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Since our web site was first launched in March of 2006, we have always had a "splash" welcome message to greet our visitors. The first image stuck around for almost a year, but since then, we have been rotating them with new pictures on a regular basis. In case you missed one or wondered what we had up in the past, this is the full gallery of welcome pages that we've posted to our site. Enjoy!

Las Vegas, NV (1/2/2017 - now)
Picture Credit: Ryan, January 11, 2016
A new year, a new picture! This one is actually already a year old, taken in the early part of 2016, but it seemed like a good one to mock up, given that Las Vegas is one of our favorite cities!

New Bedford, MA (4/18/15 - 1/2/2017)
Picture Credit: Colleen, March 21, 2015
We used to change pictures almost every 3 months. Now, it's been over 3 years, and we have another kid! This is currently one of the only family pictures where everyone is actually looking at the camera. This took place at Megan's brother's wedding ceremony in New Bedford. Don't we look pretty?

North East, MD (08/19/11 - 4/18/15)
Picture Credit: Dave K., May 30, 2010
Well, Alex has been on this planet for almost 6 months, so it's about time we updated this image from a pre-preggo Megan, eh? Plus, the prior picture up longer than any other (even longer than the original picture when this site went live)! Well, this is a summer picture, so hopefully we'll remember to change this with the new season!

Corpus Christi, TX (11/05/10 - 08/19/11)
Picture Credit: Ryan, June 4, 2010
It's been a very busy and eventful 2010! So much so that we didn't change our splash image for the summer! OK, so we are five months late, but so is Megan (get it?). Anyway, this is us on a beach, checking out the sunrise on a beautiful Texas morning!

Washington, D.C. (04/02/10 - 11/05/10)
Picture Credit: Ryan, April 1, 2010
After an incredibly snowy winter with multiple blizzards, the last remaining snow dirfts have finally melted away. We headed off to downtown D.C. to check out the cherry blossoms (the first time Ryan has ever seen them) on a beautiful spring evening!

Niagara Falls, NY (12/19/09 - 04/02/10)
Picture Credit: Ryan, January 17, 2009
On December 19, 2009, Maryland experienced some record-breaking snowfall for December, and in the spirit of all things winter-like, we posted this picture from earlier in the year when we went to upstate New York and Canada. Talk about cold!!

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA (11/07/09 - 12/19/09)
Picture Credit: Ryan, October 25, 2009
In late October, we took advantage of a free vacation at Massanutten Resort for 3 nights. Since that's not our style of trips, it got old fast, so we took off to the Blue Ridge Parkway to check out the fall foliage. Trivia: Megan has a 100+ fever in this picture...

Hubbard Glacier, AK (07/24/09 - 11/07/09)
Picture Credit: Ryan, June 11, 2009
On June 7, 2009, we arrived at our 50th state - Alaska! To help celebrate, we changed our welcome image to a view of us, hanging off our balcony on Royal Caribbean�s Radiance of the Seas, making our way to Hubbard Glacier.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (04/02/09 - 07/24/09)
Picture Credit: Ryan, February 10, 2009
After a few months of having a cold, snowy picture on our front page, we decided it was time for Spring! We grabbed a picture of us at Fort Lauderdale stadium, the winter home of the Baltimore Orioles to remind us of the warmer months ahead!

Crater Lake, Oregon (01/17/09 - 04/02/09)
Picture Credit: Ryan, April 21, 2007
It's winter, folks! We were originally going to post this picture to mark and end to the Christmas season, but mid-January 2009 brought some of the coldest weather we had seen in a while. To that end, we just had to post a picture of the two of us shivering. Yes, this is a repeated location (Crater Lake), but there aren't many pictures of us in the snow together!

Westminster, Maryland (12/20/08 - 01/17/09)
Picture Credit: Ryan, November 29, 2008
This was the front of our 2008 Christmas Card, and we thought it was appropriate for the season. In fact, this was our very first live Christmas tree!

Columbia, Maryland (04/23/08 - 12/20/08)
Picture Credit: Ryan, April 12, 2008
On April 6, we bought a new house! It took less than 48 hours from the time we toured it to the time we placed a bid/contract, and it was negotiated and accepted. We will close and start moving in on May 28!

Baltimore, Maryland (04/15/08 - 04/23/08)
Picture Credit: MASN, April 15, 2008
Although the Orioles lost 11 to 3 against the Blue Jays, Megan and I were able to grab some pretty decent seats at the game - and get on TV a few times. This picture is more for bragging rights than anything else!

Columbia, Maryland (02/08/08 - 04/15/08)
Picture Credit: Neal, December 29, 2007
To help wrap up 2007, we went bowling for Heather's birthday celebration. And obviously, a good time was had by all. Rock on!

Oxford, Connecticut (01/01/08 - 02/08/08)
Picture Credit: Colleen, Summer of 2001
Happy New Year! To start off the new year, we took a trip back in time to our first summer together. Can you believe that was about seven years ago?

Crater Lake, Oregon (12/14/07 - 01/01/08)
Picture Credit: Ryan, April 21, 2007
It's winter! This was the front of our 2007 Christmas Card, and we thought it was appropriate for the season. The picture was taken at Crater Lake, which is at a much higher elevation than the surrounding area, so the rain falling everywhere else was falling as snow up here. Since we weren't expecting the white stuff, Ryan is standing in a T-shirt and Megan has a light jacket. Contrary to popular belief, we are not Photoshopped in this picture!

Deep Creek, Maryland (10/22/07 - 12/14/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, October 21, 2007
In late October, we took a camping trip with Kelly and Tim to West Virginia and western Maryland. Here, we are posing in front of Muddy Creek Falls.

Little Rock, Arkansas (10/04/07 - 10/22/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, September 1, 2007
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the little rock nine, this is us posing in front of the now infamous Little Rock Central High School.

San Francisco, California (09/10/07 - 10/04/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, April 20, 2007
There was no real reason for this picture other than to remember our time in Northern California.

Center of the Nation, Kansas (08/29/07 - 09/10/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, April 30, 2005
In honor of our second trip to the Midwest, we posted this picture from the geographic center of the contiguous United States.

Baltimore, Maryland (08/25/07 - 08/29/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, August 24, 2007
Here we are after another disappointing O's loss. This time it was 7-4 in favor of the Twins - but check out the great seats we got on eBay!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (08/21/07 - 08/25/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, August 19, 2007
Ryan's lived only a handful of miles away from the Liberty Bell for his whole life, but this was the first time he saw it. When a friend's wedding brought us to the area, we felt obligated to check it out.

Four Corners, AZ/CO/NM/UT (08/14/07 - 08/21/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, May 27, 2007
This is kind of corny, but this is the only place where four states meet in a single location and you can literally be in four places at one time - Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

Tuscon, Arizona (08/07/07 - 08/14/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, May 26, 2007
Once Kelly got back, it was time to change the picture. This time, we went for the desert and posted a picture from southern Arizona.

Sydney, Australia (07/01/07 - 08/07/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, August 17, 2003
Here we are in Sydney with the opera house and harbour bridge in the background. We should have tried to get a better picture in front of these landmarks.

Uluru, Australia (06/05/07 - 07/01/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, October 9, 2003
In honor of Kelly's trip to the land down under, we had a couple Australia pictures posted for the time she was away. This one was taken at one of the more famous sites of Australia - Ayers Rock, in the heart of the outback.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona (05/30/07 - 06/05/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, May 28, 2007
Slot canyons are the coolest! They are very narrow canyons that are more like cracks in large rocks. This is one of the more accessible canyons of this type. We got there in the morning when the sun wasn't high in the sky, but if you want to find some amazing pictures, do a Google search for Antelope Canyon.

Baltimore, Maryland (05/21/07 - 05/30/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, May 20, 2007
For about a week, our welcome page featured us posing with Jesus... well, Ted Neeley, anyway. The star of Jesus Christ Superstar - both the movie and broadway performance.

San Francisco, California (04/23/07 - 05/21/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, April 20, 2007
If you ever were a fan of Full House, you may recognize the houses in the background. This place was used for the opening of the show (where the Tanner family had an outdoor picnic). This was one great city.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts (02/24/07 - 04/23/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, February 19, 2007
I don't think we've ever been as cold as we were this day. It was the middle of winter and the wind was howling, but we still wanted to get a picture taken on the beach of Cape Cod. Brrr.

Bethany Beach, Delaware (12/16/06 - 02/24/07)
Picture Credit: Ryan, December 9, 2006
In December of 2006, Ryan's Geocaching travel bug landed near the bay bridge after traveling across the country. We went to pick it up and decided to take a random trip to the beach, which sent us to Ocean City and Bethany Beach.

Oswald West State Park, Oregon (03/09/06 - 12/16/06)
Picture Credit: Ryan, July 16, 2005
If you visited our web site almost any time during 2006, you would have seen this picture, taken in 2005 on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Chicago, Illinois (02/01/06 - 03/09/06)
Picture Credit: Ryan, January 29, 2006
This was the first picture that ever graced our web site, from Millenium Park. The plan was to have everything up and running by March 1 (Ryan's old UMBC site went down on February 22), but we were delayed by about a week, so this wasn't replaced by the actual site until March 9.


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