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Tuesday, 26. November 2013 10:37

I love that Alex whispers to my stomach “I’m your big brother.” <3

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Thursday, 21. November 2013 15:03

Last night, Ryan and I stayed up way too late watching TV, and we didn’t have the monitor downstairs with us.  At almost midnight, we heard Alex calling and stomping on the floor.  Uh oh.  He doesn’t usually get out of bed at night.  I rushed upstairs to find out what was wrong, and he was crying “I have to pee.”  Poor kid.  He can’t open our door knobs yet (and I am in no rush for that).  I let him out so he could use the bathroom, and then he fell back asleep.  That was the first time that he’s actually woken himself up to go to the bathroom (most times, he just holds it all night long).  I guess those three full cups with dinner were too much to handle!

Speaking of dinner, we have definitely entered the Temper Tantrum phase. When it was time for dinner last night, I was getting the food on the plates, and Alex said he wanted cereal. I told him he couldn’t have cereal, and he FLIPPED out. After 45 minutes of screaming and jumping up and down, I finally won and he ate his real dinner. Whew.

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Back at it?

Wednesday, 20. November 2013 19:29

I have been thinking (for like two years lol) that I need to start “blogging” again. I wanted to keep track of the things Alex has been doing, but I failed to actually do it. I just downloaded an app on my phone to make it easier (or harder because I hate typing on my phone). We’ll see how it goes. I’m not like Ryan with long, well-written entries… I plan to just have short posts to help me remember day-to-day stuff later.

Such as, on the drive home from school today in the dark, Alex yawned and I said “it sounds like you’re tired.” To which he replied, “no, that wasn’t a tired yawn. It was just like a yawn when the sun is out.” Anything to not sleep!

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