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Wednesday, 5. January 2005 10:39

I got a new TV yesterday! It’s a 27?, which is quite a lot bigger than my old 13? one!Ryan and I went to Best Buy last night, 20 minutes before they closed. We knew what we wanted, thankfully. The salesperson got it down and I paid for it – no problem.

We brought it outside and Ryan pulled his car up to the curb – problem. The box was just a little too big to fit in his Camry.

There was a really buff salesman outside who offered to help us. He tried to squeeze it in, but the opening for the door just wasn’t big enough.

Then he was like, “Ya know, sometimes if you take it out of the box, it fits better.” D’oh! I was so mad that I didn’t think of that!

So that’s what we did and it worked. And now I have a normal sized TV in my apartment. :)

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