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Ryan and Megan's New England Itinerary

Saturday, June 11, 2005 - Sunday, June 12, 2005

Guess what, fool?  Megan and I have yet another trip planned!  You know, if you can get round trip plane tickets for the same price as a nice dinner, why not?  After all, after 3 or 4 of these cheap flights, we can take a free trip anywhere in the country!  Oh yeah, stay tuned for that in July.  Man, I luv Southwest Airlines!  Too bad I can't marry it.  Do you even read the stuff I type up here or are these itineraries just a complete waste of my time?  Who knows.  Nonetheless, I've provided a generalized itinerary of what Megan and I are doing so that our stalkers don't have to work as hard.

This time around, we are visiting New England (i.e., Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine) to add a few more states to my been-there-done-that catalogue.

All times are local to the particular city, but there is no time difference between Maryland and New England.

Emergency Contact Information:
Phone (My Cell): 410-259-4180 (best bet for contacting me)
E-mail: (will be checked as often as possible)


Flight #1 (OUTBOUND): Saturday, June 11, 2005

Southwest Airlines - Flight 382 (Baltimore to Manchester)
DEPART Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 7:00 AM
ARRIVE Manchester, NH (MHT) at 8:15 AM

Flight #2 (INBOUND): Sunday, June 12, 2005
Southwest Airlines - Flight 613 (Manchester to Baltimore)
DEPART Manchester, NH (MHT) at 9:20 PM
ARRIVE Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 10:55 PM

(Saturday Night):
Royalty Inn
130 Main Street
Gorham, NH  03581

Car Rental:
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Manchester Airport (In Terminal)
1 Airport Road
Manchester, NH  03103-7450


Weather Forecast:
The jet stream is pushing really far north for some bizarre reason, so we won't be escaping much of the heat that is going to be hitting the Mid-Atlantic over the weekend.  We'll be looking at highs around 85-90 with lows in the low 60s with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms on both Saturday and Sunday.  Otherwise, it will be partly cloudy.  Click on the "forecast" hyperlink next to the date for the forecast for the area we will be travelling.

Saturday, May 11: (forecast)
Since we'll be getting a decent start to the day, we will spend most of the morning driving along the New Hampshire/Vermont border until we are near Topsham Four Corners in Vermont.  There, we will drive by a log cabin where Megan spent many days of her childhood.  Next, we'll head east through the White Mountains, and probably drive up Mount Washington.  No doubt there will be a bunch of hiking trails out there, so we might have to do a little Geocaching before the day is out.  We'll be staying the night at a small hotel just north of the state park.

Sunday, May 12: (forecast)
Hopefully we'll get another early start to the day so that we can take a nice leisurely tour of Maine.  We haven't researched all that much on what we'll be doing, but depending on how hot it gets, we might cruise along the coastline, through Portland, and eventually back to Manchester, where we will need to return our car by 8:30 that evening.  Basically, this day is completely up in the air.  The map below shows our probable route over the weekend.

Flight Tracking:

As before, these are some links where you "might" be able to track my flight.  With all of these sites, be sure to hit refresh (F5) and click "Retry" as applicable to view the latest information.

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