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Another Saturday Night, and I Ain’t Got Nobody

Sunday, 22. August 2004 1:56

Holy cow! It’s been so long since I touched this journal that I almost forgot it exists. So, what’s up? It’s 2 in the morning right now, but it feels like I just woke up a couple hours ago – because I did. “Oh my goodness, Ryan! Why did you sleep so late?” Well, my friend, it all started two months ago… and herein I attempt to summarize what’s been going on in my life for the thousands, if not hundreds of curious people out there in internetland, or as I call it, ‘funkytown.’

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Saturday, 14. August 2004 13:24

For quite a while, Ryan and I have been planning to go to Ocean City, Maryland this weekend. It’s really the only time for the rest of the summer that we can go. Well, as you might already know, there’s kind of a hurricane coming.. or maybe it’s a tropical storm. That kinda puts a damper on our plans. However, we’re going to drive down there this afternoon anyways and see how it is. Ryan’s aunt lives really close by, so we’re going to stay there for the night. Even if the weather is crappy, it should still be a good time. I wanna leave now, but Ryan’s not ready yet. It’s so hard to be patient!

This morning, I got my Maryland driver’s license. I’m going to miss my Connecticut one; it’s so much prettier. I guess it’s kind of cool that I have proof that I’m a Maryland resident though. This was the first time that my picture came out bad. Okay, okay, it’s only my third license. But my first two were pretty decent! This one just sucks. It’s not as bad as some people’s, but I really don’t like it.

Afterwards, I went to the library and got a library card. Yay, that makes me happy! I checked out a book for the beach too. Now that I don’t have school work anymore, I actually have time to read!

When I was at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, there was a couple in front of me who wanted to get a new license too. However, they didn’t have their birth certificates, so they weren’t able to. When I got to the library, they had just parked their car and were walking inside too! How incredibly weird is that?? And the DMV and library are about 25 minutes from each other! So freakin bizarre!

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