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Thursday, 15. February 2007 12:12

Welcome to our home page! It’s about time that we updated our home page, albeit not much has changed. We just registered this domain name for another year, and we realized: Holy cow! We need to actually start using this site for all it’s worth! Of course, most people just come here for the webcam and the occasional travel page, so those will stay up to date as needed. It is so difficult to maintain anything else because it seems like there is constantly “a lot going on!” And it’s amazing how fast time flies. Already, we have been married over 4 months! In the words of Sidney Ponson, “Believe it!”Hopefully we will be starting a new “blog” section of the site. Why? Because everyone else does! Neither of us have a MySpace page, and our LiveJournal/Facebook sites are rarely, if ever updated – let alone WebShots! Speaking of which, we will start uploading our pictures to this site, as well, so we can finally get rid of our WebShots account. It’s awful expensive, and our guests have to deal with ads and pop ups. Not cool.Anyway, enjoy the site, and hopefully we will have something new here by February 2008… 

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