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easter bunnies

Friday, 25. March 2005 6:17

I just want to reiterate how much I LOVE printing out my boarding pass with Southwest ahead of time. Remember last time how I stayed up until midnight to be #1? Obviously it wasn’t necessary because I printed it at 6am today and was #3. Although, being #1 was pretty awesome. :P

Ryan and I flying up to Connecticut late tonight. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday. I can’t believe that he’s 16! That’s really scary. I just have such an image of a 4 year old David, with his curly blond hair everywhere, aw.

So, this is the first holiday that Ryan and I are going to see both of our families. Our flight on Sunday is around 5pm. My family gets morning time and his gets evening time. I hope it all works out.

This weekend is the last time that I’m going to be in my house. We’re helping my family move out tomorrow. They have to officially be out by March 31. It makes me sad. :’( The new house is very nice; it’s just difficult to abandon the house that I grew up in. I hope the people buying it treat it nicely. =P

Alright, I most likely won’t be back here until Sunday night or Monday morning. To everyone it applies to, happy Easter!

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