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Thursday, 29. January 2004 16:39

My university has the dumbest public safety officers ever. They must have nothing to do but issue parking tickets, and in my case, invalid parking tickets.

Since I had surgery on my foot, I was able to get a handicap parking permit. It’s awesome! However, my school keeps giving me tickets because they don’t see it hanging from my rear-view mirror! I don’t know if I wrote about this before, but last week I was issued a $25 ticket because I was parked in faculty parking. True, the handicap spot is technically in the faculty area – but that shouldn’t matter. It would be illegal for them to forbid me from parking there, since I have a permit. I brought it to the attention of public safety, and they apologized and didn’t make me pay.

This morning, I went out to my car and there was another ticket! This time, it was $50 for parking in a handicap spot. Well, duh! It looked as though they wiped the snow off my windshield to check to see if I had a permit. They must be blind, because it was hanging right there! Again, I had to go into their office to get out of it. It wasn’t a problem and the guy was super apologetic, but geeze! This is getting so annoying! I really hope that this doesn’t continue all semester!

After finding the ticket, I went to physical therapy. I decided that I’m going to go twice more (next week) and then I’ll stop. I’m making really good progress, so I don’t want to stop just yet. The physical therapist was in a weird mood today. He’s always really talkative, but he seemed kind of off this morning. He’s been having a hive problem, and he had one under his eye and one on his lip. It looked so bizarre! lol.

I decided that when I was done, I was going to treat myself to Subway. Normally I would have just gone back and eaten at school, but I needed to go to the grocery store and Walmart. I figured that it would be smarter to eat lunch before shopping for food. I was thinking that I was going to go to the mall today (I have lots of presents to buy; too many “holidays” in February), but I wasn’t in the mood. I guess I should figure out what I’m going to buy before I walk all around the dinky mall. :P

I really should look for a job. I’m just not sure that I can handle it. I’m not going to be able to walk around a lot, and I just feel like I have too much going on at school. I always let SAVE rule my schedule. I recycle on Tuesdays and Thursdays; I have Envirofair and regular meetings, plus some random meetings. I’m just not sure what I would tell a job. When am I available? I don’t really want to work on weekends either, because I want to leave them free for Ryan. Plus, I do have classes and homework! lol. I guess I need to think about it some more. I could really use some paychecks.

You know what’s pathetic? I have to make lists to remember to tell Ryan stuff. I mean, I know that I have a bad memory to begin with, but it’s quite ridiculous. It’s hard on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to talk, because I have night class and a SAVE meeting. Therefore, in the middle of the week, we don’t talk much – and I forget things that I want to tell him! His classes just started this week and it seems like this is going to be a really busy semester for him. :-\

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i’m so dumb

Sunday, 25. January 2004 22:39

Well, I had quite a good weekend. It was very relaxing, which was needed. Ryan and I mostly watched movies. We played a little Playstation 2 as well, but I’m not very good at video games.

On Friday night, we saw Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. It was, um, okay. Definitely a cute movie, but not exactly good. The guy (Pete) in it is the actor who plays Eric on That 70s Show. It was weird seeing him with dark hair, and in such a different setting.

Today, I was going to leave around 3pm, but I’m an idiot. Ryan and I went outside to start my car. I also had to check the coolant level in my radiator. You know how sometimes you just do things automatically without thinking? Yeah. I locked my keys in the car, with the engine running.

I felt so stupid. I was really upset with myself. It was embarassing. ::Sigh:: I’m still mad about it.

I called AAA and it took them about an hour to get there. It was really neat the way that they unlocked the car. The guy had a flat pouch that he slid into the door. Then, he pumped air into it and it forced the door open a little. He stuck a long rod into the door and pressed the ‘unlock’ button. It was scary how fast and easy it was!

The radiator is majorly leaking. My car is falling apart. It’s really frustrating. I have to keep filling it back up with coolant. That was one of the major reasons why locking my keys in the car was so awful. The car was running and the coolant level was empty. Fortunately, Ryan had some at his house, so I was able to fill it up. But still. Ugh.

There was supposed to be a huge snowstorm today, which was another reason why I wanted to leave Ryan’s house earlier this afternoon. However, it was delayed and last I heard, it hasn’t even started to snow there. The storm is moving north, so it’ll hit my school after it hits MD. Oh – I just looked out the window and it has started here. I’m glad that I got back before the roads were bad. I was a little worried about that.

Anyways, I should be getting to bed. I’m really drowsy. This week is going to be so busy for me. I have meetings or classes almost every minute of every day. I thought I was going to be able to get a job this semester. I don’t see that happening if things continue this way. I need money though!

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Friday, 23. January 2004 8:33

I have such a crazy day ahead of me. And the cleaning ladies vacuum the hallways too early in this building and they wake me up every day. Ugh.

I have Financial Accounting at 10am and Leadership of Tomorrow at 11:15am. Then Julie and I eat lunch at 12:20pm. Around that time, I have to stop into the Residence Life office – they are being annoying…

See, the beds in this room are lofted and they are really high off the ground (taller than me!). I don’t like it. I want to be able to watch TV while laying in bed, etc. The RA put in a work order for someone to do it for me, but she was told that they wouldn’t unless I have a medical condition. Fortunately, I do! I just had surgery on my foot, and it actually is hard getting up and down the ladder. So now, I have to go into the office and explain this to them. I hope that I don’t need a doctor’s note, because that will be a pain in the butt. Maybe I can just show them my scar. haha.

Anyways, after lunch and talking to them, I have a physical therapy appointment at 1:30pm. I went yesterday for the first time, and eh, they’re okay. I’ve been to this place before, and I guess they’re alright. I just like my place back home better. But, as long as they get me walking without a limp and pain, I’ll be happy.

After I’m done there, I have to rush back to campus for my Introduction to Operating Systems class at 3pm. That gets over at 4:05pm, and then I’m out the door and in my car – to visit Ryan.

The weather isn’t looking so great this weekend: snow tonight and Sunday night. I think I’ll be okay though. It’s not a lot of snow, and I’m used to driving in it. I’ll just have to go extra slow, which I was planning on doing anyways. If I drive too fast, the vibrations will probably break my car apart! haha. Fabulous, eh?

So, anyways, I might not update again until Monday. Have a good weekend! :)

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school days

Sunday, 18. January 2004 22:28

So, it feels good to be back at school! A little bit weird, but definitely good. The drive down was pretty awful, because the weather sucked. But I made it safe and sound.

So far, and hopefully forever, I don’t have a roommate. It’s sweet having a huge room to myself. I haven’t even begun to unpack and stuff is everywhere. I’m too tired to think about it now though.

I hung out with my friends this evening, which was really nice. I’m a little jealous that they’re all in a suite together, but I’m fine with where I’m living.

I can’t believe I have to go to classes tomorrow. I’m a little excited about it though. I guess the first day of school is always kind of fun. You know? I hope this semester goes well! :)

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