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Tuesday, 25. May 2004 22:41

So today… I vacuumed our pool for the first time since winter… even though it’s been open for a few weeks now.

There were lots of leaves at the bottom, which is normal.

I was enjoying the peace of being in the pool alone, slowing vacuuming the bottom.

And then… I noticed that one of the big leaves was NOT a leaf..

It was a mouse!

A gross, dead mouse at the bottom of the pool!

After feeling a little nauseated, I got the skimmer and scooped it off the bottom of the pool.

As soon as it came out of the water, the body totally disintegrated. All that was left were the intestines and other gooey insides.

I guess it had been down there for a quite a while, probably all winter.

SO GROSS!! Blegh!

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Monday, 17. May 2004 21:21

My graduation went so wonderfully! I am now an official university graduate! :D

In the morning, there was a baccalaureate service. The chaplain gave a sermon that almost made me cry. He talked about how it’s normal to have a fear of rejection and he described exactly the way that I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t want to look for a job, because I am afraid of being rejected.

Afterwards, my parents, my brother, Ryan and I went out to lunch. It was the last time that I’ll eat at BJs. I’ve had lots of “last times” in this past week.

The graduation ceremony was at 2:30pm. The sky was clear and it wasn’t too hot. Perfect. I got all dressed up in my cap and gown. It was really nice. About halfway into it though, it started to get really cloudy and we heard thunder. Miraculously though, it didn’t rain at all. Somehow it passed around us.

I’m glad that my school isn’t big. The name-calling didn’t take long at all. There were 424 of us. And, I walked across stage without tripping or anything. :-P

It was *really* bizarre afterwards. I kept thinking that I’m never going to see most of these people ever again.

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Sunday, 2. May 2004 18:41

When Ryan and I went hiking on Friday, we saw one of the most disturbing things ever. We were walking along side the road, to get back to our car, and we saw a deer at the edge of the woods. It had been hit by a car and was struggling to get up. It’s back legs were broken, so it couldn’t stand. The poor thing was panicking and scared. It was just awful. :-\

We saw a lot of live deer too. Probably about 10 of them all together. Plus, we found two deer skulls! One was female and one was male. Unfortunately, someone had already cut the antlers off the male one. I have an obsession with skulls and bones. I always want to take them home. I just think they’re incredibly awesome. We ended up leaving them in the woods though.

On Saturday, Ryan and I went miniature golfing. I totally kicked his butt. :-P I won by 10 points! Sometimes I’m really good at mini golf and sometimes I’m just awful. This time was a good one. We seriously had such a blast. I couldn’t stop laughing. The whole experience was just great.

Afterwards, we got some dinner at Outback and then met Chris to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. I wasn’t impressed by the movie, but I didn’t see the first one. Plus, I knew from the start that I didn’t want to see it, so that might have had an impact on my opinion. It was just really slow. I dunno. Not my genre at all.

Ryan drank with dinner, so he let me drive his car over to the movie theater. When the movie was over, he thought it would be best for me to drive home, because he still was feeling a little off – either from the alcohol or because he was tired (I’m thinking it must have just been sleepiness though).

I had a really terrific weekend, and it was even better that the weather was beautiful. I could go on for pages about all the stuff we did, but I’ll spare you. Anyways, I should get started on my homework. Last week of classes/exams!

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