Post from 2408, October 2003

ahh, friday

Friday, 24. October 2003 21:33

TGIF!! I’m am so happy that it’s Friday. :) :) :) My paper is finished (3,014 words total, thank goodness) and handed in. That really pleases me. Of course, next week I have just as much work to get done. It’s an endless cycle. Well, until classes are over in 2 weeks.

Two weeks, yes. Have I written that in here yet? I can’t believe how fast the semester has gone by. I’m not actually done with exams until much later, but I don’t have to sit in lecture anymore. Er, or skip them. That’s what I did today. Instead of going to my computer lecture, I went to Ryan’s environmental one. It wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be. It may have been worse than my computer one, but that’s okay.

Tomorrow at 4pm, I have to meet up with all the other Butler students. We were the group that came to Australia together and had the orientation/vacation before the semester started. Tomorrow we’re having a “debriefing session” and free dinner. I guess it’ll be okay. I’m not really friends with many of them anymore, but I’ll survive. I’m a little upset, because tomorrow is supposed to be really good weather. I’ve been wanting to go to the beach lately, but something always stands in the way. If the Butler thing was a few hours later, it’d be perfect. Oh well. I should be productive tomorrow anyways, I guess.

It’ll be a little cool, because we’re watching the video of us at orientation. If I read the email correctly, we all get to keep a copy of it. That should be amusing. I don’t *think* they caught me on camera very much, but it’ll be a good thing to remember the trip by. Have I ever mentioned that I hate video cameras? Ugh.

Have a good weekend, people! :)

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