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Ryan and Megan's 2008 Christmas Card

2008 Christmas Card

Click here for hi-res version of the cover
Click here for hi-res version of the inside

Frederick, MD (original pic) - Ryan was honored to be the officiant at Neal and Heather's wedding ceremony in October at the Ceresville Mansion.
Hunt Valley, MD (original pic) - 2008 was the year with a double-dose of the annual Embassy Suites adventure in February and December.
Canada-USA Border (original pic) - Between Vancouver and Seattle is Peace Arch Park, allowing open border crossing prior to arriving at customs.
Galveston, TX (original pic) - Galveston is a beautiful island between Houston and the Gulf of Mexico. It suffered through two major hurricanes - in 1900 and then again, less than 4 months after our visit (Ike).
Dallas, TX (original pic) - In 2008, we had arrived in our 49th state (Louisiana) - it would not have been possible without the great deals and free flights from Southwest Airlines.
Columbia, MD (original pic) - The highlight of 2008 for us was the purchase of our house in Columbia, MD - just before the economy went into free-fall.
Glacier Natl. Park, MT (original pic) - During our summer vacation, we visited the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the northern USA. Note the lack of glaciers in Glacier National Park.
Very Large Array, NM (original pic) - In the middle of nowhere is Very Large Array - a set of 27 antenna dishes with as much power as a single 22-mile wide dish.
Eldon, IA (original pic) - This small town in Iowa has one of the most iconic structures in American culture - the house that inspired Grant Wood to paint American Gothic.
Calgary, AB (original pic) - Although we weren't able to make it to the Olympics in Beijing, we went to the site of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada.
New Orleans, LA (original pic) - For a week and a half in May, an unbearded Ryan traveled with Megan on our 'half-cross-country trip', taking us through the heart of New Orleans - Bourbon Street.
Kansas City, MO (original pic) - We absolutely love the Midwest. On our third trip out there, we stopped by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art with the world's largest shuttlecocks.

Finding the best pictures to represent ourselves in 2008 can be a challenge. Below are some on the ones that didn't quite make the cut into the card for one reason or another:

Original Cover #1 (Painted on our floor)

Original Cover #2 (Mystic, CT - January 6)

Roswell, NM - February 15

Carlsbad Caverns Natl. Park, NM - February 15

Guadalupe Mountains Natl. Park, NM - February 15

Big Bend Natl. Park, TX - February 16

White Sands Natl. Park, NM - February 17

Petroglyph Natl. Monument, NM - February 17

Embassy Suites Hunt Valley, MD - February 23

Winterset, IA (John Wayne's Birthplace) - March 1

Tallgrass Natl. Park, KS - March 2

Overland Park, KS (Applebee's Headquarters) - March 2

Allentown, PA (Hanson Walk) - May 2

Kitty Hawk, NC - May 17

Cape Harreras, NC - May 17

Kentwood, LA (Our 49th State) - May 21

Houston Space Center, TX - May 22

College Station, TX - May 22

The Alamo, TX - May 23

San Antonio, TX (River Walk) - May 23

Mesquite, TX - May 23

Dallas, TX (Dealey Plaza) - May 24

Hope, AK - May 24

Crater of Diamonds, AK - May 24

Marion, VA - May 26

Football Hall of Fame, OH - June 7

Baltimore, MD - August 24

Coeur d'Alene Lake, ID - August 27

Waterton Lakes Natl. Park, AB - August 28

Fort Macleod, AB - August 28

Banff Natl. Park, AB - August 29

Mt Revelstoke Natl. Park, BC - August 30

Bridal Veil Falls Prov. Park - August 30

North Cascades Natl. Park - August 31

Frederick, MD (Neal/Heather Wedding) - October 3

New York, NY - October 5

Baltimore, MD (Anait's Masquerade) - November 29


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