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Hawaii Earthquake

Thursday, 19. October 2006 23:30

Did you hear about the earthquake in Hawaii this past Sunday? As everyone put it at work today, our honeymoon made the earth shake. =P

That morning, we had a flight out to the Kona on the big island from Maui. We woke up early and were packing. I decided to take some of the bags out to the car, so we wouldn’t be struggling with everything at once.

As I was in the parking lot, I heard this tremendous rumbling noise. Then the ground started to intensely shake. The cars were moving back and forth so violently that I was thinking “Oh my gosh, I better step out from between these two cars; I’m going to get crushed.” I could barely stand because the ground was shaking so much.

A guy came out to the parking lot first and we were the only ones out there. He said, “We better go listen to the radio. There might be a tsunami coming because of this earthquake.” [That was the only part that really scared me.]

The other people inside the hotel were screaming and everyone ran outside. Ryan appeared with his socks on. No one really knew what was happening. Ryan later told me that the TV was almost knocked right off the shelf.

A few minutes after the initial quake, we felt a pretty big aftershock. Most people were watching the ocean, waiting for a tsunami. We were busily packing up the rest of our stuff and getting it in the car.

The thought of a tsunami really freaked everyone out. Lots of people checked out of the hotel early to get to higher ground. We actually legitimately had to check out, since we had the flight to catch.

We went to the airport and stood in line for several hours. There was no power, so the planes couldn’t land or take off. The bathrooms were *disgusting* because they couldn’t flush without electricity. Even though we had to stand in line for a long time, it really wasn’t that bad. Our flight was delayed by about 2 hours but it was totally fine.

We got to the big island about 5 hours after the initial earthquake. The airline temporarily lost our suitcases, which sorta screwed up our day because we had to return to the airport later to get them.. but it turned out okay, I guess.

I was very impressed by how Hawaii dealt with the clean-up. All of the fallen boulders had been pushed onto the shoulders of the roads and it was mostly clear. The only thing that wasn’t clear was the road to our hotel. The bridge was cracked and they wouldn’t let cars drive over it. We spent a little while waiting for them to open a detour, which was inconvenient – but we didn’t have another way around.

The earthquake was seriously so cool. I’m sure I wouldn’t be so thrilled if people had gotten hurt. But since there weren’t any deaths, I can be excited about it, right?

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