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Ryan and Megan's Cleveland Itinerary

Saturday, September 24, 2005 - Sunday, September 25, 2005

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Guess what, fool?  Megan and I have yet another trip planned!  This time we are headed to Cleveland!  What's there you ask?  I have no idea, but I was able to get a cheap flight out there, so why not check it out?  After all, according to Drew Carey, Cleveland rocks!  Both Megan and I will get a chance to add a new state to our "been there" list (Ohio).  Know what's cool about that state?  If you take off the "O" and say the rest loud, you will sound like Ed McMahon (Hi-Ooooo!).  Okay, enough of this nonsense.  You can check out all the details of our trip below.  I've provided a generalized itinerary of what Megan and I are doing so that our stalkers don't have to work as hard.  Note:  All links will open in a new window.

All times are local to the particular city.  Ohio, like Maryland, is in the Eastern Time Zone, so there is no difference there.

Emergency Contact Information:
Phone (Ryan's Cell): 410-259-4180 (best bet for contacting me)
Phone (Megan's Cell): 443-564-1301
E-mail: (will be checked as often as possible)



Flight #1: Saturday, September 24, 2005 - TRACK IT!

Southwest Airlines - Flight 259 (Baltimore to Cleveland)
DEPART Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 8:10 AM
ARRIVE Cleveland, OH (CLE) at 9:20 AM

Flight #2: Sunday, September 25, 2005 - TRACK IT!

Southwest Airlines - Flight 1334 (Cleveland to Baltimore)
DEPART Cleveland, OH (CLE) at 9:10 PM
ARRIVE Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 10:20 PM

Hotel: Saturday
Night, September 24, 2005
Hampton Inn Sandusky-Central, OH
6100 US Route 250
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Car Rental: Saturday, September 24 (9:30am) - Sunday, September 25 (8:30pm)
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Cleveland Airpot Con Fac
19601 Maplewood
Cleveland, OH 44135-2457


Weather Forecast:
We aren't headed all that far away, so unless you are reading this from another country, you can pretty much bet that our weather is pretty similar to yours.  Last time I checked, it's going to be mostly cloudy all weekend with a chance of rain or thunderstorms on both Saturday and Sunday.  Oh, well.  At least we aren't headed to Houston.  Click on the "forecast" hyperlink next to the date for the forecast in the area we will be travelling.

Note:  The numbers in the itinerary correspond to the map at the bottom.

Saturday, September 24: (forecast)
We are flying into Cleveland (1) pretty early in the morning, so we should be able to get a lot accomplished during the day.  Our first stop out of the airport will be into downtown Cleveland, right next to Lake Erie, where we will check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (2).  And just so we can keep up with the rockin' Cleveland atmosphere, we will head to the Hard Rock Cafe (3) for lunch.  You can bet that I'll get yet another t-shirt.  By this point, most of Saturday will be over with, so we will start our relatively short journey westward to the town of Sandusky (4).  Depending on the time, we might head out to Cedar Point or check out some other other local sights.  Otherwise, this is where we are staying for the night.

Sunday, September 25: (forecast)
After going to church like good little Christians, we will head off to Kelley Island (5) (no relation to my sister), which is just some big island in the middle of Lake Erie.  We will take a ferry to get over there - which I'm sure is no match for the Cape May ferry!  Afterward, depending on the time, the weather, and what there is to do, we might head out to Michigan (Detroit's Hard Rock Cafe (6), perhaps?), or maybe even all the way out to Illinois.  If we have time, we might be able to do some caching.  Today is really up in the air, so the only guarantee is that we will be heading back to the airport (7) in the evening.  That is, unless we run away to Canada.

Don't have time to read all my nonsense?  I don't blame you.  Just check out the map below to see our guesstimated route.



Flight Tracking:

As before, these are some links where you "might" be able to track my flight.  With all of these sites, be sure to hit refresh (F5) and click "Retry" as applicable to view the latest information.

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  • FlyteComm (

  • Flight Explorer (

  • RML Software (

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