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Who thinks that I finished my paper today? Hmm? If you know me, then you’re right — I didn’t even work on it. I have 1500 more words to write by Friday. Will I be able to do it? Hopefully!

Instead, Ryan and I decided to explore the neighbourhood. There is an amusement park called Adventure World that is very close to our university. Ryan wanted to walk there, to see just how close it is. We had no intention of going in though, since it was about 1:00 in the afternoon and we didn’t want to pay $30 each for only a half day.

It was a beautiful day today, so I was happy to get outside. We walked and walked and walked. The area is so nice. There were two lakes with parks that we walked through, and saw lots of ducks, sea gulls, black swans, and many other birds. It was really cool.

However, by the time we got to Adventure World, my foot was killing me. I can’t wait to get surgery to make it all better. Anyways, so yeah. We made it to the amusement park, and geeze.. the place is so small and dinky. I was expecting as much, but yeah. Who knows if we’ll end up going for a day or not; it wasn’t even open today.

So basically, we walked all the way there, and then had to come all the way back. However, on the way back, we went a different way so that we could make a stop at the grocery store. We didn’t realise that the road we had to take was a freeway without footpaths. It wasn’t very fun, especially because I was in super pain by this point.

We somehow made it to the store, shopped for a bit, and then walked back to our university. I’m glad that we got some exercise on this gorgeous day, but I’m not glad that my foot is now extra swollen and I didn’t get any work done. But hey, that’s alright. I have tomorrow to work.. right? *crosses fingers*

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Date: Wednesday, 22. October 2003 21:31
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