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radio fun

Thursday, 27. February 2003 18:20

I am so sad that Mr. Rogers died. :( I watched him all_the_time as a kid. That man was such a role model. He was always so incredibly nice and good. This afternoon, I was flipping through the channels, and he was on. So I watched it. His voice is so soothing. I hope they always play his reruns. I want my kids to watch him.

On a much happier note, I did something totally cool today. Allison and I had a meeting with a marketing consultant at a nearby radio station (94.1 KX / eagle 107). We drove down there to talk about prices for advertising for the Envirofair. She was so helpful and friendly! We ended up getting 5 spots on the day before the event, and possibly a news story on the day of the event for only $115. Last year, we paid $840 for that station to come to the event for 2 hours, and to play some spots. We don’t have that kind of money this year, so I think we made a really good deal.

After we were done, she asked us if we wanted a tour of the station. Whenever I’m at school, I listen to this station (94.1) all the time, so I was excited. It was so awesome. We got to go into the DJ booths and meet the DJs. We watched while they talked on the air. It was so amazing being in the same room as someone that I recognized from the radio! So now, when I listen to the station, I’ll be able to put a face to the voice! The main DJ that was there was really nice. But he is so much younger than he looks! I don’t think he’s much older than me. He had really nice teeth. And he was super tall!

Allison and I really enjoyed ourselves. It’s silly, because they’re just regular people. We felt like they were celebrities though. She was joking around about wanting their autographs. I’m glad that she came with me, because I would have felt weird alone. It was more fun with two of us.

Let’s see. Earlier in the day, I had a database programming midterm. I thought the first part was pretty hard, but I’m confident with the last part. Everyone that I’ve talked to thought it was super hard though. So maybe it didn’t go as well as I thought it did. That class is tricky, because the material isn’t hard but the teacher grades in a really harsh manner.

I have a computer architecture exam tomorrow. I really should be studying now, but I don’t feel like it. Good TV shows are on tonight though, so I better get started soon. Taryn’s at another basketball game, so I should take advantage of the quiet. For some reason, she always studies with the TV on. I can’t do that at all.

*Yawn* …Too bad I’m so tired…

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what fun!

Monday, 17. February 2003 19:31

Today was such a good day! Not having class was quite a wonderful thing. It felt like the weekend. The snow stopped in the afternoon. We got lots. Everything is so beautiful.

Our cafeteria was open, but they were serving utter crap. I don’t think many of the workers could make it in today, so it was definitely leftover day. And we were using paper plates and cuts and plastic silverware. It was so weird. It felt like a big slumber party. It was like everyone just rolled out of bed to come to the caf.

After lunch, the Amandas and I walked around campus and played in the snow. It was so much fun to just fall into the big drifts. Ah, man. Good times. It wasn’t very good snow for snowballs though. In the parking lot, there were balls of ice. Amanda threw one not knowing how hard it was. Then we started to throw them at each other. They hurt! But it was fun.

The main road was plowed, but completely deserted. There were students all over the place, playing in all of the snow. It was incredible. And the parking lots looked so weird. You wouldn’t even know that there were cars under all the snow, if the antennaes weren’t sticking out. So crazy.

Taryn still isn’t back. She’ll probably try to make it here in the morning. Our first class tomorrow got cancelled, because the teacher lives far away. But as far as I know, I’ll have my other class. Wouldn’t it be great if we had off two days in a row?

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