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Megan’s Turn

Sunday, 26. August 2007 22:01

Ryan posts too much in here and it’s making me look bad!  I suppose I need to remember that this thing exists.  My life has been pretty boring, I guess.  The major thing that is going on with me is that I quit my job a week ago.  The day after Labor Day, I’ll be starting at a new company.  That’s not really something that I want to go into detail about though, because you never know who’ll read this!  =P

Let’s see… what can I write about?  As Ryan already told you, we went to the O’s game on Friday night.  We then headed up to the shore cottage on Saturday and spent the weekend there.  Ryan’s aunt, uncle and parents were there.  They had just gotten a super cool fake flame light, which provided some entertainment, haha.

So yeah, that’s all you’re going to get from me today…

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Orioles Magic

Saturday, 25. August 2007 13:45

Howdy! Last night we went to our second O’s game of the year – and the second within the past couple weeks.  On the last weekend of July, we went to see the Orioles defeat the Red Sox with Colleen and her boyfriend Jeff.  We sat way out in left field in home run territory (section 74).  In order to dissuade ‘outsiders’ from invading Oriole Park during Boston and New York games, the Orioles only sell a few thousand tickets in the beginning of the year and hold the rest in ‘packages’ where you have to buy tickets to several other home games in order to buy tickets to these prime games.  Not wanting to do that, we luckily found these tickets at face value on eBay.  Other tickets were going for 2 and 3 times their normal value – literally, a pack of 4 tickets a couple rows above the dugout went for $680.  True, these are good seats, but come on!  After you add in parking and food and drinks, you are spending a thousand bucks to go to a 3-hour game.  I’d much rather fly out to Australia again for that kind of money.

Anyway, I digress.  The Red Sox game was great, especially since we won in a comeback, and it got Megan and I back in the spirit of the O’s.  So, last week I bought a couple more tickets on eBay to see the O’s face the Twins.  This time, the tickets put us 5 rows out from first base, and they cost less than our outfield tickets!  Check out our view:

Megan and I met after work at UMBC so that we didn’t have to bring two cars into Baltimore.  We got to the game just as it was starting, found our seats, and watched the Orioles hit several home runs.  By the 7th inning, we were winning 4-0.  Then came our bullpen, which completely destroyed the game.  In the last 3 innings, the Twins got 7 runs and we couldn’t catch up.  At least it wasn’t a complete blowout like the 30-3 loss we suffered just two days ago.

So, there goes my hope in the Orioles.  Until we learn that we need to improve our pitching staff and stop spending money on veteran hitters, we will never get anywhere.  No matter how good your hitters are, if you can’t stop the other team from getting runs, you are never going to catch up.  But anyway, we did get a nice fireworks show at the end of the game.

Still dazed from the flashing rockets and the stupid loss, Megan and I headed home, and just as we were pulling into our apartment, we realized that we left Megan’s car back at UMBC.  An hour later, we were pulling into the apartment parking lot – again.  It was now almost 1am and time for bed.  Ho-hum…

Anyway, it’s less than a week before our St. Louis trip, so we’d better start planning that.  Take care and keep cool!

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Pennsylvania Trip

Tuesday, 21. August 2007 20:59

Megan and I just got back from another ‘trip’ yesterday, although I hesitate to call it such since we were barely over 100 miles away from home.  On Saturday, we headed up to Lancaster, PA to see one of Megan’s college friends get married.  The ceremony was nice (they played Phantom of the Opera music!), the reception was great, and the after-effects of too much wine had a bit to be desired.  I never did get sick, though, and the next morning I was happy as a clam.  Although, I really don’t think clams can show much emotion whatsoever.  Be it as it may, I never did get sick, which I’m quite proud of.

The next day, we headed East, first to play mini-golf where Megan got two hole-in-one’s and won herself a free game of golf at this franchise (which has a spot in Ocean City).  Not to be outdone, I ran a complicated maze in under 7 minutes, so I picked up a free game myself!  From there, we continued East toward Mount Vernon.  We fly over the area on every return flight from Connecticut, but our elementary school days have long since passed us by, and we couldn’t remember what was so significant about this place.  Something about George Washington, something about a battle, something about a harsh winter?  Ehh, let’s try ’something boring’.  I wouldn’t recommend this place in the least unless you are a true revolutionary war junkie.  Mount Vernon was basically an encampment for troops during the revolutionary war.  Yes, George Washington played a key role here, but the original cabins and fences have long since rotted away.  All that’s left are more recently built cabins to imitate the past.  George’s living quarters (we are on a first name basis now) is still in tact, so it was cool to walk around a house that he made home for several months, but even still – blah.  The rainy weather didn’t help either.

From there, we headed to Philly, for no other reason than to check out the Liberty Bell.  Neither of us had seen it before, so that was a nice treat.  But, then again, a bell is a bell is a bell.  And this one had a crack in it.  From there we went to Applebees for dinner and came home.  The end.  See?  Hardly a trip.  Although it is the first one I’ve written about since Australia… hmmmm…

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Home Page

Wednesday, 15. August 2007 20:34

Boy, the past couple weeks have not been pleasant when it comes to administering this site. In short – we’ve been hacked, multiple times. It first started towards the beginning of the year when we noticed that some random links started appearing at the bottom of our home page. It wasn’t anything too painful, and we were able to delete them straight away. After locking down some of our files and changing our password, things remained quiet – up until August 8 around 4:30pm. It was then that every single one of our index files was corrupted and all of the information in them was wiped away.

Index files (such as index.htm or index.php) are where web browsers first look to open web sites. In other words, when you go to, you are actually going to The same goes for virtually every link on our site that is organized into a file system. Our travel page is, our webcam page is, and so forth. They are pretty critical files, and when they are lost, that’s a big deal.

Unfortunately, the most recent backup that I made of our site was from May 2006, and since only our index files were impacted, it would not be worth our time and cost to have our web hosting site restore our site from tape backups. After hours of work, Megan and I were finally able to restore our site to the way it was in May of last year. I guess that’s the good thing about not having many updates!

However, we would only be good for less than a week. On Tuesday morning (August 14), the same thing happened. This time, we reported the problem to our web provider, who blamed it on our guestbook and told us to update our password. Fingers crossed, that’s what we did, so we’ll see what happens.
There is still some damage that will take a while to repair. Our wedding site, for example, well, that was up-and-coming last May, so that’s how it stands now. And our guestbook, that’s a mess. We are just going to disable that for now. In the meantime, we’ve completely backed up the site again, so at least we won’t have as much to do if this happens again. But, gosh, you would think that people would have better things to do than hack into other people’s sites.

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