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Kelly's Down Under Itinerary
Monday, June 4, 2007 - Thursday, August 7, 2007

Howdy, folks!  OK, so this itinerary really doesn't have anything to do with Ryan and Megan, but Kelly's web site hasn't been updated since it was created when she first started college.  And there ought to be some central place where you can look up her flights to the other side of the planet!  So, don't expect any real details here.  Ask her when she comes back.  It's only two months!  In the meantime, you can revist the trip that Megan and I took to the land down under here.
~ Ryan

All times are local to the particular city.  New Zealand is just opposite the International Date Line, which makes it 16 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone.  The eastern half of Australia is 14 hours ahead.  We've added U.S. Eastern Time time in [brackets] so you don't need to do any math!

Emergency Contact Information:
Phone (Kelly's Cell): 443-465-6821 (in New Zealand only)
E-mail: (will be checked as often as possible)



Flight #1: Monday, June 4, 2007 - TRACK IT!

Southwest Airlines - Flight 709 (Baltimore to Los Angeles)
DEPART Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 9:40 AM [6/4, 9:40 AM]
ARRIVE Los Angeles, CA (LAX) at 12:10 PM [6/4, 3:10 PM]

Flight #2: Monday, June 4, 2007 - TRACK IT!
Qantas Airlines - Flight 26 (Los Angeles to Auckland)
DEPART Los Angeles, CA (LAX) at 9:05 PM [6/5, 12:05 AM]
ARRIVE Auckland, NZ (AKL) at 4:45 AM [6/5, 12:45 PM]

Flight #3: Monday, June 18, 2007 - TRACK IT!

Qantas Airlines - Flight 116 (Auckland to Brisbane)
DEPART Auckland, NZ (AKL) at 6:10 AM [6/17, 2:10 PM]
ARRIVE Brisbane, AU (BNE) at 8:00 AM [6/17, 6:00 PM]

Flight #4: Monday, June 18, 2007 - TRACK IT!
Qantas Airlines - Flight 782 (Brisbane to Cairns)
DEPART Brisbane, AU (BNE) at 9:45 AM [6/17, 7:45 PM]
ARRIVE Cairns, AU (CNS) at 12:10 PM [6/17, 10:10 PM]

Flight #5: Thursday, August 9, 2007 - TRACK IT!

Qantas Airlines - Flight 60 (Cairns to Sydney)
DEPART Cairns, AU (CNS) at 7:00 AM [8/8, 5:00 PM]
ARRIVE Sydney, AU (SYD) at 9:50 AM [8/8, 7:50 PM]

Flight #6: Thursday, August 9, 2007 - TRACK IT!
Qantas Airlines - Flight 11 (Sydney to Los Angeles)
DEPART Sydney, AU (SYD) at 1:25 PM [8/8, 11:25 PM]
ARRIVE Los Angeles, CA (LAX) at 9:45 AM [8/9, 12:45 PM]

Flight #7: Thursday, August 9, 2007 - TRACK IT!
Southwest Airlines - Flight 72 (Los Angeles to Louisville*)
DEPART Los Angeles, CA (LAX) at 12:15 PM [8/9, 3:15 PM]
ARRIVE Louisville, KY (SDF)  at 10:15 PM [8/9, 10:15 PM]

Flight #8: Friday, August 10, 2007 - TRACK IT!
Southwest Airlines - Flight 72 (Louisville* to Baltimore)
DEPART Louisville, KY (SDF) at 12:15 AM [8/10, 12:15 AM]
ARRIVE Baltimore, MD (BWI)  at 1:45 AM [8/10, 1:45 AM]

*Louisville was an unscheduled flight diversion due to weather.

& Transportation:
School for Field Studies
Rainforest Studies in Australia
and New Zealand
While in New Zealand, student accommodations will be at various lodges. The Australia accommodations are eight person cabins at the Center for Rainforest studies, in the heart of the Australian rainforest.



Current Weather Conditions:
Click for Auckland, New Zealand Forecast


Click for Cairns, Queensland Forecast


Additional Notes (from the CSI Crew):
"Here is the info on Kelly's upcoming trip. It contains tons of info, but not too much on New Zealand. If you move your mouse over the tabs on top, especially the "programs" and "admissions" ones, the drop-down menus have loads of info, including field station tours. That has pics of where Kel will be staying in Australia. There are, on some of these pages, PDF files with field preparation guides, course descriptions, and a lot more." - Aunt Theresa

"Somewhere in her course description are mentioned the Kauri Trees. Found this site to explain them and also this map of New Zealand... Waipoua #2 on the map looks like where those trees are." - Aunt Theresa

"Lots here about Northern New Zealand. Where will Kel be staying... Maybe one or more of these places." - Aunt Theresa

"It would be nice to know if any of these are anywhere near where Kel will be!" - Aunt Theresa

"Found some local weather with radar!" - Aunt Theresa

"According to the course description, this is one of the places in New Zealand. I'll be sending more as I find them!" - Aunt Theresa

"Check out Kiwanis Huia Camp. What a great "schoolhouse"!" - Aunt Theresa

"Where in the world is our Kel? Maybe here!" - Aunt Theresa

"Check out Waitangi National Trust... Fascinating Stuff!" - Aunt Theresa

"I just spoke to Kelly for literally a minute and she said to say 'hi' to everyone. She was on her way to another place, but told me that the tribe was amazing. They cooked all the meat and food underground, similar to what she and I have seen on survival shows. She said it was so good! She mentioned that she is having trouble with her camera battery. Hopefully she figure it out so she can continue to take pictures! Anyways, just wanted to pass it along!" - Tim

"All I can say is... Wow! Great way to wind up a trip... I mean New Zealand field study!" - Aunt Theresa

"In my quest for anything Kelly, I came across this article about Warrawee. It is the name given to the camp where she will be staying in Australia. It was written by a young woman, Wendee Holtcamp, and her experience there back in 1997. I can just picture Kelly seeing these same things for the first time. It gives me goosebumps! And the last paragraph says a little more about where this camp is." - Aunt Theresa

"Found this!!! Google Earth Placemark: School For Field Studies.kmz" - Aunt Theresa
Download: Google Earth
Download: School For Field Studies.kmz

"Yungaburra! Neat town near the field study centre with lots of links to things Kel may see." - Aunt Theresa

"Here is some info about beaches, (maybe "in the nuddy" beach-yikes!) restaurants ("cut lunch"), shops, tours, etc. Don't know how much they cost, tho." - Aunt Mary
Click here: Cairns - Accommodation & Tours - This one shows some beaches, a small plane ride, and you can click on the map for more info about activities, places to see.
Click here: Kuranda Scenic Railway - Scenic railway ride-this looks interesting!
Click here: City of Cairns - Cairns Australia - Cairns Visitors Information Guide

"There is a lot of info in those sites and I'm sure we'll come up with more, however, I found a lot of fun just going through the following site, which may help you understand the locals along your travels! Or, if you want to get rid of someone: "Rack off" (means get lost, rack off hairy legs!!). Well, I guess you must be careful using their terms, but maybe you'll understand some of what you hear!" - Aunt Mary
Click here: Australian slang - Dictionary

"These hostels have ratings of one to five stars. Not sure, and I'm sure you aren't sure either, if you are staying in Cairns the whole time. Regardless, I found this site with ratings on hostels in Cairns. Some are not city center and some are. There is one that would put you smack dab in the city... a 4-star called Gilligan's (they even have AC!), and they have 24 hour service. Not all do, but they all seem very inexpensive. Maybe one of these would be a good place to lay your head while in Cairns!" - Aunt Theresa

"Had a chance to IM with Kel for a couple minutes yesterday morning! What a nice surprise! Poor Kelly got bombarded at the same time with Daviness, Mary and me, while waiting for her laundry! Are we eager for information or what! Sorry, Kel... We will try to contain ourselves in the future... Maybe. Anyway, here is the jist of what Kelly IM'ed with me...
She is today (June 22) already done of course, working with the environmental group called 'treat.'
Then they had some free time in the afternoon in the town of Atherton.
And this evening (which is right now as of this writing on Friday morning EDT), Kel and her friends are going into Yungaburra to the local 'pub.' Looks pretty neat!
Thanks, Kel for putting up with our 'stalking'!" - Aunt Theresa

"Was reading somewhere on the SFS website that students have gone to this place while in the Daintree Forest. Very cool. Kel, I hope you get to do this. And hopefully see, but not too close, the cassowarys! Oh, what the heck, a lil' ol' cassowary would be putty in your hands!" - Aunt Theresa

"Did a little research and saw these places in the Daintree, which I think might be the highlight of this course! Check these places out. I'm pretty sure they will be on the itinerary while in the Daintree.
No clue where they will be staying, but these look like possibles. Maybe Crocodylus. It's dorm style and very rustic. Or maybe Cape Trip beach house.
Who really knows, but it's fun to imagine!" - Aunt Theresa

"Had a nice surprise this morning! I had written an email to Kelly asking how the food is in Australia, and she started up an IM with me! I was so pleased! Of course, I had to ask what she was doing this weekend! The class is going to these two places tomorrow. At least, one I am sure of. Took the liberty (ha ha!) to see if I could find where she is going. She mentioned going to a "touristy" aboriginal place because the place they were planning to go to was cancelled. In searching, I found this one. Not sure if this is right, but it is close to Cairns and it looks "touristy"!
The other place that she mentioned for tomorrow will be here:
Both look pretty neat, and even if the aboriginal is not the right one, I'm sure she will see something similar to it." - Aunt Theresa

"Kelly was able to get me a picture today... She said it was taken in New Zealand and she was digging a hole for a tree. I think it's an adorable picture, but of course I would think any picture is." - Tim

"Hey everyone! I got a lot more pictures from Kelly, so I decided to create an online album for all to see. It's open to the public so everyone should be able to see it! Let me know if you have any problems viewing them! Kelly said she will try and send more pictures with views later!" - Tim
It's at:

"I looked up a wombat. They are precious!" - Aunt Theresa

"Welcome to Granite Gorge Nature Park in Tropical North Queensland, Australia" - Aunt Theresa

"In an IM with Kelly, she mentioned she was going to Undara (the outback), and stay in a tent for the night!" - Aunt Mary

Latest Messages from Kelly:
Wednesday, June 6, 2007, 7:08AM
"And I am safe in New Zealand, Wednesday my time! It was a great flight and now I have a bunch to do today! Hope to talk to you all soon wish you were here." - Kelly

Friday, June 8, 2007, 3:30PM
"I know Y'all are dying to know where I am so I'm at an internet cafe right now and I'm gunna try and tell you my schedule. I've been having such an amazing time here.  The students are instructors are great and its such a beautiful place, you wouldn't even believe. I've been taking lots of pictures so you'll be able to see those sometime!  I've been staying in Kiwanis Huia Camp in Huia, Auckland and our backyard is practically a beach and its beautiful (the Huia Bay).  It rains everyday for about 2-3 min hardcore but then it brightens up, with a chill in the air.  Yesterday we went to the Arataki Visitor Centre which is high up on a hill and it has a spectacular view.  I felt as if I were looking at a postcard.  Today, Friday, we went to the Auckland War Museum and saw some of the Maori tribe do a performance for us.  Now we're hanging out in the city for the next 5 hours on our own!  Tomorrow and this weekend will be very interesting - we're going to Marae tribe with a few stops on the way - Wenderholm, Wenderholm Regional Park, Mainland Islands, and we're taking the Maungatauhoro Te Hikoi track (no idea how to pronounce that, or half the names around here); then we travel to Warkworth and Waitangi and finally reach Marae.  Monday we leave that tribe, go to Waipoua, have lunch near Tane Mahuta (huge tree), go on Waipoua Forest walks, stay there for the night in the Forest Camp. We may even go Kiwi spotting (national bird of NZ; the natives here are actually called Kiwis). Tuesday we go back to Kiwanis and leave the next day for Tiri Tiri Island, go back to Auckland and then Kiwania.  Thursday the 14th we go to Cascade Kauri Park (Ark in the Park project).  Saturday we take a bush walk in Waitakere Ranges. Monday we leave Auckland to go to Cairns! and that's my New Zealand trip!  Insanely busy but absolutely the awesomest thing ever!!
Who knows what I'll be doing in the city tonight, but what's not to do in a new city?? I know the Aunties will be happy with my schedule and find all the cool webcams. Sorry if this is incoherent or anything I'm trying to rush since I'm paying to use the internet!!  No wuckers, mates, I'm having a blast and wish Y'all could be here!  Cheers!" - Kelly

Thursday, June 14, 2007, 2:21PM
"I'm at a library right now! I try to pick up internet whenever I can. I've been having such an awesome time here. Tiri Tiri Island and Wenderholm were absolutely beautiful and any pictures that I send (which won't be until I get to Aus) will not even come close to how beautiful they are. Anyway, just checking in - I'm still alive. Hope everything's well at home. Happy early Father's Day, Dad. I'll try to call if I can! This Monday will be busy 'cause of the plane ride so we'll see! Cheers!" - Kelly

Thursday, June 14, 2007, 2:23PM
"As an add-in, 4/6 guys on this trip (26 people all together) are gay! So, no wuckers! Cheers!" - Kelly

Saturday, June 16, 2007, 9:44AM
"I wouldn't give up anything to go home right now!! I just wish you all could be here. I've got the day free in Auckland today, so I'm taking a ferry over to Waiheke Island (I forget the exact spelling), going to some wineries, then back to Auckland for some fun in the city! Hope Y'all have a good weekend. I'll try and figure out how to let you know that I've arrived in Australia! Cheers." - Kelly

Monday, June 18, 2007, 6:16PM
"Well, I'm in Australia now. It's been a really long day, getting up at 2:30 in the morning and finally making it here around noon Aus time? I think? I'm so tired and its only 6:15! The camp here is interesting. It's quite a hike to the toilets and to where we eat and stuff and a few people have already gotten leeches attached to them! The weather is MUCH warmer than in NZ which is just fabulouso. I'm not shivering as I walk around! My free day in NZ was really fun tho. Several girls and I went to two wine tastings wherever the ferry let us off. My only problem was that I've done something wretched to my knee and we had to walk everywhere. I hope it gets better soon! After that, I just spent time walking around Auckland (our curfew was 10:30). Sunday, we jut cleaned and got ready for today's trip. I can't believe I'm here. I guess it'll hit me more later when I'm actually aware of my surroundings. We got tons of lectures about everything that can kill us here, but no wuckers, no one on the SFS trip has died yet. I don't know my schedule yet, and I apparently can't send pictures 'cause of how slow this internet is, so y'all will have to wait 'til I get home in 57 days (I had to count cause of the arrival ticket thing I had to fill out). Anyway, if y'all could send me your mailing addresses, I'm gunna try my hardest to send out postcards (I have some from NZ that I didn't send, but shh, pretend I sent them from NZ). Anyway, that's about it. I'm gunna get some grub, take a shower (if there are lights working) and then go to bed!! Cheers." - Kelly

Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 11:49AM
"Things are better here today! My knee is slightly better and I'm not as grumpy 'cause I got 11 hours of sleep. I've had tons of leeches already 'cause we did a long walk in the rainforest - saw a cane toad, though! Apparently, their remedy is to gather all the cane toads they find, refrigerate them, then freeze them. It's supposedly the inhumane way to kill them, but I could never do that! It's nice and warm here, and hopefully all the rain will clear up, after all, it's the dry season! If any of you wanted something to do, please give me suggestions on places to tarvel for the 5 days I'll be in Cairns (and maybe some cheap accommodations! Hostels?). I've got a group of girls I'm staying with and we def are goin to the reef but we needs more things! Cheers" -Kelly

Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 12:02PM
"They definitely warned us about all the deadly snakes that we could encounter and not to play with them (small eyed snake, eastern brown, red-bellied snake) blah blah blah. I forgot my knee brace, but one of the girls here has a brace type thing so I've been wearing that. At the wine tastings, NZ is better known for their white wines so there were only a couple red wines, but they were delicious! It was Cable Bay's merlot cabernet something or other. They were really good! I didn't buy any 'cause apparently they are better in Aus anyway. The sleeping bag is amazing - definitely came in handy in NZ. I pretty much lived out of it. Oh, I heard the lunch bell. Gotta go! Cheers." - Kelly

Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 6:17PM
"I've been wearing my gumboots nonstop here. It's so wet and leechy that I'm afraid to take them off, especially with all the tramping I do to the toilets and the classroom! Those little leeches are quick too! Good thing they haven't sucked too much blood out... This Sunday is also a free day for us kids, and a few of us were thinking of hitting the northern beaches! Maybe finally get a little tan! Anyway, I'm gonna get some school work done, blah. Cheers. (Do you see that I've gotten internet for the second time today? This is amazing)." - Kelly

Saturday, June 23, 2007, 7:16PM
"So I have an update for next week! I'll be in the Daintree Forest Tuesday, Wednesday and coming back Thursday sometime. Should be a lot of fun! Not sure exactly where the base is in that area, but who cares! It's about a 3 or 4 hour drive. Still don't know what I'm doing Sunday. I'll bring my swimsuit, but I have a feeling we may not go to beaches cause of the weather. I'll probably get a bunch more info of what to do on my 5 days off! That Gilligans place is looking preettyyy good though for room stay, so thanks! Today I saw a bunch of turtles in the water, saw a very deep crater (straight down like 80 meters!), went to a bird swamp thing, and then went on a successful platypus hunt! Only saw one, but I have semi-decent picture of it so I can show you when I get home. It was so cute! Anyway, I'll be in touch! Cheers." - Kelly

Tuesday, June 26, 2007, 7:13AM
"Well I'm not as worried about the cassowaries as I am the crocs in the neighboring rivers! Either way, I hope to get pics of both animals! And maybe even some cool snakes! Anyway, I'll be back Thursday evening (your Thursday morning) and won't have access to email, phone 'til then! Cheers!" - Kelly

Thursday, June 28, 2007, 6:31PM
"Well, CSI pulled thru again. We did in fact stay at crocodylus and it was absolutely fabulous! This was definitely one of my favorite parts of this whole program. So, we got the place, dropped off our stuff, got in our swimsuits and drove down the road a bit and hung out on the beach for a couple hours! I went "dipping" in the water--very salty! I've missed the ocean! Back at our base, we all hung out in the lounge and had a couple drinks, then went to bed, after I did some karaoking with one of my friends here. The nexy day (my birthday) we headed up to the daintree discovery center where I finished off my research on plants and then walked around a bit. We went to a different beach afterward and I got to see a cassowary! She just appeared on the beach and started walking around (knowing what I know about the vicious cassowaries, I almost crapped my pants!). I got a few good pictures and a couple movies with a lady doing what you shouldn't do (running away). So that was an amazing birthday gift! Oh, and in the morning, everyone sang happy birthday to me VERY loud and VERY obnoxiously. It was great! Once we got back to the camp, a few of us went out spotlighting, and I got to see a huge owl and heard a bunch of things moving in the forest. So all in all it was an awesome birthday (how many people can say they spent their 21st in the daintree forest?). I ended the night with a lovely screwdriver that my friend bought for me. Now I'm back at 'home' in Warrawee, and after dinner, the kids sung happy birthday to me again and brought me a huge cake! Talk about an extended birthday! And thank you guys for sending me birthday wishes! It was so nice to come home too! (especially the burping card which everyone in the puter room heard :o) Whew! After that long-winded email, I'm exhausted! I've got a long night ahead of me filled with research! Cheers!" - Kelly

Sunday, July 1, 2007, 12:00PM
"As usual, you're right about where I was. This is like playing 'Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego' except I'm not stealing anything. Anyway, Tjapukai was insanely touristy and rather pathetic to watch. Especially when grown men were skipping around on a stage singing 'I'm proud to beeeee Aboriginieee.' Yeah, a lot like 'Proud to be an American.' But, oh well. It was amusing, and I learned how to throw a boomerang. I guess I was expecting something like the actual Maori tribe in NZ. Either way, the beach afterwards was totally fab and I got to play in the water a bit. Today, I've got the center almost to myself because everyone else is out scuba diving (I'm doing that on one of the 6 days off I have with the girls here). So now I can get all my research and studying done today. Maybe even lay out on this beautiful sunny day! Hope y'all are having a good weekend. Ohh, and found out that the last night here, Wednesday, we're having a bbg with crocodile and kangaroo! Excited that I don't have to pay for it! Cheers!" - Kelly

Thursday, July 5, 2007, 7:23AM
"Well, I'm on my first day of free time (happy 4th of July, by the way). I was woken up at 2:00am by the people who were leaving on an early flight home. I miss them already!! We left at 5, and now we're in the city waiting for everything to open up! Today we're probably going back to Palm
Cove and snoozin' on the beach and taking it easy. Tomorrow may be the Great Barrier Reef, but who knows! We're going to try to get up to Port Douglas at some point, Hartley's Crocodile Tour thing, the zoo, some horseback riding/ATVing, and who knows what else! Anyway, hope ya'll have a good week. I doubt I'll have chances to email considering it's not free in the city! Cheers." - Kelly

Thursday, July 12, 2007, 10:23AM
"Hey guys! I'm back at the center after a wonderful but short vacation! When we first got at our hostel on Thursday, we were going to go to the beach, but took a 4 hour nap instead! Friday, we snorkled at the GBR and it was uber amazing. I couldn't believe all the life down there! I saw a a huge sting ray and a sea turtle among other cool fish. At night, we went out to a bar to get free beer and pizza with the boat crew. Saturday, we went to Trinity Beach, which was sooo beautiful, water was a little cold! Sunday, we did this "turtle tour," which was recommended to us through our hostel. It was really cool! our guide, Stu, didn't wear shoes the whole time, took us to crystal cascades, Lake Placid, Barron River Gorge, and a few other cool places, all the while telling us some craaazy stories and showing us magic tricks. I got to see a scrub python, too which has made my awesome trip even better! I got trigger fingers and wanted to play with it but Stu wouldn't let me. :o( Monday, we went to the Cairns Tropical Zoo which was great! I got to chill with the kangaroos, hold a koala and crocodile and pet a wombat. I was also like a foot from a taipan, the deadliest snake in the world! So exciting! Tuesday, we met up with Steven, hung around the city, and went to the clubs at night. It was fun! Now, we're back and the new people seem pretty cool. 4 people missed their flights so we're relaxing today until they get there. Anyway, that's the short of it, I'm gunna grab some food for smoko. Cheers!" - Kelly

Thursday, July 12, 2007, 11:57AM
"The koala was definitely adorable and cuddly! There are lots of pictures of everything. The croc wasn't too big, just a little guy and it's mouth was taped shut. Stu wasn't Aborigine, he was just a crazy Australian, and yeah he was barefoot in the forest, driving, rocks, everything. And he was able to be a foot from the python, but I wasn't, it wasn't fair! It was fun tho' (haha), and he got a good picture for me. Anyway, it's lunch time! Cheers!" - Kelly

Friday, July 13, 2007, 8:20 AM
"Smoko is just like 'cuppa' or tea time, usually happens around 10:00am. So, total, there are 16 students, 3 are boys. 9 new students came, and they seem kinda cool. Don't know yet cause they are all jet-lagged! Not exactly sure what we're doing this week (I know, I know... I NEVER know!). Today is just lectures and staying on site. Tomorrow, Saturday, it's just lectures again. Sunday is a free day and we're going to Granite Gorge where we can play with wallabies. That's all I know so far (haha). Anyway, gotta get started on all the lectures! Cheers." - Kelly

Thursday, July 19, 2007, 9:16PM
"G'day folks! I just got back from my trip to the outback which was totally flash. We did a lot of field work but could also relax, too. Of course, we had the demented tent and basically had to tie it to a tree to keep it from blowing over. No bed mats made for an interesting and uncomfortable sleep, but it was still cool to be sleeping in the outback. We visited lava tubes, and on our way back to the center we saw a wild gray kangaroo and her joey, very adorable!! The forest we were in was definitely better than the Mabi forests we've been sampling in - there were no stinging trees, scrubbage, or wait-a-whiles! Anyway, I'm going to try and send the schedule that they put up for us on the student drive to give you a rough idea of what I'll be up to. It changes every now and then, but it's better than bits and pieces here and there. Anyway, it's good to be "home" and I'm looking forward to August 9th. Cheers!" - Kelly
Click here for Kelly's schedule!

Friday, August 3, 2007, 6:06PM
"I can't believe I'll be home this time next week! This time flew by so incredibly fast, yet it seems like I've been here for a year. Weeiiirrdd. So, the Daintree was totally flash again. I got to see another cassowary and a baby one. At a bat farm, I got to hold a flying fox, which I was stoked about. The bat farm was like another studying abroad program, and boy did it make me appreciate the center that we have in the rainforest. It was sooooo downtrodden, I dont know how the kids make it thru! Anyway, I'm basically done schoolwork-wise. I've got another paper due Monday, and my exam is on Tuesday. Saturday I'm doing the paper and studying or whatever. Sunday will be a beach day but mostly shopping day. Wednesday is our packing/cleaning day, then home Thursday! We get to leave at 2:00 in the morning (hooray), and my flight is at 7, I think. But I'm sure you already knew that. Definitely excited to come home - just wish I could bring it all with me. Hopefully someday I'll be able to come back and visit. Maybe future research opportunities?? However, my paper due Monday is about water quality of wetlands around the Daintree and it's def something I can apply back home at the bay! :o) See y'all soon. Cheers." - Kelly

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