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Ryan and Megan's Minnesota Itinerary
Saturday, June 3, 2006 - Sunday, June 4, 2006

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Well alright then!  It's only been two weeks since our last trip (reference Yellowstone), and now it's time for another.  Actually, this one has been on the books since January when Southwest Airlines had their last barrage of low-low-low cost flights.  Since then, prices have more than doubled for Friday night/Saturday morning/Sunday night trips.  When we saw the deal, we knew we had to book it!  So, where are we headed?  Chicago... again... kind of.  You see, Southwest doesn't fly to many north-central cities, making our quest to visit every state quite difficult.  So, we are flying into Chicago, but we are driving almost 7 hours up to Minnesota.  And for what?  To turn around and come back (it's a short weekend).  We really don't have ANYthing planned for this trip, and it has truly been one of the most anticlimactic, in terms of our excitement for it.  But, heck, we'll both add a new state to our catalogue!
~ Ryan

All times are local to the particular city.  The entire trip is in Central Time - 1 hour behind Eastern Standard Time.  If you can't do that math and you live on the east coast, we've included EST in [brackets].  Note:  All links open in a new window.

Emergency Contact Information:
Phone (Ryan's Cell): 410-259-4180
Phone (Megan's Cell): 443-564-1301
E-mail: (will be checked as often as possible)



Flight #1: Saturday, June 3, 2006 - TRACK IT!

Southwest Airlines - Flight 502 (Baltimore to Chicago)
DEPART Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 7:45 AM [7:45 AM]
ARRIVE Chicago, IL (MDW) at 8:40 AM [9:40 AM]

Flight #2: Sunday, June 4, 2006 - TRACK IT!

Southwest Airlines - Flight 2499 (Chicago to Baltimore)
DEPART Chicago, IL (MDW) at 6:20 PM [7:20 PM]
ARRIVE Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 9:10 PM [9:10 PM]

Hotel: Saturday Night, June 3
, 2006
Best Western Arrowhead Lodge & Suites
600 Oasis Road
Black River Falls, WI 54615

Car Rental: Saturday, June 3, 2006 (8:45am) - Sunday, June 4, 2006 (6:00pm)
Dollar Rent-a-Car
Chicago Regional Airport-MDW
Midway Regional Airport
Chicago, IL 60638


Note:  The numbers in the itinerary correspond to the map at the bottom.

Weather Forecast:
The weather will be fine, as they say in Australia.  Partly cloudy with highs in the low-80s.  That's it.  Simple!

Saturday, June 3:
Click for Elk River, Minnesota Forecast

Assuming we can get to the airport in Baltimore by, say, 7:30 for our 7:45 flight, we will be driving out of Chicago [1] just after 9am (10am, Eastern).  The trip is pretty much a straight shot up to the St. Paul / Minneapolis area, but we are going to go just a bit further North to hit a suburb called Elk River [2].  No real reason than the obvious.  From there, we will check out a couple of the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota before heading into the city.  Of course, we'll stop by the Hard Rock Cafe [3] for dinner and a t-shirt, and then we'll go shopping!  After all, we have to stop by the Mall of America [4] if we've made the trip all the way out here.  Assuming only 5 hours of free time to eat and explore the state, we should be getting to our hotel [5] in Black River Falls, Wisconsin by midnight.

Sunday, June 4:
Click for Chicago-midway, Illinois Forecast

By the time we wake up, get to church, and grab lunch at some Wisconsin Applebees, it'll be time to drive home.  It's another few hours of driving back to Illinois to catch our 6:20pm flight [6] home and think to ourselves "what a fast and worthless weekend that was!"  Well, that's our prediction for now, anyway.  Check out the DVD of our trip once I get that edited in 2008.

Don't have time to read all my nonsense?  I don't blame you.  Just check out the map below to see our guesstimated route.


Flight Tracking:

As before, these are some links where you "might" be able to track our flight.  With all of these sites, be sure to hit refresh (F5) and click "Retry" as applicable to view the latest information.

  • (

  • FlyteComm (

  • Flight Explorer (

  • RML Software (


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