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state seeing

Thursday, 28. April 2005 21:14

We did a lot of driving today! We actually ended up driving further south than we had originally intended. We went all the way to Oklahoma! Yay for going to another state. After this trip, I’ll now have visited 34. :-P

The landscape is way cool out here. There are tons of cows and we saw some buffalo too. I love how the roads are so straight and flat, so you can speed like crazy, haha.

It was cloudy the whole day though and it sprinkled off and on. I guess it was good we spent most of the time in the car. It was really too cold to be walking around outside.

I think tomorrow we’re going to try to do stuff. There are some historical places out here that I’m interested in seeing. We’ll have to see how much time we have though. The problem with states like Kansas and Nebraska is that they’re just too big!

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midwest trip

Thursday, 28. April 2005 6:38

Gosh, I love hotels that have free internet access. It’s even wireless!

So, I’m in Kansas right now. We just recently woke up and Ryan’s in the shower.

We almost didn’t make it here. Ryan was late driving to the airport from work and we were meeting at his sister’s college to leave a car there. We seriously got to the airport as they were saying “Last call for flight 85 and the following passengers…” We ran over, gave them our boarding passes, and they shut the gate doors behind us.

Alright, time for me to do other stuff. Maybe I’ll check in tomorrow night, maybe not. I love how everywhere you go, you can totally stay connected to the rest of society.

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