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The Price is Wrong, Ryan

Friday, 9. June 2006 22:14

I was reviewing some old video clips this evening when I came across the taping of the “Price is Right” that Megan and I were on in Los Angeles.  Even though it probably breezed by most viewers, I found the scene where I embarrassed myself on national television (in the audience, mind you – I was never called to ‘come on down’).  In the clip, a woman just won $5,000, and Bob wants to know if she should give it up in hopes of getting more money.  He turns to the audience, which returns with a loud “NOOOOO!!!”  After all, five grand is a nice chunk of change, and you don’t want to give that up too readily.  Or do you?  I guess I wasn’t paying attention or something, but I throw my fist into the air screaming “YEAAAAA!!!”  Then, realizing that I’m the only one, I reach my hand back onto my head as if I was just stretching… or itching my scalp.  What a fool!  I took the snippet of the show and posted it to this site so you can download it and see me looking like a fool: 
Ryan on the Price is Right

The video is about 3 megs, so if you’ve got a slow connection, click the link and then go grab a cup of coffee or something…

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