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Ryan and Megan's Southwest (Vegas) Itinerary

Thursday, March 23, 2006 - Monday, March 27, 2006

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It’s that time again – time for Ryan and Megan to take another trip in this great nation of ours. Actually, this trip is pretty much mandatory. Since we travelled to so many “local” places last year at such cheap rates, we have picked up 4 free round-trip tickets (each!) anywhere Southwest Airlines flies. And since we can go anywhere, we might as well take full advantage of the tickets. That being said, we are flying far out west for all four trips, and we’ll be touring the South-West for three of them (Las Vegas, Denver, and Albuquerque). The fourth one is going to take us to Hawaii for our honeymoon! But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

This time around, we are visiting the Las Vegas area of the United States (i.e., Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California). Ryan will be adding 2 additional states to his been-there-done-that catalogue (Nevada and Utah), but Megan has already been to all these places. This is also going to be perhaps the most jam-packed vacation we’ve taken to date. The plan is that within four days, we will not only be flying back and forth across the country, but also visiting four major national parks and driving over 1,000 miles before gambling all our money away in Vegas! Introducing, our Southwest Airlines, Southwest USA itinerary!

In the itinerary below, all times are local to the particular city. Our trip, however, is going to cross between Pacific Time (Nevada and California – 3 hours behind Eastern) and Mountain Time (Utah and Arizona – 2 hours behind Eastern). Just thank your lucky stars that we aren’t going the week after, when Daylight Saving Time begins, because Arizona doesn’t follow it! No need to get a headache over the numbers though, because I've done the math for you - the times in brackets [] are local to the Eastern time zone.

Emergency Contact Information:
Phone (Ryan's Cell): 410-259-4180
Phone (Megan's Cell): 443-564-1301
E-mail: or


Flight #1: Thursday, March 23, 2006

Southwest Airlines - Flight 2201 (Baltimore to Las Vegas)
DEPART Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 6:40 PM [6:40 PM]
ARRIVE Las Vegas, NV (LAS) at 9:05 PM [12:05 AM]

Flight #2: Monday, March 27, 2006

Southwest Airlines - Flight 904 (Las Vegas to Baltimore)
DEPART Las Vegas, NV (LAS) at 5:30 PM [8:30 PM]
ARRIVE Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 12:55 AM [12:55 AM]

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cedar City Days Inn
1204 S. Main Street
Cedar City, Utah 84720

Hotel: Friday, March 24, 2006
Holiday Inn Express Hotel
Hwy 64, P.O. Box 3245
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Hotel: Saturday, March 25, 2006
Best Western Lighthouse Inn
110 Ville Drive
Boulder City, Nevada 89005

Hotel: Saturday, March 25, 2006
Luxor Las Vegas
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Car Rental: Thursday, March 23 (9:00pm) - Monday, March 27 (5:30pm)
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Las Vegas Airport (On-Site)
5032 Palo Verde Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89119


Weather Forecast:
The weather in the Southwest is going to be all over the place, depending on where we are going to be.  For example, on the Tuesday before we left, the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon areas got about 20 inches of snow!  By the time we get out there, it's going to be a bit warmer (in the 50's), but there's bound to be some snow left!  When we get out to Death Valley, temperatures are going to be in the high 80's.  So, in a nutshell, we have to pack for both winter and summer weather.  The good news is that it looks like it's going to be pretty sunny most of the time.

Note:  The numbers in the itinerary correspond to the map at the bottom.  There are no hyperlinks this time.  I'm too busy.  Do your own Google search!

Thursday, March 23: (forecast)
We are taking a Southwest flight to the Southwest!  It's about time, huh?  We are flying into Las Vegas [1] around 9pm, but we aren't staying long.  As soon as we get our rental car, we are driving straight out to Utah and checking into our hotel in Cedar City.  Since it takes over 3 hours to get there AND since we are driving through a time zone, we won't be in bed until a few hours after midnight.

Friday, March 24: (forecast)
Hopefully we were able to get some sleep on the flight out to Vegas, because today is going to be jam-packed with stuff to do.  The plan is to get up nice and early so that we can make it to Zion National Park [3] before the crowds (about an hour away).  We'll probably take a shuttle to the interior of the canyon and chill out by the river for a little, depending on how cold it is.  From there, we'll grab some lunch on the way to Bryce Canyon [4], which is another couple hours away.  This is Megan's favourite spot, so she'll probably lead us on where to go and what to do.  After that, we have a long (5+ hour) drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The North Rim won't open until mid-May due to snow.  It'll be dark by the time we get there, so once again, we'll check into our hotel (hopefully before midnight) and get to sleep.  Another long day awaits us tomorrow.

Saturday, March 25: (forecast)
Today is a combination of lots of hiking in the Grand Canyon and lots of driving in Arizona.  Fortunately our hotel [5] is pretty close to the canyon, because the plan is to wake up early enough to see the sun rise over the canyon.  It would be really cool to hike down to the river and back (about 4-5 hour round-trip), but depending on how tired we are, we might just do one of the "lazy" trips around the canyon, like via train or helicopter.  We have to leave before dark though, because we have the longest leg of travel coming up.  We need to drive a couple hours south though Flagstaff, and eventually west and north up to Nevada (thus making a complete circle around the entire canyon).  That trip is going to take at least 6 hours, not including breaks to eat or get gas.  Our hotel [6] is going to be nearby to Lake Meade, but we won't have much time to enjoy it, because it'll be time for bed.

Sunday, March 26: (forecast)
Another early morning!  Hopefully we can get to church early enough so that we can get started on our trek to Death Valley [7] in the morning and get there by the afternoon.  Who knows what there is in Death Valley, but it's going to be warm and sandy.  Almost like the beach - except not.  We'll end up spending most of the day there, and when we get tired, we'll head back to Las Vegas, after passing by the infamous Area 51.  If we aren't abducted, we'll check into our hotel, Luxor [8], which is right on the strip.  It's the one that looks like a big, black pyramid.  If we get out of the desert early enough, we might even have time to catch a show or two, gamble our money away, get married, walk the strip, check out downtown, and just relax for once!

Monday, March 27: (forecast)
Monday is our day to recoup.  But first, we have to check out the Hoover Dam [9].  We crossed it already on our way back from the Grand Canyon, but it was far too late to visit.  We might even have some time to hang out by Lake Meade a little longer.  From there, we'll take our last looks at Las Vegas, and board our flight to come home - which doesn't arrive until well after midnight.  Since this is a free flight, there is a small chance that we will change it to get out earlier, but I doubt it.  And after all that, our trip is complete!

Don't have time to read all my nonsense?  I don't blame you.  Just check out the map below to see our guesstimated route.

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