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Ryan's Mind

This is actually a pretty cool thing to do in your spare time.  What you do is start drawing something that comes to your mind.  As you do that, something else will probably enter your mind, but instead of continuing to draw the original thing, just let your hand keep moving onto whatever entered your mind, if you get my drift.  You will end up with a drawing that will make total sense to you but not to someone else.  However, you should still be able to explain it to them.  Let's take the above picture for example:

I started to draw a car, believe it or not (It's the thing with loser written on it).  You might be able to see the headlight up front.  When I drew the wheels, they started to look like eyes, so i made a person out of it.  I'm not good at drawing people, so I made him look like a dorky-loser kinda person.  The "hat" on his head makes it look like he is outside, so I drew the sun.  Then I drew some birds flying around it.  They actually looked like waves, which made me draw a little sailboat.  I figured that I would put him on it, too.  That's why the arrow is there.  The "poo" just came from my head, but it looked like "Snood", so I drew that in the sun, which looked like a bowling alley, which I drew next to the loser's head.  I knew I did very well in bowling when I was a kid, so I drew in some stars to show that as well as the money balloon (from the Simpsons), but that somehow reminded me of linear algebra, so I drew a matrix.  And that's all.

Now you try it.  Send your pictures to me!  Yay!

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