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Wednesday, 14. July 2004 22:10

Just a quick comment before I drop from exhaustion…

I’m getting a 2004 Ford Focus tomorrow!!!

I went to the dealership today and worked out a really good price… and now all I need to do is get my insurance for it!

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drive me around

Tuesday, 6. July 2004 20:03

Today I test-drove 3 cars: 2004 Ford Focus Sedan SE, 2004 Honda Civic, and 2005 Toyota Corolla. It’s so exciting! :D

I really hated the Corolla, which surprised me. I liked the Focus better than the Civic… but Honda tends to be better than Ford. I’m going to re-test-drive them tomorrow and then make my decision.

I’ve always, always wanted a Ford Focus though. I just think they’re so cute! And I loved driving it. I need to take it on the highway though, to make sure that the pickup is good.

Okay, Ryan and I are going to watch a movie now. :)

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