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Monday, 23. December 2013 11:08

I laid down on the floor this morning.
M: Ow.
A: Why did you say ow?
M: My back hurts.
A: Why?
M: I don’t know. I’m getting old.
A: No you’re not. You’re brand new!

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Monday, 9. December 2013 22:59

Falling asleep tonight:  “now let’s talk about this. When I am a daddy, what will Daddy be?”

Having a cough while pregnant is horrible. This is the second time. It’s so frustrating!

Alex needed privacy today and locked himself in the bathroom.

Ryan finished the Christmas card today. It might be a record for our earliest completion date!

Alex has been making up his own language lately. It’s kinda annoying because “ca-ca” is his favorite and it sounds like a bad word.

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Tuesday, 3. December 2013 18:51

This is probably a secret… but I am going to be an aunt soon!! Colleen went to the birthing center at 1:45 pm today!

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