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Friday, 23. April 2004 15:54

This morning, I went to another appointment at my university’s career center. I felt like I was talking to a shrink! The guy is really nice and all, but he was analyzing my personality. Supposedly, that will help me get a job. lol. Well, it’s supposed to help figure out what career will suit me. However, the way he was talking seriously made me feel like I was talking with a doctor.

Have you ever taken that Myers Briggs test thing? I’m an ISFJ: Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging. I was 100% in the Judging area, which means that I am very structured and planning-oriented. Like whoa.

An ISFJ is described as: Quiet, friendly, responsible, and conscientious. Works devotedly to meet his/her obligations. Lends stability to any project or group. Thorough, painstaking, accurate. His/her interests are usually not technical. Can be patient with necessary details. Loyal, considerate, perceptive, concerned with how other people feel.

I think that describes me so perfectly. It’s kind of funny that I’m “not usually technical” and yet I majored in computer science. That explains why I now hate it. lol.

Basically, because I am so strong in Judging and I’m also Feeling, it brings a lot of confliction in my life. I need structure, closure, organization and order. And yet, I also need to please everyone else.

That is *exactly* why the job search is so stressful for me. I really, really, really wish that I could know for sure what I will be doing. But, I’m trying so hard to please everybody else, which just screws everything up. I can’t explain it very well, but the career center guy said that usually people aren’t Judging *and* Feeling, they’re usually one or the other. He said that being both makes things tough.

So, yeah, he’s acting like a shrink and I’m learning more about myself. But so far, I’m not any closer to figuring out what kind of job I want.

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Strangers with Earplugs

Thursday, 22. April 2004 15:27

I find it amusing that people tend to trust complete strangers while remaining untrusting of others. I’m sitting in the library and this guy comes to sit at a table near me. He gets out his laptop and his books, only to realize that he forgot something in his car, so he asks me to watch his stuff for about 10 minutes while he leaves to get it. Now come on, what’s to stop me from taking all his stuff? I’m sure this sort of thing happens to everyone – heck, I think I’ve asked strangers to watch my stuff before (like food or a seat… not a laptop, sheesh), but I still find it to be entertaining.

Also, there are a bunch of vendor-type things on Erickson Field, so I went ahead and stole a few sample things they had sitting out on their tables. I hit the jackpot, baby! When I got a chance to see what I swiped, I ended up with a string backpack, some sample music CD’s, a guitar pick, some stickers, and even earplugs! Now, I’ve never used earplugs before, so this got me really excited. Dude! When you put them in your ears, you can’t really hear anything (well, duh..). But, it makes you hear other things really well, like your own breathing and swallowing. Maybe I just do those things loudly, but, cool!

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Where Have I Been?

Thursday, 15. April 2004 12:51

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote anything in here, so I figure I might as well play a little bit of catch up. Holy cow, it’s been a busy semester! I’ve had hardly any free time recently, and chances to hang out with people have been few and far between. I saw Dawn of the Dead a few weeks ago with some folks, but that’s about it. Sucks. Heck, I couldn’t even go out to see my family on Easter because I had projects for three classes to finish. Then it all hit the fan on Monday.

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