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Sunday, 6. April 2003 18:00

The Envirofair yesterday was so great!! It couldn’t have gone better. :)

I was quite nervous in the beginning. I was afraid it wasn’t going to go well, and I would be to blame. Once things started to get set up, I felt more confident. Several people from the organizations that we invited remembered me from last year! It was odd, but neat.

I gave out spruce trees for most of the time. I didn’t feel like doing the crafts with kids. We had 1,005 trees and we gave out every one of them. It was so incredible!

Someone came up to me in the middle of it and said, “You look much more organized this year.” I was SO happy by this comment. The person didn’t know that I was the one in charge. It made me feel good. :)

Just to help you understand what the Envirofair is, I’ll describe it. It’s held in the SV Mall, near my school.

  • SAVE had 6 tables, on which we had crafts set up (pinecone mice, sand bottles, bean mosaics, popsicle dragonflies, painting pots, coffee filter flowers).
  • SAVE also had three tables with information about our group and about the enviroment. 
  • SAVE (actually me) bought the spruce trees, which were set up on a table. They were 4? Colorado Blue Spruce and were given absolutely free to anyone who wanted them. 
  • A man from the DCNR Bureau of Forestry had a table next to our trees, with information about his cause and to answer questions about the trees. 
  • Geoclub had 4 tables, two with crafts and two with information. 
  • Phi Mu, a fraternity at my school, had a table with information about parks in the area 
  • SPARC had a table about their cause — something to do with promoting responsibly decisions (ie drinking) 
  • The Game Commission had a really cool table with animal skins, antlers, etc. 
  • The County Recycling Coordinator had a table with a craft and some information 
  • The DEP (Department of Enviromental Protection) had a table with information. The man brought his two little sons, who were very cute! 
  • T&D’s Cats of the World also had a table

That’s basically it, I think. SAVE and Geoclub members both wore the tshirts that I designed.

Oh, and SAVE members held several Recycling Relays for the kids. We had them sort different types of recycling as quickly as possible.

The whole event is totally fun. I’m really proud of it. :) I can’t believe that it was me in charge. I’m in shock over that. And it probably sounds like I’m bragging, but I’m not trying to. (Not that it matters, since this is my diary). If you had asked me a couple years ago if I ever thought I could do something this huge, I would have laughed. I’m amazed at myself.

I’m relieved that it’s over, because it means I won’t be stressed out about it anymore. But I’m a little sad too. I mean, this has been a huge part of my life since January, and now it’s just over.

I think all the stress got to me though, because I started to get sick on Friday. Not *really* bad, but I feel kind of crappy now. I’m trying to get lots of rest, and avoid my homework. ;)

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