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Ryan and Megan's North West Itinerary

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 - Sunday, July 17, 2005

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Guess what, fool?  Megan and I have yet another trip planned!  After all, we've flown enough on Southwest Airlines that it's time that we got a free flight - so we are taking full advantage of it.  In fact, we are headed all the way out to the west coast!  The length of the flight is a bit of a bummer though, so Megan and I had to take a couple days off from work (Thursday and Friday), but it should be a nice break.  We'll be leaving straight after work on Wednesday and not coming home until late on Sunday.  But why am I explaining what we are doing when only Colleen reads this header paragraph?  Check out all the details below.  I've provided a generalized itinerary of what Megan and I are doing so that our stalkers don't have to work as hard.  Note:  All links will open in a new window.

This time around, we are visiting the Northwest United States (i.e., Washington and Oregon) to add a few more states to our been-there-done-that catalogue.

All times are local to the particular city.  The Pacific time zone is 3 hours behind the Eastern time zone, but for those who never got past the third grade, I've done the math for you - the times in brackets [] are local to the Eastern time zone.  Note:  Arizona is weird and does not follow Daylight Saving Time, so they are also 3 hours behind the Eastern time zone.

Emergency Contact Information:
Phone (Ryan's Cell): 410-259-4180 (best bet for contacting me)
Phone (Megan's Cell): 443-564-1301
E-mail: (will be checked as often as possible)



Flight #1: Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Southwest Airlines - Flight 85 (Baltimore to Kansas City)
DEPART Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 6:00 PM [6:00 PM]
ARRIVE Kansas City, MO (MCI) at 7:40 PM [8:40 PM]

Flight #2: Wednesday, June 13, 2005
Southwest Airlines - Flight 308 (Kansas City to Portland)
DEPART Kansas City, MO (MCI) at 8:35 PM [9:35 PM]
ARRIVE Portland, OR (PDX) at 10:10 PM [1:10 AM]

Flight #3: Sunday, July 17, 2005

Southwest Airlines - Flight 214 (Portland to Phoenix)
DEPART Portland, OR (PDX) at 11:30 AM [2:30 PM]
ARRIVE Phoenix, AZ (PHX) at 2:05 PM [5:05 PM]

Flight #4: Sunday, July 17, 2005

Southwest Airlines - Flight 2773 (Phoenix to Baltimore)
DEPART Phoenix, AZ (PHX) at 3:45 PM [6:45 PM]
ARRIVE Baltimore, MD (BWI) at 11:05 PM [11:05 PM]

Wednesday Night, July 13, 2005
Comfort Inn
440 Three Rivers Drive
Kelso, WA 98626

Residence: Thursday Night, July 14, 2005
Frank Brancato
4217 NE 88th Street
Seattle, WA 98115

Hotel: Friday Night, July 15, 2005
Comfort Inn
829 Ocean Shore Boulevard NW
Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Hotel: Saturday Night, July 16, 2005
Shilo Inn
401 E. 13th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Car Rental: Wednesday, July 13 - Sunday, July 17
Dollar Rent-a-Car
Portland International Airport (In terminal)
9105 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97220


Weather Forecast:
In an area of the country where it rains all the time, we are actually getting sunny weather!  Well, at least that's what the forecast calls for.  I think the worst weather is going to be trying to fly through the remnants of Hurricane Dennis.  Otherwise, on the other side of the country, we are looking at generally clear skies throughout most of the day, every day, with highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 50s.  Time to bring out long sleeves again!  Click on the "forecast" hyperlink next to the date for the forecast in the area we will be travelling.

Note:  The numbers in the itinerary correspond to the map at the bottom.

Wednesday, July 13: (forecast)
Today is a regular day of work for both Megan and me.  We are both going to get out a little early (me especially), and try to make it to the airport in time to catch our flight out to Kansas City.  That's right - we are headed out on the same flight as for our Mid-West trip.  Hopefully this time we can get to BWI with more than 15 minutes to spare!  We have less than an hour layover in Missouri, where we will change planes before heading to Portland (1).  By the time we get out there, it's going to be late (past 1am back home), but we still have over an hour drive north to our hotel in Kelso (2) so we don't have to drive as much on Thursday.

Thursday, July 14: (forecast)
Thursday is our first and busiest day of our whole trip.  It's going to consist of a lot of driving and a lot of sightseeing, so I'm not sure if we are going to be able to do everything that we have planned.  Nonetheless, if we can get a nice early start from our hotel, we are going to drive about an hour East towards Mt. St. Helens (3) (with webcam!)  If the thing doesn't explode and cover us in lava, we are going to head a bit more North and East towards Mt. Rainier (4), and maybe even do a little hiking.  We can't stay long, because we need to make it all the way to Seattle by evening.  There, we'll try to do a little sightseeing in the city with Megan's extended family (i.e., Space Needle, Fisherman's Memorial).  If we don't run into any of the 4400, we'll get to Safeco Field (5) to see the Mariners vs. the Orioles, and perhaps even see Raffy's 3,000th hit!  If you are a night-owl, look for us on TV.  We'll be in Section 115, Row 15, Seats 5-4.  I probably could have gotten an aisle seat if I thought about it more, but that's a whole different story (
click here to see where we will be sitting).  After the Orioles win, we will become freeloaders and crash at the Brancato residence (6) (Megan's great Aunt and Uncle).

Friday, July 15: (forecast)
Friday is Olympic National Park day.  After sneaking out of the Brancato household, we will head West out of Seattle.  We will need to take Edmonds / Kingston ferry (which I'm sure is no match for the Cape May / Lewes ferry) to get across the bay.  Hopefully we won't run into any rush hour traffic because after all, it is a work day for the rest of the world.  There are no roads through the mountainous park, so we might get out and hike (7) every now and again.  We are also going to try to start a Travel Bug race across the country in this park, so we'll see how that goes.  Eventually, we are going to get out to the Pacific Ocean and Ruby Beach.  We'll check out the Hoh Rainforest (8) (yes, there are rainforests in the United States), and then drive down to the Quinault Rain Forest (9), which I hear is even more impressive, with some of the world's tallest trees.  After all that, we are going to start our journey South, and park for the night nearby the Pacific (10).

Saturday, July 16: (forecast)
By the time Saturday rolls around, we will have probably worn ourselves out.  Nonetheless, we are going to spend the majority of the day driving (so what else is new).  It's going to take the better part of six hours to get down to Portland, and we are going to take the scenic route along the coast of Washington and Oregon (11-12).  But, other than that, we really don't have much else planned.  If we missed something in Olympic National Park, we'll head back there, but otherwise, we'll just play the day by ear.  By the evening, we should make our way into Portland (13), where we will try to stop by and see Dave and Tele, who just made the long trek to the west by car.  By nightfall, we'll head back into Washington, just across the border near the airport, and call it a day (14).

Sunday, July 17: (forecast)
Today is primarily a day of flights, but at least we'll have a couple hours left of our vacation.  Most of that will be at church in Vancouver (someplace like St. Joseph).  Then, we'll board our plane bound for Phoenix.  Now, we could have gotten on a 1-stop, same plane route that took us through Salt Lake City, but we decided to go all the way down to Arizona.  I wouldn't ordinarily choose to take a vacation there in the summer with 100+ degree temperatures, but for a couple hours, it's going to be awesome!  Crazy enough, I'm actually looking forward to it.  We have less than 2 hours of layover time, but if we check our bags, that might be enough time to grab a cab and have some good cow products at Monti's in Tempe.  Assuming we don't totally mess this up and miss our flight, we'll be flying for the next 4 hours before getting back in Baltimore late at night.  If we don't make it, at least our bags will.  If all goes well, we'll get home around midnight, where we can catch a few hours of Z's before heading back to work the next day.  Ahh, this is the life.

Don't have time to read all my nonsense?  I don't blame you.  Just check out the map below to see our guesstimated route.

Flight Tracking:

As before, these are some links where you "might" be able to track my flight.  With all of these sites, be sure to hit refresh (F5) and click "Retry" as applicable to view the latest information.

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