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Tuesday, 25. March 2003 21:47

My dog died tonight, around 6pm. My mom called to tell me. I’m kind of in shock still. :(

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to the rescue!

Sunday, 23. March 2003 10:06

Yesterday was such a great day!

Allison, Ashley and I decided to go hiking at a state park that was supposed to be 45 minutes away. However, the directions we had sucked and it took about an hour and 20 minutes.

As we pulled into the park, the person behind me was honking their horn. It was Shawn and Quirine! They were going to have a picnic lunch and just hang out. It was like an accidental SAVE reunion. They were going to go on the hike with us, but Quirine had flipflops on. Since there was some snow left on the ground, she didn’t make it very far.

So Allison, Ashley and I were just walking along. We were sort of going up the mountain, and then we were going to come down on another trail. Ashley had been there before, so she knew which trails were good. The ground was pretty melty, because it was thawing out. We walked up a really steep hill and then it leveled out at the top.

After we had reached the top, we saw a truck stuck in the mud. There was a dirt road that ran through the mountain, and we had to walk on it for a while. When the person in the truck saw us, he got out. He seemed to be about our age, and we later found out that his name is Nick and he’s a junior at a university near mine.

His truck was *really* stuck in the mud. One of the front tires had completely sunken in, and the other one was halfway in. We asked if he needed any help, and said that we could try to push him out (even though the three of us knew it wouldn’t do anything). He said it would only spray mud everywhere, so it would be pointless.

He didn’t seem worried about this at all, which just furthers my belief that he’s an idiot. I was like, “Do you have a phone with you?” He said no, and asked if there was one near the parking lot. There definitely wasn’t, we were in the middle of nowhere! Then, he asked if any of us had a cell phone. I was the only one that did. I told him that if he wanted to finish the hike with us, he could use my phone. I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to get service though, since we weren’t near anything civilized.

I don’t know what it is, but when I feel like I have attention, I abuse it. I decided that I was going to be the leader of the hike, so I led us back down the mountain. Ashley said that I looked like an action figure, because I was just jumping and climping down. It was kind of funny. I guess I was showing off that I wasn’t all “girly”. Because seriously, this guy must have thought we were. The things we talked about after he joined us weren’t very flattering. Allison and Ashley told him how we got lost getting to the park. And then Ashley kept getting out her map of the trails, to make sure we were going the right way. I was embarassed — I’m not big on using maps.

But anyways, when we got back to the parking lot, Shawn and Quirine had just gotten into their car. I ran over to them and was like, “We found a boy in the woods!!” I just found it sooo funny, I needed to tell someone.

I got my cell phone out, and sure enough, No Service. So, he got into my car and I drove him back to his school. It was sort of on our way anyways, so it wasn’t a big deal. He said he would get a friend to help tow him out later. He was a really nice guy, but I think he was scared of us. I felt quite good that I was helping him. He would have been stuck there if it wasn’t for us. There was no one else at the park, it wasn’t near a town, and it looked like it was going to start raining.

So yes, we had quite an adventure!

So later on Saturday, around 8pm, I joined some SAVE members to make posters for Earth Week. We had a blast. It was mainly Alexis O, Jayme and Steph. We made a huge banner out of a shower curtain that says “Make Earth Week Every Week” with a big Earth behind it. It’s awesome! I am so proud of all our work. It took us 4.5 hours to make!!

I should really take a shower now, or start some homework. Eek, I have so much to do!!

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stupid car!!

Sunday, 9. March 2003 19:39

Wow. What a day. I’ll start from the beginning.

My parents and I went to brunch at this really nice restaurant in our town. (My brother was at a blacksmithing class, and my sister left for Spain yesterday). It was very pleasant. Good food, good conversation, very good parents. I’m glad that I got to be with them on my last day of break, before I came back to school. It was nice.

Before I left, my dad washed my car for me and he checked out the radiator. It’s been leaking for a while now, but lately it’s been okay. He told me that everything looked great, and he was really happy with it. I look out the bottles of antifreeze, because they were getting annoying. He told me I wouldn’t need them anymore.

Well, about half-way between my house and school, I stopped to get gas. As I pulled into the Exxon station, steam was billowing out of my hood. I had been checking the temperature gauge the whole time though, and I definitely wasn’t over-heated. I filled up my gas tank, and looked under the hood of my car. The bottle thing that the anti-freeze goes in was completely empty. Grr.

I called my dad, to make sure that I was handling it the right way. I have a special cap on my radiator, that releases the pressure before it comes off. When I lifted up the tab to release the pressure, nothing bubbled up, which was pretty odd. I took the cap off, and I think I could see some anti-freeze in there.

I went into the gas station store, and purchased a bottle of anti-freeze and a bottle of water. I poured some water into the radiator, and it was pretty full. So I poured some water and some anti-freeze into the bottle thing. It’s supposed to be 50/50 because pure anti-freeze is bad for the rubber tubes or something like that.

This whole thing was such a pain in the butt. I don’t understand what is going on with my stupid car. I guess that I’m going to call the place that changed my oil here, and have him look at it. I don’t know what exactly my dad wants to do about this though. I know where the leak is, and it’s going to be really expensive to fix. So I don’t know…

Other than that, the drive down was very nice. I saw 2 wild turkey, and about 10 deer. And all of them were alive, by the way. I got back to my school around 5:30pm or so. The level of anti-freeze in my car was almost gone again. So very frustrating.

Now, I must do some homework.

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