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Tuesday, 2. September 2014 20:25

As I was making dinner tonight, Alex wanted to go downstairs to be with Ryan. He was being hyper, and I clearly remembering saying, “Okay, be careful going down the stairs.” He turned to look at me to say something, slipped, and fell backwards down the steps. Feet over head, flipping as he crashed to the landing. I screamed and threw the plate I was holding. Ryan rushed and fell up the stairs to grab him.

He was stunned, then cried for a minute, but was fine. He banged his side, mostly. He didn’t even want ice, and recovered so quickly. Ryan and I were still shaking an hour later. So scary.

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Monday, 1. September 2014 21:50

When we were installing the car seats in the car at the Long Term BWI lot, Alex was in the front seat. He told us that he put the EZPass up on the windshield.

Now that we’re waiting in line to pay in order to leave the lot, he asked why the EZPass doesn’t let us skip the line. How brilliant is that!? It takes a 3 year old to come up with a great idea!

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