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Wednesday, 30. June 2004 16:30


I GOT A JOB!!!!!

I am now an employed university graduate!

Two hours after I flew into Baltimore yesterday, I was in an interview. It went very well, and they told me that they were going to contact my references and get back to me within a week.

I got a phone call this morning with the job offer! The lady told me that my references absolutely loved me and they all said they had been sorry to see me leave their jobs. :-P

But yeah… so it’s a customer service position and I start July 12th. So.. Ryan and I are going to fly up to my house next week.. and then the week after, I’ll official be living in Maryland. :)

Now I just need to go apartment searching.. and probably buy a new car. ::Sigh:: I guess you need to spend money to make money.. because my car is totally falling apart.

But, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m employed!!! :) :) :)

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“What do you call crows that stick together? …. Vel-crows!”

Wednesday, 30. June 2004 1:46

Today started off pretty well. Megan flew in this morning (and boy are her arms tired..) and had an interview for a job down here just a couple hours later. We hung out around the house for a little and then set off fireworks once it got dark. Afterwards, we headed off to the movies to see that crazy Michael Moore film. We got back about ten minutes ago.

Then I checked my email to find out that TR died. I was completely shocked. I took two trail hiking courses with him at UMBC thru last summer, and I gotta say that he was probably one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had (go figure it was a “gym” course). Actually, I just got a series of pictures developed that I took during my last class with him that I was planning on mailing to him. Now, all of the sudden, he’s gone. Life works in really strange ways, I guess.

Well, it’s late and I don’t have anything else to say. I have to take my sister to the airport early tomorrow morning, so I reckon it’s bedtime…

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The World is Going Crazy

Tuesday, 22. June 2004 12:54

Too many weird things have been going on today. Not so much so that I am about to go crazy, pulling out my hair, screaming “what is going on!?” like 4 Non-Blondes, but there have been at least four strange instances just since this morning.

Event #1: So I woke up today from another odd dream. I was at some fair or carnival with Megan where a bunch of those little vending stands were set up. As I was walking by, I noticed this guy selling bags of black jelly beans! Black Jelly Beans!! I’ve always loved them, but when I was in Australia, I became addicted to them and bought some every time that I went shopping. So, in the dream, I asked the guy how much they were and he told me, “Only 97 cents per bag.” And they were the same ones I had in Australia – only cheaper (but granted, still expensive). I used my credit card to buy out his whole stock. Ohhhh, baby!

Event #2: After I woke up, I saw that I had a voicemail from Megan’s phone number. But, the person sure as heck didn’t sound like her. You can listen, too, here. I can’t even figure out what the heck she is talking about.

Event #3: I got a phone call at the house from this woman who quickly said, “So, do you want to go to lunch?” I said sure. She said, “Are you really going with HIM?” Then she hung up. I guess I don’t get to go out to lunch.

Event #4: I’m expecting a package from UPS, but the status changed from “In Transit” to “Exception” (tracking here), so I called up UPS to figure out what that meant. The girl said, “Oh, I have no idea. The road probably caught on fire.” Dag-gonnit. I just hate when the pavement catches on fire! It delays everything!

Okay, so maybe nothing is strange at all, but that is about as interesting as my life has been recently. I need to get out of the house. Maybe I should even try getting my job back.. haaa…

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I’m Still Alive!

Friday, 11. June 2004 10:43

I should probably update this thing more often than once a month because so much happens in that space of time that it would be almost impossible to journalize everything. And even if I did, the entry would be as long as my 20+ page long Australia entries, which no one had time to read. So, yeah, completely uncharacteristically, here’s a bunch of random stuff..

So, let’s see, I really have wasted away most of my time off over the past month. I had a whole list of things that I wanted to accomplish in that time, but I ended up doing none of them. I did end up going to a couple Oriole games, but they lost both times. Did you know that students can get tickets for $5 on Fridays? Oh, crap… I’m not a student anymore. At least UMBC ID’s don’t have expiration dates. How much does that suck, though? Once school is over with, you don’t get any more benefits until you are a senior citizen.. or disabled.

And speaking of time going by, when you measure your life based on the 17-year cicada, you begin to realize just how short life is. I mean, the next time they come around, I’ll be almost 40.. then 56.. then 73.. then probably dead. Sheesh. Those buggers are getting annoying though. Every time I go out driving, at least 10 of them start dive-bombing my car. And why do their guts just stay there and smear the windshield? Grr.

Last night I had one of those really vivid, yet bizarre dreams. Strangely enough, it involved almost everyone I know. I had just gotten back from an Orioles game when it started to snow pretty heavily. I went outside, but sadly everyone wanted to kill me; Will even had a hunting rifle. Thankfully, a group of schoolchildren were walking past my house, and their teacher was showing them how to use tranquilizer darts. I ran up to them and stole their darts as well as another rifle from somewhere else. To make a long dream short, I ended up shooting everyone who was after me (probably even you, the person reading this) with sleepy-time darts. Then I woke up. The lesson: don’t try to kill me.

Speaking of death and weird stuff, people search for really crazy things online. I’m able to track how people got to my web page, and I often get hits from people “looking for the g spot” (which links to the page for my former radio show, “The Kenny G Spot” – based on my high school nickname). But today I got a hit from someone looking for “’shortly after she passed away’ picture” on Google. That’s just creepy.

And with that, I’m gonna go get started on the day, now. I’m heading off to the beach later today. Hopefully I’ll update again sooner than later!

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