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white christmas?

Wednesday, 29. October 2003 8:25

Note: If you haven’t read me before, it’s important to know that I’m from the U.S., but I’m studying abroad in Australia for this semester. :)

I really want to go somewhere. There is SO much that Ryan and I need to do in the area before we leave. We’ve been so obsessed with touring the country, that we’ve barely done anything locally! We’re leaving at the end of November, so we need to find time soon.

We’d like to go to the Perth zoo for a day, because I’ve heard it’s pretty good. We definitely need to get out to Rottnest Island for a few days, and maybe go scuba diving there. I’m also semi-interested in doing a Margaret River wine tour… and going down to Albany for a weekend… and heading up to the Pinnacles. There’s also a tiny amusement park that Ryan wants to go to, but I think it looks kind of dumb. And of course, we need to get over to the beach!

It sucks that as the weather gets warmer, the school work gets piled on thicker. I have SO much to do in these next few weeks. I *think* I’ll be able to relax a little this weekend, so perhaps we’ll get to do something. We’re really running out of time though.

Yesterday we took a short work break and headed over to the Garden City Shopping Centre. Ryan has an ear infection and needed to pick up some medicine. I was finally able to buy what I’ve wanted for a while. Christmas cards! There are some really cool ones that I wanted to take home with me, but I didn’t have a chance to get them last time.

It’s so bizarre that it’s hot during Christmas here. I’m used to snow, so it’s a huge change. Most of their decorations and cards are related to a cold wintery Christmas. However, I found some that are more ‘Australian’. I especially like the ones where Santa is on the beach. They’re neat. :) I spent a little over $30 on them though.. lol. Just a little carried away, wouldn’t you say?

I don’t think I’d ever get used to the different seasons, even if I moved here permanently. It’s been drilled into my brain that it’s supposed to be cold in December and hot in July. For example, Halloween is this Friday. To me, it doesn’t feel like that *at all* — it’s supposed to be chilly before Halloween! It’s very strange.

And now, I’m going to venture out into the beautiful sunshine and go to class.

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