big mailing to invite environmental agencies to the SAVE Envirofair. I walked out of my dorm, and got halfway to where I normally park. Then I realized that I parked somewhere else, because the lot had been too full. I’m glad that I didn’t get all the way and not see my car anywhere!

I spent $45.14 on stamps. Isn’t that crazy? I needed 122 of them. I better get reimbursed soon! The post office guy didn’t even have enough in his register — he had to get some more from the back. My main complaint about all of this is that I have to lick all the envelopes. Yuckies. :(

So anyways.. this morning, I had my ebusiness applications class. We’re learning about html. Oh my gosh, the teacher is an idiot. You would think that he could come to class prepared. I don’t expect him to know *everything* about html, but it’s sad that I know more than him. I’ve been doing it for about 8 years, but I learned it all myself. I never took a class or anything.

The teacher was telling us how to center stuff (ooo — so hard). One of the students asked if there’s any way to justify the text to the right. 

The teacher is like, “No, there isn’t a way to do that in html.” Umm, hello? Yes there is. So I raised my hand, and was like, “You just have to do < p align = right > and it’ll do it.” Haha.. the teacher just kind of tried it without saying anything. And guess what? It worked! Big shock.

He kept making little mistakes and couldn’t figure out what he did wrong. I felt like *such* a geek, because I kept correcting him. But come on, what does he expect me to do? I was bored out of my mind. I could have taught the class better than he did! So aggravating.

I’m not prepared for the rest of my classes, so now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I better get to work!

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