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Friday, 9. April 2010 9:54

Well, folks – we’re back!  And in more ways than one…

It’s literally been almost 2 YEARS since anything was last posted in this blog, and it’s probably been almost as long since I last went to this page.  During that time, hundreds of thousands of spam comments were filtering their way into this blog.  So many in fact that it brought down our database.  Luckily, we were able to restore most of it, but the only way to get the posts back on this site was to painstakingly copy-and-paste over 200 entries, along with their comments.  There’s still a possibility that some got missed, but for the most part, we’re back in business.  To that end, we’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress so that I can post entries directly from my phone, and I’m hoping that we will end up making better use of this blog, especially on our future trips.  In any event, to help quell the amount of spam on this site, you’ll now have to enter a 4-character ‘code’ from an image in order to post a comment.  I hate those things, too, but it’s the only way to make this work without bringing down our database again!

In other news, we also had issues with our entire site a few days ago.  Over the past few months, we’ve been transitioned from our old hosting company (Emax Hosting) to Jumpline.  We neglected to update our domain nameservers during the transition, so our site ended up resolving to a dummy IP address.  That means that instead of seeing our pretty faces when you go to, you got to see some random blond chick with a backpack.  Too bad it was a week after April Fools.  Check it out:

Anyhow, hopefully this won’t be the only post of the year, but we’ll see what happens!  See ya down the road!

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