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Tuesday, 24. February 2004 18:54

Have you ever been on the verge of sleep and had a mini-dream of falling, which jolts you awake? That happens to me far too often, but I kind of like it. I don’t like it when it happens in class, though – about 3 times just today! I almost threw my pen across the room at one point.

It’s a shame that I’m now only mildly sleepy. I should probably try getting to bed early tonight, anyway. I’ve got my first statistics exam tomorrow! Bar graphs and averages and percents, oh my! Sheesh…

Also, yesterday, tonight, and tomorrow at 7pm on ABC – Jeopardy! Specifically, the ones where Megan and I were part of the studio audience (not that we are ever shown). If you want to make bets on who will win, it’s going to be Arthur through at least Wednesday night. Sorry if I ruined it for you.

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Cheaters Never Prosper

Tuesday, 24. February 2004 9:51

Today, I have two 15-page papers due for two different classes: Creative Fiction & Tutorial in Writing. (Why am I doing a minor in English again?…) I’ve been working on the one for tutorial for a couple weeks now, gathering research and the like. I figured that I would finish it up last night. As for the creative fiction, I figured that I could hold off on that for a while. After all, we only had to write a non-genre based fictitious story about whatever we wanted for peer review by the entire class.

As today’s due date approached, I remembered a paper I had written for my creative NON-fiction class a couple semesters back that met most of the requirements for the creative fiction piece. So, I figured that I could just do some revising on that and get away with turning it in (I hate how re-using your own papers is considered cheating). Thus, I held off on my creative writing until the very last minute, spending much of my time working on my other 15-page paper. At 1am I finished the tutorial paper and started revising the creative piece. Partway through, I thought that I should check who is in my class on Blackboard. Lo and behold, there was one girl who happened to be in my non-fiction class who would certainly recognize my repeated paper. For the rest of the night, I wrote a brand new fiction paper which was absolute crap – one of the worst things I’ve written. Thankfully this version isn’t graded – I will just be publicly chastised during peer review sessions. Ah, yes…

So right now I am totally exhausted, so if I’m not making sense, I suppose that’s why :-P

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BANG! BANG! Wheeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!

Thursday, 19. February 2004 13:24

Oy… I’m sitting up on the 6th floor of the UMBC library right now (the so-called “Absolutely Quiet Floor”), trying to peer-review papers for my upcoming English class. However, there are these guys up here trying to put together a few more shelves for books that could easily be put on other empty shelves. So, I’m dealing with a bunch of banging and swearing when they don’t fit right. I think it’s also lunchtime for the janitors because they are having some bizarre conversation in the closet behind me. Plus, there is a study group a few tables down from me, trying to shout over the noise of hammers and drills… Hmmmmm… I think it might be about time to move to another floor….

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To My Secret Lover, Karen

Tuesday, 17. February 2004 18:42

I get a lot of “junk” mail. I don’t just mean spam in e-mail, which everyone hates – I’m talking about the physical, sent-to-your-house type of mail. Personally, I like it. It makes me feel popular when I get more mail than anyone else in my house. I’ve been pre-approved for tons of credit cards (which is good because I also may have won a million dollars). Plus, I get a bunch of exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime offers…. again and again and again. I think it’s really cool. Screw the trees. Sorry, Megan.

Anyway, today I got a postcard from this chick named Karen Hightower at ARC, Inc. She told me that she’s been trying to reach me for a while and wants me to call her back at 1-800-536-2514. I thought it was a little strange, so I googled the number and came up with a couple sites stressing that the postcard is a fraud and should be ignored. Apparently, it’s one of those “special offers” from selected third party people. Since the number Karen gave me is a 1-800 number, I decided to call it. A real person picked up the phone! It wasn’t a recording! So, I hung up on her and called and hung up a few more times. That was the source of my entertainment for the night.

In other news, I joined the millions of other stupid people and wasted a buck on a mega millions ticket while getting gas. 177 million clams! Let myself play!

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Work Sucks

Monday, 16. February 2004 23:47

Today is President’s Day.. or something like that. Thus, I didn’t have to go to work and could sleep in for a couple extra hours. I got to UMBC around 10, and I’ve come to realize yet another reason that I miss living on campus. Not only do I miss out on half the stuff that goes on with my friends, I have to deal with the darn parking – or lack of it. Obviously I’m a bit lazy, but I don’t feel like parking on the far end of campus and walking half a mile to class each day. This morning, the entire parking garage was filled, as were the parking lots that surround the academic areas. At first I found it quite amusing that people would stop their cars at the end of a parking row, waiting to see if anyone would be leaving campus. However, I ended up doing the same thing, and 45 minutes later, I finally nabbed a spot.

Then, it was off to the cashier’s office to put in my bid to graduate in May. I feel good knowing that I’m not the only person who procrastinates, even though it meant spending another 45 minutes in line to shell out a hundred bucks for a diploma.

And now I’m off to finish a 12-page essay on the “controversy” of interpersonal networking and politics in the workplace. That, followed by work on an IFSM proposal and my comp. sci. project. Hooray for 20 credits and part-time work!

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pretty roses

Sunday, 15. February 2004 20:57

The president of my university has this cat. Okay?

I don’t like cats at all.

Unfortunately, the president and his family don’t want it to be an inside cat, so it wanders around campus. Fine.

The bad part is that it practically lives in my building. It is *always* in here. Not cool.

I don’t like walking in the hallways or in my suite and seeing it just sitting there, staring at me. It freaks me out.

Now, I usually don’t like to have my bedroom door open. I’m not fond of the idea of letting everyone look in at me. I don’t know why. I’m just more of a private, non-social person, I guess.

But tonight, I walked back from a volunteer dinner with the girl that lives next to me. We both just left our doors open when we got here. No big deal.

However, I just turned around (I face the wall when I’m on the computer), and the freaking cat was in my room!!! It was walking around smelling stuff. Ew, ew, ew. Fortunately, when I stood up, it ran out.

I definitely shut my door. I don’t think I’m going to leave it open anymore.


— *** ~~~


I had a really nice weekend. Watched a lot of DVDs and just hung out with Ryan.

On Saturday night, we went out to Applebees for dinner. It was a 2 hour wait. It wasn’t a big deal though, because we just came back to my room to kill time. It was crazy that there was such a long wait at a restaurant like that, though. I mean, I guess there isn’t much else around here.. and people want to go out to eat on Valentine’s Day.. but, it was nuts. We had a good time though.

Ryan bought me the first season of CSI. It’s great, because I just finished the first season of ER last week. I love TV shows on DVD. Good stuff.

Unfortunately, the weekend had to come to an end. He left around 7:30pm.. :-\ I’m going to see him in two weeks though, so it’s not too bad. It’s always better when I *know* when the next time will be.

— *** ~~~

So, every year, my school has this Student Volunteer Awards Program thing. It’s usually long and boring, but I go anyways. Actually, last year, I won the best volunteer for SAVE. That was fairly cool.

But yeah, so it was tonight. And you know what, it was a lot of fun! I really love my SAVE friends. I always have a good time with them. We’re such a good group.

I laugh so much with those girls (and like, one guy, lol). I’m seriously going to miss SAVE and all my SAVE friends tremendously after I graduate.

“I tried juicing pretty much everything and anything…” ~Nate

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Does anyone read the subject line?

Saturday, 14. February 2004 8:13

Wowzers! And what a crazy week it has been. For the past couple weeks I’ve been having all sorts of issues with my classes: not being able to get into classes without prerequisites, not being able to transfer Aussie classes as upper-level credit, and not being able to complete my writing minor without taking one extra credit. Finally, this week I got everything sorted and received permission to enroll in 20 credits. So, as long as I remember to apply for graduation by Monday, I shouldn’t have a problem with graduation! Whew!

All of those administrative issues were juxtaposed with finishing 20 pages of essays and dealing with major changes at work. For the past couple months I have been working on a project at work that entails reviewing thousands of lines of cobal code and translating it into hierarchy charts. About two weeks ago, one of my co-workers on another contract stops by to tell me that his project has a software program that does all my work automatically. Since then, we have been dealing with a bunch of licensing issues for this software, as well as installation and training. Basically, it’s just a big mess.

Then, Thursday was my 3-year anniversary with Megan! Yay! However, instead of spending a long weekend with her, I ended up having to sit at home preparing for an invasion of my innards. [...]

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And It Begins…

Thursday, 12. February 2004 10:31

Hey! This is my first journal entry. Wahoo! After seeing more and more friends signing up for this thing, I finally caved in and created my own – especially now that it’s free and I don’t need one of those super-special code things. Since this IS the first time I’m writing in here, it would be nice to start off with some motivational, thought-provoking entry….. but I can’t think of anything, so too bad.

I suppose that only time will tell if I actually use this on a regular basis, so until then… cya!

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